Focus on “rings” Metabones Speedbooster / Novoflex / DEO TEC etc (edit)

Hello geeks light,

I realize following the various messages I have received lately that there were many who were lost in this small world rings and other optical converters.

The main advantage of hybrid boxes without mirror like Sony A7/A7R/NEX Fuji X and other Panasonic G / Olympus en Micro 4/3 this is their low optical printing that can adapt to mount rings to be about anything you want as an optical.

This sometimes is not possible to make such casings with the FX and Nikon DX, Optical printing is the distance between the lens ass (pardon the expression) the sensor or film plane. The English call it “flange distance”

here is what is said in Wikipediatirage optique - frange distance

The problem with Nikon is that their optical printing is higher than the other boxes with 46.67 mm against such 44 mm on Canon.

On a case Micro 4/3 c’est à peine 19,25 mm et là tout à coup vous voyez la lumière non ? Vous vous dites mais oui mais bien sur c’est pour ça qu’on ne trouve pas de bague pour mettre des optiques Canon sur les boitier Nikon. By against the reverse is possible.

Here is a list of these optical prints based on frames :


PENTAX 6X7 = 84,95mm

PENTAX 645 = 70,87mm

MAMYA 645 = 63,30mm

PANAVISION PV = 57.15 mm

ARRI PL = 52mm

SONY B4 = 48mm

LEICA R = 47mm

NIKON F = 46,67mm


PENTAX K = 45,46mm

M42 = 45,46mm

SONY / MINOLTA A = 44,50mm

MINOLTA SR = 43,50mm

CANON EF = 44mm

CANON FD = 42mm

OLYMPUS 4/3 = 38,67mm


CONTAX G = 29mm

LEICA M = 27,80mm

SAMSUNG NX = 25,50mm

Micro 4/3 = 19,25mm

SONY E mount = 18mm

CANON EF-M = 18mm

FUJIFILM X = 17,7mm

C Mount = 17,52mm

NIKON 1 = 17mm

PENTAX Q = 9,2mm


More your case is at the bottom of the list you have more opportunity. Wholesale, all that is above the list of your mount will be consistent theory but beware, must also rely on what the English call “crop factor” thus, must keep in mind that if we take as the reference base is 24×36 (called a full frame twists or full format, but it means nothing) Next you type APS-C case (equivalent to a 35mm cinema hair ready) or Micro 4/3 ou encore une camera type Blackmagic, pocket or 2.5 k there are conversions that are not very happy and it is not marked anywhere in the instructions or on the boxes of these devices. Last thing we need is the ring, I do not think for example that there is any interest in trying to mount a Pentax 6×7 a housing on NIKON 1 for example …

And Blackmagic's specialty does not stipulate that if mounting a Canon EF 50mm on the BMCC in EF mount is as if we had mounted a 125mm multiplier is 2.39 x, it is 2x for Micro 4/3 and 3x for Pocket Cinema Camera !

So if you put a 50mm on BMPCC (BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera) you end up with a 150mm which will be a problem to find great angles.

Returning to our rings there are 3 kinds, purely mechanical, mechanical and electronic and mechanical + optical converter.

Novoflex is a German manufacturer who makes rings in every way but without optical conversion. This is particularly at home with their small online tool you know it is possible to marry or not. In the left column you choose your frame right optics you want to adapt … it is simple and effective. In 95% cases, if it is not on the Novoflex website is that the optical wedding / frame is against nature and it does not work. They are more expensive than some rings “No Name” you find on the bay but it's precision engineering and you will not cause you to end up with a jammed in a loose ring optics which can further cut your fingers ! Another thing they are often equipped with a manual ring diaph de-toothed which is quite significant in video shoot. Bref depuis le début de ce blog je préconise NOVOFLEX et je sais pourquoi 😉


In NOVOFLEX point optical converter, this is big news since last year, METABONES and SpeedBooster comes as a miracle solution. They also make good quality rings, it is well finished and accurate.


But they bring something to them, is the addition of a lens in the middle of the ring that reduces or completely destroy this famous “crop factor” so if you have a case of the family X FUJI SONY NEX or you can mount via a SpeedBooster optical NIKON, CONTAX, LEICA and I pass by finding the focal origin and in most cases winning 1 diaph see, it is quite magical ! The conversion factors are explained in this table you will find on their site internet


BMCC Matrix S-1


A noter aussi que Metabones propose aussi des bagues avec des lentilles spéciales pour les capteurs de la 2,5k (BMCC) et la pocket (BMPCC) qui ont des drop factors différents.

Newcomer to this little family is offering MX Camera rings WD TEC dedicated to SONY ALPHA NEX or 7 offering more steering autofocus objectives such as to drive the optical Carl Zeiss Contax G on the SONY A7 and also exist for CANON EF.


With these rings can be out of the closet old Grandad objectives and there are nuggets cheap on the net and flea photo. Caution prices rise at an incredible pace, there are still bargains to be found but some goals become rare to find.

Last but these objectives for video use / cinema have rings developed with a much larger than their modern counterparts who have been specified to be used in autofocus race.

My favorite :

Contax series / Yashica signé Zeiss, it's fabulous and it not cost too too expensive and a special mention for the G series NEX and Afa 7

LEICA R, largest world wants, but it is fabulous lenses that are starting to become hard to find in good condition.

Leica M are often unaffordable

PENTAX K et M42 a Super Takumar à vis le 50mm f:1,4, it's just magical flair for they are not treated against it !!!

CANON FD, optical really not expensive and yet there are nuggets including 85 f:1,2 that has little to envy to its declination EF

NIKON AI and AIS also trade cheaply and it's just great even on a RED Epic !


SpeedBooster-NOVOFLEX-DEOTEC metabones Speedbooster deotec

J’ai gardé le meilleur pour la fin la grosse problématique aujourd’hui c’est aussi le pilotage des optiques modernes et en particulier les CANON EF. A l’heure ou le M43 rencontre un certain succès suite à la sortie des GH3/GH4 et des nouveautés Blackmagic bon nombre de ceux qui se sont rués sur les boitiers CANON 5D MKII 7D et consorts se demandent comment utiliser leurs objectifs sur un GH4 par exemple. Vous trouverez pléthore de montures qui fonctionnent très bien d’un point de vue mécanique et si vous acceptez de vous assoir sur l’autofocus, il reste un problème de taille c’est celui du pilotage du diaph car contrairement à NIKON ou de nombreux autres fabricants CANON a supprimé le pilotage mécanique du diaph par le boitier, sur les optiques EF ça se fait de façon électronique. Hors pour le moment il semble que ce soit un peu compliqué à gérer. Metabones est sur le coup et on rêve tous d’un speedbooster CANON EF vers Micro 4/3 qui piloterai le diaph et pourquoi pas le point ?

Pour le moment la seule solution très fastidieuse est de conserver un boitier canon, en effet une fois que le diaph est fixé par le boitier quand vous démontez l’objectif il reste à sa position … j’ai vu faire ça par de nombreuses personnes, c’est chiant, mais ça marche !

Pending 2 solutions existent elle sont un peu onéreuses mais totalement fonctionnelles :

MTF systems propose une bague avec une télécommande séparée qui fonctionne très bien, c’est un peu cher mais très efficace.

Front lensadaptor_0 EF to E - website_0









L’autre solution est proposée par Red Rock Micro c’est un peu le meme principe, on pilote le diaph via un petit boitier mais là il est fixé sur la bague.



Il existe une bague de chez Kipon qui a rajouté un diaph dans la bague, mais je ne suis pas super satifait du résultat, beaucoup de diffraction, ça fait des trucs bizarres dans l’image.

un dernier truc qui lui semble intéressant mais pas 100% satisfaisant car il ne propose pas de lentille de conversion comme les speedbooster c’est le système holymanta … le principe est simple on cherche souvent à utiliser son objectif à pleine ouverture (ce qui est assez simpliste comme approche mais c’est la mode) pour obtenir des arrières plans flous. Holymanta cumule une bague adaptatrice mécanique avec un filtre neutre à densité variable. C’est plutôt malin et assez efficace d’après l’ami Sylvain du Laboscope.

A noter que ces 2 solutions ne proposent pas de convertisseurs optique, il faudra donc faire avec le “crop factor” du Micro 4/3 qui est de X2 je le rappelle à part pour quelques bizarreries comme la Pocket de chez Blackmagic et le GH4 qui en mode 4K est plus proche de 2,2 …


The News of the day, Canon / Panasonic etc..

Article first post NAB for those who missed the announcements in recent days.

PANASONIC leaves us a G6, supposed to be in the range below the GH3 is the successor to the G1 G2 G3 G5 … The small is well equipped and offers things that starved to GH3 as peaking for manual focus. Panasonic_Lumix_G6

It has as its big brother with an OLED viewfinder. I do not understand how a case to a lower range may have the features one requires in a case that caters to a more demanding clientele ?!

Canon Updates Firmware arrive, the 5DMKIII therefore entitled to its firmware releasing the HDMI output. This is great news. For those who seek and are not, Andrew founder of the excellent site EOSHD.COM has posted a WeTransfer with firmware.


The other good news is that Magic Lantern continues its path and made some interesting discoveries if we believe the page Facebook those caring for the community of Hackers Canon users. According to the latest research they would have found a way to capture a RAW stream 14 bits in the 5DmkII and mkIII which would be great news one day you'll see an opportunity to save on something other than H264 with these boxes ?


NAB 2013, first ad, RED, Blackmagic etc..

Hi all


bon ben voilà on rentre dans le gras du sujet, NAB opens its doors this morning here in Las Vegas and the first ads fall steadily since last night.

I will update this article so do not hesitate to come back over and reload the page.

Side Blackmagic, if you follow me on twitter, I invite you to, deux nouvelles Blackmagic Cinéma Caméras sont annoncées.

Une version 4K meme boitier que l’actuelle en monture Canon enregistrement RAW, ProRes ou DNxHD. about 4000$

Une Pocket Cinema Camera, petit boitier qui ressemble à un Sony NEX5 avec une monture Micro 4/3 active, enregistrement RAW Cinema DNG ou DNxHD ou ProRes en résolution 1080p

prix environ 995$. Mais ce n’est pas un appareil photo pour autant.


RED qui a été très discret annonce pas mal de nouveautés à commencer par le lancement officiel de la mise à jour du capteur RED Dragon pour les EPIC M et X. Une nouvelle RED Rocket X plus performante, faster …

REDRocketXRed MotorUn nouveau système “Red Lens motor

REDSyncMasterLe fameux transmetteur de synchro HF appelé RED SyncMaster il permet de synchroniser plusieurs caméras sans fil et de les connecter à une caméra équipé d’un module Meizler.


La monture RED Motion Rajoute un ND 8 electronique et un global shutter je vais aller voir ça de plus près !

Enfin Red Annonce aussi un “Proxy module” capable d’enregistrer des fichiers compressés en Apple ProRes, DNxHD ou H.264 sur des RED Minimag je ne suis pas super fan de ce concept car ça fait une carte en plus à décharger mais bon yen a qui aiment

Je suis un peu déçu par les annonces de Panasonic je m’attendais vraiment à voir arriver une Varicam 4K ?! aulieu de ça on a une nouvelle Varicam HD qui est annoncée, certes plus performante avec le codec AVC ULTRA et ils ont énormément misé sur la latitude si j’en crois les communiqués, mais ça semble rester du 2/3 inches ?! Pourquoi pas, mais va falloir m’expliquer la stratégie ou alors ya un truc non encore annoncé qui va tomber prochainement.


Sinon voilà j’ai pris le MŌVI entre les mains quelques secondes, regardez comme j’ai l’air heureux ! J’ai rendez vous avec Vincent Laforet pour une interview mercredi pour vous en dire plus sur cet objet qui fait frétiller tous les faiseurs d’image …

Great Deals on GX1 + 14/42 And X-2 viewfinder LVF

The GX1 is a small box that I particularly like is the case even accompanying me on a daily basis with the pancake 14mm or 20mm depending on the mood.

Logo Image Photo

Imagine that you launched a promo Images Photo exceptional attention to a few shops there are only 90 of available.

Appelez de ma part et vous aurez en plus les frais de port offerts et une extension de garantie offerte sur 4 years !!!

Le kit est composé du Boitier GX1 noir + Zoom 14-42 X + Viseur LVF-2 au prix incroyable de 599€ !
Liste des magasins participants à cette opération:
Digital Photo Images-Lyon: 17 Place Bellecour, 69002 Lyon – Phone: 04 78 42 15 55
Images-Photo Saintes: 59 Cours National, 17100 Saintes – Phone: 05 46 74 69 66
Images-Photo Bayonne: 25 Rue Jules Labat, 64100 Bayonne – Phone: 05 59 59 49 20
Images-Photo Stasbourg: 22 Rue D’Austerlitz, 67000 Strasbourg – Phone: 03 88 35 56 56
Images-Photo Tondeur – Villefranche sur Saône : 855, Rue Nationale, 69400 VILLEFRANCHE SUR SAÔNE – Phone: 04 74 09 45 67
Images-Photo Angers: 2 Place du Raliement, 49100 Angers – Phone: 02 41 87 42 32
Images-Photo Cholet: 15 Avenue Gambetta, 49300 Cholet – Phone: 02 41 62 10 29
Images-Photo Vidéo Rennes: 40 Place du colombier, 35000 Rennes – Phone: 02 99 31 38 09
Images-Photo Montpellier: 2 Rue Etuve, 34000 Montpellier – Phone: 04 67 60 75 14


Panasonic GH3, return to use of a documentary …

As you can understand I'm a little break to blog these days. My work schedule leaves me little time to write what I want. Those who are interested in my work, and collaborate with the engine- or TRACTOfilm know it's a little fuze in all directions and I lack time to cause you cameras here.

Not that I disparage what I do here on my blog, but I really have to stay focused because the time is time.


Sometimes I leave the floor or rather the keyboard to people who seek me. I talked with Gregory Vasseur at Madeleine productions which made me a return on its use last filming documentary Company of GH3. Gregory used the GH3 for a film made for the Abbé Pierre Foundation. Suite to viewing the film I asked Gregory to me a report on the use of this framework in GH3. The film both in its form and in the message he passed, also worth a little boost and I count on you to encourage him as he deserves.

Here is the account of Gregory :

GH3 is perfectly suited for use documentary, provided to rotate based on the limits of the housing :

– Avoid the most scenic (even very slight jerks 1:50, still imperfect movements), – Choose fixed optical (Voigtlander, SRL Magic, Canon FD, Nikkor…) to optimize the rendering “cinema” of Image.

– Taking the time to compose the image a minimum (GH3 is not done for the reporting of information!).

– Do not rely too much on the viewfinder is really bad.

– Ignore sudden changes in the brightness of the screen that occur randomly but which do not affect the recorded image.

Apart from these small stresses (which is obviously fit), the case is amazing :

– Intra 72mbs is not yet ready for general use (expect a potential hack), for the moment the picture is really too noisy.

– AVCHD is similar to that of GH2 (it may even be identical?).

– Mov in the 50Mbs. Therefore the most appropriate choice in my opinion for now : the colors are soft and can be pushed to 1600 ISO without affecting the image too. Beyond, the result can not be used if you wish to keep the highest quality of broadcast (unless using a solution to reduce noise in post-production).

Mov. GH3 corrects any small defects GH2 : finished slurries pixels in the shadows of the GH2! Finished the omnipresence of noise in low light! Gone are the true-false 25P encapsulated in 1080i! Gone are the lightweight plastic housing that never stabilizes plan correctly when holding the camera in hand!

What distinguishes the GH3 GH2 is especially the possibility of his return. With the GH2 it was impossible to venture alone (without soundman) on a documentary about. It is now possible… provided to connect the device to very good microphones.

Ultimately, GH3 can do 'broadcast’ and stunning images for an incredibly low budget. It is even without a doubt the most economical solution that is. Un GH3 + one bon micro HF (Capsule SANKEN – Lavalier) + 3 fixed optical (Noktor 12mm f/1.6, Night 25mm f/0.95, Canon FD 50mm f/1.4) + a good tripod = 4000 euros environ.

This is indeed a professional housing.

Voilà je valide à 100% these conclusions, and even though I can confirm that I am a little disappointed that the course taken with the GH3 is not more convincing is still a box that allows you to make great things count holding his price



Visiting Paris Michiharu UEMATSU ADACHI and Fred have come to see me to discuss the future … It is a great honor for me because UEMATSU is one of the fathers of the Panasonic Lumix G series. My interest in this brand and this series is real you know and visit this warms my heart … thank you to them for taking the time to visit the installation of my company's engine-.

Panasonic Lumix GH3 questions on the OLED viewfinder and sensor size.

It's been a few days since the third GH name is available on the market and I took the pen or rather the keyboard to write some thoughts after spending a little more time with her.
I am sorry to write that if progress picture seem to be quite significant I am a hair disappointed advances made video side.
Why, Ben simply because I had requested was ultimately not really listened. Le le Peak mode gamma “Cinema” are 2 points that I miss sorely. The new codec is very good but it seems that some things are annoying, noise rises faster in the black even on normal sensitivity in video any case because this is not the case in picture nitpick and I certainly consider this is only my opinion.GH3-KIT

This is the comment of one of my previous post posted by Etienne Jacquemart (thank you to you) who put a flea in his ear on this point, I was not at all observed this difference. So there is indeed a small field loss in video and in pictures, especially in 16:9 ratio. The sensor of the GH3 is actually smaller than the GH2 is on but it does not bother because a picture when you are full sized micro 4/3 no worries ! The micro 4/3 is a standard created by Olympus and Panasonic, and I do not think it would take any risk at this level.

This is a detail and it certainly is not what bothers me the most, but it's hot…


As you can see in this diagram from the website On the GH2 had a slightly larger sensor which allowed not to lose too much when changing definition image ratio which is the concern of opening difference field. Now if my calculations are correct it is the GH2 which allowed to have a more open field and not the GH3 is at fault. But it is true that it is quite annoying because it has the feel of backtracking. As can be seen by comparing the manufacturer's data, it was still a loss 2MP on the 16:9 ratio. Nevertheless, it loses nothing in horizontal resolution.


SideBySide-GH2-GH3-CropFactor16-9Side viewfinder, that's where I'm still very mixed, and it is in my opinion much more damaging when choosing. If I had doubts about it, I confirm sighting OLED fills me. Both the comfort brought a picture is pretty nice, as video there's really a concern, GH2 was however less technologically equipped with an LCD viewfinder, but even the most superior definition, the new viewfinder loses precision. The sensation of sharpness is not as good and or it was great to be able to point to the eye with an acceptable accuracy for demanding optical as 0.95 the 25 mm Voigdtlander, or my other old Pentax leap years, it became impossible with this OLED. Oui ça m'agace, no we do not need to have an image in the viewfinder flateuse, I prefer to have less deep blacks but more accurately. And yes, I alerted on Panasonic viewfinder because it is super traitor regarding its reliability for assessing exposure, do not be fooled ! watch only the waveform or baregraph exposure.

Ultimately person n'à addressed these questions, and while I thought it was only software development problems for this story finder, le firmware 1.0 brings nothing better. They corrected the significant gamma shift we had between pause and record in the viewfinder, but it is. I wonder if I do not really have an allergy to OLED ?

In short everything seems so pull up the paper with a very attractive datasheet, and progress for Panasonic to catch the Olympus OMD side photo, video side, is not it. But I love this little box which is quite magical to share his incredible still report between its price and picture quality especially in video, but these little default records these days come a little to spoil the party. However, I take pleasure in using this more than GH3 GH2 … I shot a little video with my daughter Lena at the fair a few days ago.

Promo GH3 14/140 poignée offerte chez Image Photo Lyon

Vous n’avez par rêvé, si vous commandez votre GH3 chez Picture Lyon, en téléphonant à Rony ou Douglas de ma part au 04 78 42 15 55, vous aurez la poignée / grip vertical offerte ! Toute autre config et si vous venez toujours de ma part vous aurez aussi une offre spéciale.


GH3 firmware 1.0 new video in the parking lot

When I received this firmware 1.0 A few days ago I pushed a little cry of satisfaction (no it's nothing sexual) … Ay Panasonic GH3 is ready to be released into the wild … the first deliveries should no longer delay …

I too often lack of time, je me suis pris quelques minutes, pour tourner dans mon parking … la Citroën DS5 garée à côté d’une vieille Renault 6 des années bisextiles et qui n’a pas du bouger du parking depuis l’année de sa construction en 1974 … la lumière blafarde et l’ambiance particulière m’ont donné envie de faire quelques images avec mon nouveau jouet préféré équipé du superbe Leica Sumilux f:1,5 de 25mm petit bijou qui travaille en parfaite harmonie avec la série G … tout comme avant hier j’ai pris mon pied, le boitier est vraiment agréable … par contre je suis tjr aussi intérogatif sur la technologie OLED, l’écran etant un peu trop contraste à mon gout j’ai réussi à le régler un peu mais le viseur ?! rien n’est prévu ? Le picture profile que je me suis fait me parait encore bien dense, dommage qu’on ne puisse pas descendre plus au niveau du contraste … Bref je continue à découvrir ce GH3 et de jours en jours je suis de plus en plus excité … dommage qu’il fasse mauvais ce week end à paris …

Upgrade 4:2:2 10 bits for the camera Micro 4/3 Panasonic AG-AF101A [MAY]

C’est tombé sur les télescripteurs ce matin le site ENGADGET annonce une upgrade de la AF101 qui en plus d’offrir du 1080p50 et de supporter la norme AVCHD2 comme annoncé sortira du 4:2:2 10 bits via the HDSDI output that makes new back in the race. Dotée d’un enregistreur externe et vu la qualité initiale du produit c’est une belle nouvelle qui devrait donner une seconde jeunesse à cette petite caméra que j’apprécie beaucoup, on la trouve actuellement à un peu moins de 4000€ HT.

S’agit il uniquement de la mise à jour du firmware prévue et payante annoncée il y a quelques mois ou d’un véritable nouveau modèle ? Je n’en ai pas encore confirmation. Je mettrais à jour ce post pour vous confirmer tout ça dès que possible.

La réponse officielle de Panasonic est donc qu’il s’agit d’une mise à jour de firmware pour les pocesseurs de l’actuelle AF101 pour le support de l’AVCHD 2 et d’une nouvelle camera pour la sortie 10bits qui devrait sortir avec un tarif revu à la baisse histoire de relancer les ventes. Maintenant comme ça m’a été judicieusement été dit par certain d’entre vous c’est pas sur qu’entre une camera HD à 4000 euros et une RED One 4K bradée 4000$ la baisse de prix soit suffisante ?