Most of the time I wrote in french but I can also speak english (with a lovely french accent)

CINEMATOGRAPHER & PHOTOGRAPHER : I started my career as a photographer assistant in 1991 but I had my first camera when I was 8. I love photography, this is my passion. Please check my flickr and my ShowReel

DIRECTOR : After a first step in a Fashion Photography studio in 1991, I worked in a Local TV in Lyon in south of France as a Cameraman and quickly switch to a new job of Director in 1993. I had directed more than one hundred of hours of Concert, Theater for TV or DVD with famous artists from  John Mc Laughlin to Mozart Requiem, Richard Bona, Herbie Hancok, but also BB King, Trust, Sepultura, Placebo, The Rasmus, Bonie Tyler, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Bjork etc. please check my YouTube Chanel

PRODUCER : I started a new adventure in 2006 as a producer. I am the producer, and associate producer of a lot of award winning short films and features films. This is my biggest challenge for the future, I started to produce my firsts features films as main producer. Please check my IMDB

WORKFLOW EXPERT : At the same time I founded « Les Machineurs » a Post-Production facility Company, specialized in Digital Cinema Workflows.

BLOGGER & CONSULTANT : Some of my friends talk about me as a kind of Digital Guru, I love technology that why I created this blog in 2009. Then I worked with different company like G-Technology, Adobe, Apple, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Red, Digital Bolex, Blackmagic etc. As a consultant or a Beta Tester, I signed some NDAs so, I can’t tell you more 😉