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NAB 2011, Panasonic AG presents the new P1-3D Camera 3D shoulder

I still have plenty to get the NAB, here's a video of the first booth Panasonic, we will gradually turn to Andrew Métérian Guilhem Krier and we present to start the declination of the HPX 371 binocular 3D version. This is still a prototype but the camera should give a little more than his little sister's 3DA1. Using sensors and recording more constauds AVC Intra 100 mb / s very high level of P2 card should find its audience and allow to produce quality content (subject to a minimum knowledge of the principles of stereoscopy.)


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RED TED home (Part II) Explanation of the menus and other little things Epic …

TED We were promised a response to the”interview earlier. I returned to see a little talk with him. The basic project was to make him make a presentation of the Epic of menus so you can see just how it reacted on the touch screen. I said that this is not the only way to adjust the settings of the camera. There is REDMOTE, small remote control removable wifi and a bunch of buttons and knobs clicquables positioned where you need it.

As a reminder and to avoid confusion here as looming in the future range of RED

EPIC “M” : Epic 5k handmade limited edition with a titanium frame available since late December and more than 300 have been delivered.

EPIC “X” Delivery soon (as soon as the parts supply problems from Japan will be settled). This is exactly the same as the EPIC “M” but the Titan and built a process more aec “industrial” craft and less. Advertised price around $ 29k. Have priority in the order reservations past owners RED One form of update :

Stage mode 2 => I keep my RED One and I receive a reduction of half the face value of the RED One to deduct from the price of the EPIC

In World Stage 3 => I made my RED One and I receive a reduction of the nominal value of the RED One (17500$)

EPIC “S” SCARLET replacement for the S35 sensor should offer RED One 4K of MX in a body of EPIC software and with some limitations notte at the bitrate of the codec. Starting price around $ 12K it will arrive later …

SCARLET Available 2 fixed or removable optical versions. The version released in the first fixed optical, it will have a 10x zoom with a Autofocus. The 2nd version will be interchangeable lens and a series of fixed optical named “Mini Award” released at the same time. The advertised price of SCARLET “fix lens” is 6000$ about but it should move a little. The delivery was scheduled for the beginning of September but disasters in Japan will cause an additional delay mainly because of the perspective that was made over there.

Are the future RED Ray This player can get 4K 4K images of incredible quality at a rate equivalent to that of the DV (25mb / s) due out soon … RED also announced a Laser Projector …


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Final Cut Pro X, After revolutionizing the non-linear editing, Apple révolutionne the revolution ;-)

Yes it is a little fire, my title but it is a tour de force which I just attended.
I remember 1999 At the time we had the right of Avid Media Composer, LightWorks, Video Sphere, Edit and a bunch of apps more or less successful and more or less interesting.
I remember the time or executive of a large company had disappeared from these words : Final cut ? But it never work this thing … The box was called Perfect … RIP …

Since it is the success that we know more 2 million registered users, and the euphoric period or at the beginning gave way to a period of doubt. It's hard for a year for many people, resist some others succumbed to the charm of competition, performance of Avid MC 5 or Premiere Pro CS 5 have convinced some of my friends to switch sides. Tired of seeing nothing happen to meet under the apple tree. For my part even if the doubt inside me, I preferred to keep faith, focus on the fact that not abandon the side of the road 2 million officially registered users (which means that is at least 3x more happy people who do not want to buy their license !) I also said that Apple could not disappoint this community and that if they took so long is that it was worth it.
The first Final Cut Pro 1999 was a major event in my career because it was the culmination of a quest, that of technical autonomy that allowed me to spend more time creating.
It is this revolution that is taking this move with the DSLR and all those little cameras that we like time. It's the same in terms of “philosophy”.

The evening was expected tonight, Some ground their teeth and they were already a result, d’autre piétinaient, trépignaient d’impatience. I stayed enthusiastic and confident. Confident in the tradition of this company has a habit of getting things done and all focus on innovation. Present this evening of supermeet already, you had to have a nice pair of coucougnettes has any weakness because the public would come out the rotten tomatoes (I had taken full). In short they had to really have confidence in what they would announce, and I can tell you that I was not disappointed. Although I am lucid and it is only a demo. It is well known that the reality is often quite different, I was simply amazed.
I made the comparison with the iPhone, Apple reinvents the phone and changing our habits, gives to all the hordes of builders who are declining the concept. I'm going to criticize but never mind, democratized after the NLE and ate large market share, Apple reinvents the assembly, yes mounting, not just the editing tool, but how to mount and the advent of this new tool will inevitably affect our business and I would go even further this is the kind of tool that creates professional mutations.
In the end all non-linear editing interfaces are almost identical and also feature.
After we have confirmed the fact that the technology implemented in Mac OS X Snow Leopard is beautiful and well used (64 bits, core audio, core video, core animation, grand central etc.) is the interface and editing features that are pure upset. It's stupid to say but I got a little emotional, I fully assume the job has been done is simply enormous.

So yes we have lots of questions in mind after seeing this demo : gender is all very well but how we leave ? or Motion, What it gets ? Color is dead … realy ? and my cuts ?

Rather than going into technical details and saw that my friend Jean Philippe has put together a small article on what he saw and heard tonight at this level I send you on the excellent article he wrote www.atreid.com

Thank you again to all who have lifted and we are following up with Yak / FCP and FCP BE MTL.
More than words, and even if I've told a lot, I invite you to watch the video I recorded all or substantially all of the presentation will be available in few hours.
I'll cut it in 2 parties and enjoy the speed of the Internet for U.S. all that you upload

The first part lasts 24 minutes is the presentation of the functionality of the software, the 2nd is about the same, it will come later. Please excuse the poor quality of the thing but it's not easy to twitter with one hand and shoot each other all that with just a monopod cane stuck with my suitcase on wheels.
And direct the live Las Vegas, I salute you geeks …

The video will normally be read at noon French time. The second … plus tard 😉


sorry is missing a piece, thank you for making me think to tell Panasonic that dirt limitation to 30min recording is a formidable chianlit !

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NAB 2011 Live from Las Vegas supermeet

SuperMeet 2009 avec Les Yakyakyak et le Finalcutpro Montreal team ... un grand moment !

it will be 4am see earlier even for French residents, follow live on Supermeet or expected announcement from Apple that should logically present the new developments in Final Cut Studio.

En direct et en collaboration avec les copains de Final Cut Montreal : Final Cut Pro User Group Belgium and Yakyakyak. vous pourrez suivre nos intervention au coeur de la foule en délire.

Merci à Matthieu Marano pour la mise en place du système.


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NAB 2011 day #1 Ted & the Red Dragon

Here we are at the end of the first day of NAB, while Jean-Philippe is focusing on new “PostProd” ads with interesting side Blackmagic as I have written this morning but also in Aja, Sonnet etc. De mon côté j’ai passé une partie de la matinée à chasser le Dragon Rouge et à courrir après TED Schilowitz afin qu’il m’en raconte plus. Alors désolé mais les premiers plans sont flous j’étais en mode “ALARACH” et j’ai pas eu le temps de me poser pour faire une image potable. Désolé encore car cette première mouture est en anglais, si ya une ame sensible pour me filer un petit coup de main à me faire une petite trad et me poser les sous-titres ce serait bienvenu car je n’aurais pas le temps.

La suite ça se passe chez Angénieux qui annonce un super Zoom Optimo 45/120 t:2,8 viendra ensuite AATON et un descriptif détaillé de ce que sera la nouvelle mouture de la Pénélope numérique. La suite du menu se concentrera sur les annonces de chez Panasonic et Sony et j’irais faire un tour chez les accessoiriste notamment Small HD et Atomos.



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NAB 2011, want to do 4K ?

that's how it goes here, you are summoned in large rooms on (pronoun dishonest told my grandmother) explains to and fro across that you are going to drool over lots of toys but you have no right to speak before the exhibition opens.

I respect the rules and I doubt how not intended to sensationalize to € 2, my little blog is not a place where the premiere of the information outweighs the rest. I am here to decipher the ads and give you my point of view, talk about what I want and not necessarily what makes the buzz …

I had felt, This year will be the 4K all manufacturers have this word in his mouth.

Hand tools Postprod BalckMagic Design announces the heavy !

Decklink card 4K Resolve to get out of this super-resolution. BlackMagic I will return later tomorrow or later because there are plenty of new home, recorders SSD, mixers (following the acquisition of Atem). Resolve evolved version 8 with support for XML and multilayer (alleluya !) Tibo's my favorite will be happy. Note that a free lite version released in July !!! only limitation : SD a HD !!! Of I / O box with Thunderbolt … new converters … etc. … etc. … it's a little party at the MDBs are super aggressive and continue to do “free” broadcast of which is not displease me.

Drive this morning launched new drivers for its Kona 3G via a simple software update can do the same output 4K … STUDY kind of an AJA I / O Thunderbolt and a super I / O box codenamed 5K : Riker … for now it is not yet online.

Assimilate announces Mac OS X version of Scratch and passes 5K to support files of the Epic …

In bulk and in the confusion before you expand this a bit in the coming days next camera.

Sony and Panasonic announce lots of new things.

Sony finally released its 4K camera, it's called the F65, with a 21mp sensor can record the raw 16 bits of memory cards that have been talked about that kind of memory called SR type SSD Raid 5 super performance with real security and who would be insurable according to them. Be aware that this is an important, any type suport digital disk or flash memory can not currently make a film in contrast to the band or pelloche, insurance companies refuse, the level of security provided by this raid fashion reassure it insurers ?

more info here http://pro.sony.com/bbsccms/ext/digitalcinematography/f65.html

At Sony we always talked about a new 3D camera XDCAM EX with dual optical sensor and double double SxS recorder with a magic wheel to manage the settings for shooting. The center distance is fixed : 4,5cm


There are other new Sony with a small hand camera and 3D NXCAM stuff, I will return it later.

Side Panasonic it also announced a 3D camcorder shoulder, kind of variation of the HPX371 with 3D double optical and also no information about the spacing or the price at the moment … I would do as usual is a little reporting on it with Andrew or Panasonic Guilhem de France.

The real good ad is out of the replacement for the HVX200 / HPX 171, finally ! elle s’appelle HPX 250 and is the first point P2 camcorder / AVC Intra. On paper it looks very exciting, small camera to 5500 EUR, it would be with a view covering an angle equivalent to 28mm wide angle and equipped with 3 setting rings on the lens f-stop / point / zoom.


It will be broken down into AVC Cam version with a box and a design quite similar.

I sent spinning in RED to see what they like “surprise”

All, more on twitter @ emmanuelpampuri to live otherwise it will be tomorrow for you first made this comtpe NAB.

I leave you must go to 4K …



NAB 2011, prelude video …

two small timelapse to make you wait until the war began the day tomorrow is responsible

Panasonic Press Conference, Sony … Presentation of the new Blackmagic Design etc..

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first day in Vegas …


aujourd’hui j’ai pas vraiment de news techno croustillantes mais il m’est arrivé un truc assez sympa. Just up and after changing 3 both chamber. We are moving furiously to the apple store and Jean-Philippe me to see if there are one or two iPads to bring to friends. Et là je tombe nez à nez avec l’Epic M #8 et son heureux propriétaire Ketch Rossi, le bonhomme est l’heureux propriétaire de la 2eme camera Epic vendue à être sortie des usines RED. Il était accompagné du sympathique Joseph Hutson … Autant vous dire que j’ai vraiment bavé devant l’Epic qui est à ma connaissance aussi la premiere (voir l’unique) Epic européenne.

Ben entendu après papotage l’heureux veinard m’a venté les louanges de ce nouvel outil qui est celon lui un véritable aboutissement. Faire des images 5K avec un boitier aussi compact, cette caméra n’a aucune concurrente sur le marché et j’ai vraiment hate de ramener la mienne … oui vous avez bien entendu si c’est pas pour tout de suite c’est pour dans pas longtemps …




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Vegas NAB Ready … how it will happen

Bon ben now I got to Vegas, the weather is rotten, it's 15 degrees outside and it's not friendly at all because I have not even taken a pull !

To give you information in near real time I will use twitter, follow me : @ emmanuelpampuri type in twitter.

J’essayerai d’être réactif et de vous donner un max de nouvelles.

Canon en a profité pour annoncer 2 Zoom en monture PL hier.

a 14,5/60 t:2,6 and 60/300 pas de prix, pas beaucoup plus d’infos pour le moment.

SuperMeet 2009 avec Les Yakyakyak et le Finalcutpro Montreal team ... un grand moment !

Bien entendu je serais présent au Supermeet ou on devrait en toute logique assister à une annonce d’Apple.











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Pre-NAB … Technicolor & Canon | Apple Final Cut Studio X | Gopro 3D | Cineform : fuze it in all directions

No Rest 1:30 in the morning to the teleprompters turbinent donf !

I'll try to make a small regular review of major news program what is happening on the web a few days before the opening of the NAB.

TECHNICOLOR Announces Partnership with Canon Photocam EOS to give the accuracy in color … more info on the site by TECHNICOLOR :


It talks about a tool suite (Software ?) but also to Profile “cinéstyle”

GOPRO bought and CineForm announces the availability of their system of stereoscopic shooting 2 GoproHero HD and a free software-based 3D technology neo :


I will not detail more information as buddies YAKYAKYAK.FR have done, merci à eux 😉

Finally, the highlight of the evening, d’après des infos glanées ici http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/shullfish/story/are_you_ready_for_fcp_x/ and confirmed by Twit Msieu Bloom in person, Expect it to be smoking at SuperMeet this year as all partners have been replaced by Apple that decided to monopolize the evening to announce the next generation of final cut studio.

For those who do not SuperMeet lading is an event held in conjunction with the NAB, which brings together thousands of Final Cut Pro users. At the initiative of Final Cut Pro User Group in Los Angeles and Boston that is a little about the largest gathering of Final Cut that exists in the world. It has long been Supermeet snubbed by Apple last year's pathetic presentation was made by a gentleman who's had a rough time. Espéront que l’annonce de cette année soit à la hauteur du buz http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/04/05/apple.boots.fcpug.sponsors/ it would be a just reward and a gesture to users the first time that live in doubt and uncertainty for too long. If it is confirmed, c’est cool, is evidence that they are listening …