Sony you it will steal the show from Canon and Nikon with Alpha77 ?


I go out some time in the warmth of my vacation to cause you a little something that itches …

It seems that Sony grid courtesy of Canon and Nikon. This is almost certainly the successors of the Nikon D700 (D800 ?) and EOS 5D MkII (MKIII ?) are in the pipeline for a while, whom 2 Japanese giant drawing the first expected but it is clear they are in the starting blocks.

Another interesting new feature is the big brother of the Alpha 55 signé Sony, it seems to be case with some very promising inovations as the site reveals

Besides the fact that it will be a priori the first case with the new codec AVCHD2, It seems that this case is capable via an electronic shutter system to produce 12 Raw files in seconds !!! yes you read correctly ! The electronic shutter allows us already to 40 pictures per second on a jpeg in GH2 4K but only on a second. It is this technology RED control and allows them to go out with the EPIC 96 The 5K fps (5140×2700) and 120 a ratio 2:40. Do you one conclude that the big new future DSLR will be focused around this technology ? It seems that all work on it as already announced the grand master Kitao boss Panasonic camera division recently.

L’apha 77 would be announced at the same time as the NEX7 24 Next August for the availability 16 September in Japan.

the first articles on the net announce interesting technical specifications see attractive :

24.3 HD MP Exmor CMOS sensor
19 points AF sensor with 11 cross sensors
ISO 100-16000, with expandeable ISO 50 option
1920 x 1080 60p/24p AVCHD 2.0
P/A/S/M manual controls while recording video
1200 zone metering
Completely new developed Bionz processor
12 fps
1/8000 shutter speed
TrueBlack 921k 3-way tilt LCD
3 million dot OLED viewfinder
Smart teleconverter function with 1.4x and 2.0x option
Built-in flash
Built-in GPS
Battery life with over over 500 shots
Magnesium alloy body
Dust and Moisture proof
Multi Frame NR
SD card (no CF!)

Good, I return to my vacation, I put lots of sunscreen on my keyboard is evil !

PS : For those waiting for news of the GH2 Hack 25P, is a priori not immediately. In any case my house does not work properly.



Special Promotion Pampuri's Blog on Sony Photo Image HX9V in Lyon

Nice little phone call this afternoon, Sony they have enjoyed my short film shot with the last weekend HX9V …

the consequence is that if you try this little bomb, you can go to my partner Image Photo Lyon and say you come from me. You will receive a discount 10% …

Is the DSC-HX9V to 359 € ttc instead of € 399

You can also order by phone at 0478421555

Sony HX9V, the compact wonder in 1080p50 video

It's been a long time since I have not been excited about a new toy, The compact high-end Sony DSC-HX9V is truly amazing, the way video is incredible. Imagine a small box barely bigger than a pack of smokes, a 16x zoom with a wide angle that starts at 24mm, friendly modes of Sony as the Panoramic Sweep. Certainly it is a “small” capteur mais de belle qualité, c’est un Exmor R de 16,2 megapixel.

I do not have a real test would again no offense to my detractors, but I will give you a little on and return user, pure feeling 100% pure juice. Of course I am frustrated by the lack of manual settings, but the quality of photos and video are very good.

Pictured, Jpeg the products are very good but the treatment is still a little violent for me, many sheep, effects of smoothing Pathetic, While this is not a reflex expert but I tend to prefer a more neutral and have the opportunity to treat via a program like Lightroom or Aperture for example. But I do not represent the core target.

The video portion is pretty impressive image is of a rare quality for a camera of this size. I have my limits on the background optical zoom, which seems a bit soft. 1080p50 in the little box is really quite amazing and after seeing these images on a nice plasma 50″ I confess I'm in love. Big flat on autonomy, I had to save a little less than twenty minutes of video and the battery dropped me.

You will find a gallery of photos taken this afternoon on my account Flickr

For stability with the little I HX9V with a handful Zacuto “Point & Shoot Pro” small piece of plastic horribly expensive but very convenient to use this kind of mini PhotoCam.

The installation was done via Premiere Pro CS5 is the only software in my pocession who has kindly bear those AVCHD 1080p50 No Post-treatment was applied on the images, you will see that as often over-exposure is pretty ugly … but I Motes here !

One afternoon in Lyon in the new area of ​​the confluence, a beautiful place to stroll Photo & video, I wanted to “from light”, I did not come home with images of such high quality video.

While waiting to test other small critters such I really enjoyed the HX9V,

Angenieux and Sony invite you to St Héand …

Small friendly invitation for people in and around Lyon … why even courageous coming from further away. Sony and Angénieux You invite the Thursday 16 June a Training on PMW-F3 the morning and visit the factory then Angénieux … I would not be there but unfortunately it is not tasty enough ? This is an opportunity to test the small bomb from Sony and superb zoom Angenieux Optimo home.
Training will be provided by the talented Thomas Ozoux who knows well the f3.

Shuttle bus will be provided from the station to St Etienne.

Home & breakfast from 10 am

Training and plant tour from 10:30 to 17h / breakfast

Remember to book in : 0820400020 (cost of a local call from a fixed)

Sony NEX-FS100

Hello geeks light, sorry I should be less now but I sorely lacking time to tell you about my technological adventures but they are dense at the moment.
I had the chance to put my finger on the chubby little sister of the Sony PMW-F3, which is deliciously named NEX-FS100 … I note in passing that it is high time to stop us gorging on the head with his barbarous names, when I hear about the Alexa or Epic, or more of Penelope, I associate a lot of emotion so if the manufacturers of cameras could have a little more imagination and consistency especially in the name of their devices that would be very nice and it would at least have the merit of making us dream.
So I took the opportunity to make some pictures “behind the scene” on the last day of shooting the feature film “In countries cannibal” since I'm going to take this adventure friendly.
My first impression is rather mixed, the pictures are beautiful, the sensor is very good as is that of the F3 but the perspective is the same as on the NEX-VG10 leaves me a little skeptical, as I said at the time, is not worthy of any of the camera and the opening is just too slippery slippery ! As for the handling and ergonomics, it borders on the great anything, While there is the adjustable handle that I greatly appreciate, inherited from the EX1 and EX3, but the rest ? How to say ?
The idea of ​​a cubic box we can accessorize and customize a leisure is quite interesting but the logic that drove the engineers at Sony to make some choices I despair ?! Will they decide a question the user one day ?
The body of the camera is a box full square, but hey it's already questionable, why not. But there are buttons and taken everywhere without really explain why !? The XLR, for example, one another on the side of the back of the box, why ?! If this is to facilitate the connection of the microphone to be attached to the camera for environments that need to make the decision as in the days of good old cameras Shoulder. And propose 2 behind with the opportunity to choose … Not ?
When was the perceived quality is much less reassuring than the competing Panasonic, the AF101 had seemed beefier. A view has use but the finish leaves me no sensation of robustness. viewfinder / LCD is of good quality, the image is bright enough and quilted. The setting of the microscope of sight will not support probably not the multiple clashes / stalls for a long time against the plastics look a bit cheap. As for the AF101 I'm sorry a thousand times the positioning of this “viewfinder”. While the fact that it is quite rotatable saw you need a viewfinder that is on the side of the box and not on the back. When a multiplicity of buttons around the left box is a little too much, Yen everywhere, devat behind, over, still happy that there is no bottom ! What's going What is the concept ? Taking a box of stickers and we put it all around like in kindergarten ? It's a shame not to put a little more logic in the choice. Finally the potential of this camera is somewhat marred, that's a shame because once again the picture quality is really go.
Super positive points you will understand, is the quality of the sensor and processing high-level. While recording AVCHD will not satisfy everyone but it is still an interesting quality and sufficient in many cases. All our works do not end on screens 20 mètres de base en DCP 😉 Et encore je pense sincèrement que la qualité technique de l’image d’un film et la valeur esthétique relative de celui ci ne ce juge pas a la qualité de son codec.
The next Asterix in 3D is shot in such Alexa and they chose the Apple ProRes 4:4:4:4 and while some will ask why they have not chosen the ARRI Raw, know that for reasons of maturity, cost (storage) and practicality.
Let us return to our creature, Once again I said that I give my point of view it is subjective and it is only my opinion. Note the interesting feature to record 1080p50 which is nice enough to do to slow 50% and may eventually become a true standard.
This camera is a good alternative to a camcorder ergonomics PhotoCam but we would be able to find this kind of device is really not to go and that's a shame.
The quality of the trans-standard zoom kit offered does not suit me and I think the sensor deserves better. Electronic compensation of the defects of the optic is a trend that bothers me !
However, adapters to transform this mount “E” in what we want is a real asset as the microphone 4/3. You will be able to adapt what you want because once again the back focus is super short.
My advice : buy nikon old stones, Pentax, canon, minolta, leica or other and enjoy yourself !!! To you the beautiful sexy flairs and other fuzzy !
Of course you can also get an adapter PL and turn it into a nice little beast movie clip, the pub and other short fiction.



NAB 2011, want to do 4K ?

that's how it goes here, you are summoned in large rooms on (pronoun dishonest told my grandmother) explains to and fro across that you are going to drool over lots of toys but you have no right to speak before the exhibition opens.

I respect the rules and I doubt how not intended to sensationalize to € 2, my little blog is not a place where the premiere of the information outweighs the rest. I am here to decipher the ads and give you my point of view, talk about what I want and not necessarily what makes the buzz …

I had felt, This year will be the 4K all manufacturers have this word in his mouth.

Hand tools Postprod BalckMagic Design announces the heavy !

Decklink card 4K Resolve to get out of this super-resolution. BlackMagic I will return later tomorrow or later because there are plenty of new home, recorders SSD, mixers (following the acquisition of Atem). Resolve evolved version 8 with support for XML and multilayer (alleluya !) Tibo's my favorite will be happy. Note that a free lite version released in July !!! only limitation : SD a HD !!! Of I / O box with Thunderbolt … new converters … etc. … etc. … it's a little party at the MDBs are super aggressive and continue to do “free” broadcast of which is not displease me.

Drive this morning launched new drivers for its Kona 3G via a simple software update can do the same output 4K … STUDY kind of an AJA I / O Thunderbolt and a super I / O box codenamed 5K : Riker … for now it is not yet online.

Assimilate announces Mac OS X version of Scratch and passes 5K to support files of the Epic …

In bulk and in the confusion before you expand this a bit in the coming days next camera.

Sony and Panasonic announce lots of new things.

Sony finally released its 4K camera, it's called the F65, with a 21mp sensor can record the raw 16 bits of memory cards that have been talked about that kind of memory called SR type SSD Raid 5 super performance with real security and who would be insurable according to them. Be aware that this is an important, any type suport digital disk or flash memory can not currently make a film in contrast to the band or pelloche, insurance companies refuse, the level of security provided by this raid fashion reassure it insurers ?

more info here

At Sony we always talked about a new 3D camera XDCAM EX with dual optical sensor and double double SxS recorder with a magic wheel to manage the settings for shooting. The center distance is fixed : 4,5cm

There are other new Sony with a small hand camera and 3D NXCAM stuff, I will return it later.

Side Panasonic it also announced a 3D camcorder shoulder, kind of variation of the HPX371 with 3D double optical and also no information about the spacing or the price at the moment … I would do as usual is a little reporting on it with Andrew or Panasonic Guilhem de France.

The real good ad is out of the replacement for the HVX200 / HPX 171, finally ! elle s’appelle HPX 250 and is the first point P2 camcorder / AVC Intra. On paper it looks very exciting, small camera to 5500 EUR, it would be with a view covering an angle equivalent to 28mm wide angle and equipped with 3 setting rings on the lens f-stop / point / zoom.


It will be broken down into AVC Cam version with a box and a design quite similar.

I sent spinning in RED to see what they like “surprise”

All, more on twitter @ emmanuelpampuri to live otherwise it will be tomorrow for you first made this comtpe NAB.

I leave you must go to 4K …



Sony NAB2011 HXR-NX70E New mini camcorder NXCAM water resistant and dust

I am back to the fold, and ads pre-NAB accelerating. En même temps que l’annonce de la NEX-FS100E Sony has announced another less glamorous for lovers of the great collectors but that can meet a real demand that of having an all-terrain camcorder small, producing images of good quality.

le HXR-NX70E est donc un petit camescope résistant aux projections d’eau et à la poussière. It meets the requirements specified by IEC60529 IP54 which is very demanding in. Do not expect either to make the shot underwater but just being able to continue to run in the rain or in the desert without worrying about the operation of the tool for a reporter or . It's a camera in the family NXCAM which is capable of recording a lot of image format and frequency judge rather, dans sa version européenne elle gère : HD PS (28 Mbps) 1920 x 1080/50p/16:9, HD FX (24 Mbps) 1920 x 1080/50i/16:9, HD FH (17 Mbps) 1920 x 1080/50i/16:9, HD HQ (9 Mbps) 1440 x 1080/50i/16:9, HD LP (5 Mbps) 1440 x 1080/50i/16:9, HD FX (24 Mbps) 1920 x 1080/25p/16:9, HD FH (17 Mbps) 1920 x 1080/25p/16:9, SD/STD HQ (9 Mbps) 720 x 576/50i /16:9, 4:3

Le capteur EXMOR est de taille 1/2.88, and du'une resolution 6,6 MP. The objective is derived from the range “G” guarantor of quality, Sony seems more do without the prestigious label Zeiss, the end of an era can be ? It is a great angle of a report covering the range X10 of 26.3 mm 263 24 mm equivalent×36. En complément des cartes mémoire SD/SDHC/SDXC ou au format Memory Stick le NEX-FS100E est doté d’une mémoire interne de 96go => Good idea ! La poignée dotée du support micro est amovible .

This little camcorder will be available in June and I have not the sale price but it should be around € 5,000.

More info on the site of Sony Europe :




Pre-NAB, Sony announces the NEX-FS100, little sister of the F3 version NX-Cam

Nigel Cooper has already tested as promised in ads since the first IBC in the end we see the nose of the competitor of the AF100 / 101

As a reminder so this is an AVCHD camera in the range of NX-Cam equipped with a 35mm sensor Exmor and that records in AVCHD. It has the mount “E” from Sony is the answer to the microphone 4/3 and how Sony is already used on devices like the camera and NEX5 “public” NEX VG10 I had already tested here has already made images

Je reviendrai plus tard dessus car là il est 4h du mat à Hong Kong et j’ai sommeil 😉 mais ça s’annonce assez sympa, I like the idea of ​​the box so the combined medium format viewfinder / screen on the SOTE and adjustable handle so EX3 … test soon !

3 NXCAM new Sony at NAB Compact / S35 / 3D …

Sony unveiled during presentations reserved for VIP 4 around the world some new “Pre-NAB”

In Family NXCAM are not far from 3 new cameras that will be presented at NAB and 23 March on canvas (until there is an embargo)

The first is a variation AVC-HD therefore NXCAM around the sensor S35 I have no exact information, but it seems that it is a PL mount … big doubt about it because I thought compatibility would rather through the lens “E” which is already present on the NEX VG10 and NEX5.

The other camera is a camera with 3D double optical, an auto-stereoscopic display would be present. Little information about how images are recorded but it would be compatible 1080p24 50i and 60i.

The last is a tiny camera resistant to spray water and dust, it would be proposed in 3500$ also.

The 3 cameras would be equipped with a removable handle equipped with XLR for audio.

Sony F3 presentation AFC Micro Salon

Hello les Geeks,

Anna Doublet from Sony France presents the new camera Sony PMW F3. Small sequence shot during the show micro AFC.

To recall the F3 is a camera XDCAM EX, it is equipped with a mono-sized CMOS sensor and a Super 35mm PL mount as standard. This saves F3 support XDCAM EX SxS card by 35MB / s 4:2:0 but it also has output 4:2:2 10 bit HD SDI and will also be able to get out of 4:4:4 shortly.

At first I was quite skeptical about the announcement of the camera seemed positioned too expensive but the announcement that its future upgrade and this output 4:4:4 gives it an undeniable interest. Also the images I've seen the movie “Fellow” de l’excellent Thomas Ozoux tourné avec un modèle de pré-série m’ont vraiment séduit sur grand écran.

Thomas defined as the “PD150 digital cinema” he really liked its compactness and low weight for a really nice picture quality. I think the famous recorder qu'équipée Cinedeck, it can be a winning combination ! And an interesting alternative for who does not need more definition of 1080.