Walk in New York with the Nikon D800 Version uncalibrated.

All are in the title or almost, I published a version of my little uncalibrated assembly to satisfy the curious … I asked my team to play with images and find me a look … I was happy with the result but I understand that some claim untreated version to better reflect the quality of the source. I worked on a fairly neutral profile with the contrast and saturation reduced almost to a minimum.


Nikon D800 First contacts, New York mars 2012

D800 Diner Shot, A treat in this picture D800

After a few days in New York a brand new D800 hands here are my impressions. We were a good sixty in New York 3 days to test the brand new race of Nikon. It must be said that the D800 has the expected, Many people have dreamed and hoped that would have a response on the part of Nikon to Canon 5D MKII video. This is now done, it is, there and I played with. 2 jours la main rivée ou presque sur le boitier mais au final c’était trop peu pour le tester vraiment. Je me suis un peu fait avoir et je manque d’outils performants emmené sur place lors de ce voyage c’est fait cruellement ressentir pour pouvoir vous donner des conclusions définitives. I left “too light” with a small macbook air 11″ which does not allow me to view the video image of the D800 with sufficient accuracy to draw conclusions, you will have to wait a few minutes this … Our program was responsible, too may be because the organization has forgotten that we had time to do our tests, it is not only to walk and make images must also be able to dissect; the work, I would say the grind …

Sets and situations were chained on the run and even if everything was perfectly organized, a bit more time would have allowed me to go a little further and be more efficient in the handling of this case. On 2 days (the first day we traveled and I got the box in the evening) we made the chopper, of vessel, we attended a performance of Blue Man Group, a boxing workout, an incredible place with graffiti in Brooklin, not forgetting the super class meals and various transfers / Bus rides in the Big Apple. The City of New York is very photogenic and I loved it, I took great pleasure in taking pictures and videos. For starters let's talk about the subject, it is class, it's cozy, the coating is very nice and feel is very good. Buttons and other controls are well positioned and the interface is quite effective. A beautiful beast in short ! Concerning the usability disappointed I am by cons, the guys who designed the tree of these menus are not often use this box. It has never been the highlight of Nikon but there, it borders on anything … Small example, the ability to choose the useful size of the sensor (the famous drop factor) in video mode “FX” or “DX” is Full Frame and APS-C is not accessible when live view mode is activated, we must return to camera mode and enter a maze of menus … yuck ! The pleasure of this feature is highly malignant spoiled …

What a pity ! In picture you can program a feature button but it is inactive in video. We can reassure a simple firmware change could put things in place, has noted that we have on the D4 3 drop sizes and 2 only on the D800. At first the people at Nikon Japan is present on site took note of our comments and trace information for possible future firmware changes.

In terms of ergonomics I confess that I always have more and more trouble with these DSLR that do not offer truly effective in sight video, and on this side there is no improvement, no swivel LCD and referred reflex is of course blind when you're in video. The screen is good but it is certainly uncomfortable as much as a 5D or other Photocam lacks electronic viewfinder. Despite its good definition and contrast it is unthinkable to point accurately all that no assistance is provided, a mode “peaking” would be welcome as well as other assistance in shooting.

The auto focus is slow but it works it's already a good point. I suggested an LCD hood and more, top notch it would be a system or the optical viewfinder would be replaceable by an electronic module for video … But a small viewfinder that grefferait on the accessory shoe would be a real plus. The image produced is very interesting video, even if the compression is quite limiting. When used with an external recorder it is clear that it will be very good but one thing is really annoying, to prevent whatever, HDMI output edge does not switch between 1080i 59,94 to a mode 720 see 480 … When one wants to have the recording output can not be recorded in H.264 on the map simultaneously, and the mere presence of an SD or CF is change the HDMI output at 720p. La bêtise c’est que quand on veut utiliser un viseur comme l’EVF Zacuto ou un Cineroïd par exemple ben on a un truc qui est impraticable … Again it's a small detail that spoils the party.

I fell back on a magnifier for any degree of accuracy but I'm not a fan either. The magnification of Z Finder is too important example we see the pixels and it still lacks precision to point correctly given the size of the sensor and its 36 Million pixels ! Yet even when I practice a few years now photocams … or I aged ?

Aliasing side I did not see things too ugly, but there are a lot of moire (look at the images of skyscrapers on the video) and the rolling shutter is still present but now we know we have to do with these defects … Pour revenir à la compression, 24mb / s is not honorable enough engineers. While it is fairly well managed and that it's still good, why impose such a limitation ? The D800 records in H.264 encapsulated in QuickTime, why is any limitation on time or memory cards support high flow rates ..? The AVC HD is limiting side flows to the QuikTime but there are ways to do something else. Canon offers the 40MB / s and it is already critical with this 4:2:0 8 bits … The requirement of moving image makers is as important as photographers, the NEF 14 bit is killer … why not go to a better quality video ? Que d’autres marques qui ont des logiques de gamme soient obligés de sortir des produits “qualitatively worse” not to cannibalize sales of the more expensive cameras I can understand, but Nikon does not make video cameras … or they will announce a 4K camera ? I do not get it … J’ai noté des artefacts et autre macroblocs assez gênants dans les noirs et dans les aplats en général. So yes there is the HDMI Clean, but even if it is important to consider the offer must be the fact that most of us, will not use the recorder to issues of practicality … When you know that the GH2 hacked saves the H.264 intra picture until 178mb / s you wonder why manufacturers leave us no choice. I wanted to try the photo as much as the video, I confess that 36 MP intrigued me, the dramatic increase in resolution has often been synonymous with problems in high sensitivities. On this point there Nikon is doing very well, it is not free from defects, swished it but it's not ugly, Nearby, the grain is even more sexy.En picture is better managed than in video, but in one case as in the other I found the sound very nice, enough film.


You will say that I criticize a lot, While, but it is to advance the Schmilblick, because even if this case has some teething problems, I am delighted that Nikon has finally proposed a real challenger to the 5D. Unfortunately if the master standard to beat was the MKII to develop this product, 5D MKIII is the output and offers interesting arguments especially in terms of codec. Otherwise next picture is a small bomb, the 36MP are not disadvantageous to the picture in terms of sensitivity was very interesting things up 6400 See more by iso against the only downside is the storage and Postprod. But we can not reproach at this level, it is a choice to make as 36mp is a choice to make 4K or 5K for filming digital cinema … In any case I find NEF files (Nikon RAW le) incredibly good in terms of dynamics this is pretty terrible, a pleasure !

In conclusion, yes I complain because this case could have been awesome and super innovative and he is content to respond to those who have a range of Nikon optics and which have not been tempted to go over to the red, I think for them it'll be a relief … Nikon's will to go tickle the filmmakers is well stated and I am delighted to know they fit into the race but I am a bit disappointed it's true. Nevertheless the image produced by the D800 is really good, it is very cinematic, it goes something interesting in the texture of an image can be more organic side ? I really enjoyed the images produced even if the ergonomics remains to refine. Again and to conclude this is just my point of view, and it is my business and maybe I set the bar too high …? By dint of using these tools I feel like they progress, I still enjoy making images that they are made with GH2 or RED Epic, this is not the tool which is the most important, but what is actually. Nevertheless we must choose one and the selection criteria are not for everyone the same. I have the chance to have fun with all that is almost done but I also have personal or professional choices based on criteria that are not the same as you who reads these lines. The D800 is a beautiful box, deserving and I am disappointed because I expected a crazy thing, and it is simply good.

This film has no claim, it's just a ride, A summary of our activities during these 2 day in NYC. I told Thibaut and Axelle care to play with images to calibrate and make them look …

And thank you to Mary's 5ptz & meventusa ainsi qu’a Cocoa Sarai la talentueuse chanteuse …


Nikon 48h challenge New York avec le D800

The program is announced live the incredible standard hotel in the heart of the Big Apple …
We will make images in Helicopter and boat is going to peel the loaves … Since yesterday there's wind here and it's nice but quail, beautiful.
Almost 75 which invited people here 5 French are here to test the d800 which I got a copy last night.
The object is well built and it will take some getting used to the ergonomics because I have no usual with Nikon ergonomics, My last Nikon was an F801 that dates back to early 90 😉 je l’ai aimé et c’est sans aucun doute celui avec lequel j’ai passé le plus de temps.
I will try to test things in a Max shortest time …
Testimony of the director of Joy Ride, Sandro Miller who made the lovely short film with the bike I just saw on the big screen.

There is nothing to say it's beautiful ! The most amazing thing is that they say they have not used for external recorder, So they would have turned on the cards with the internal codec I remind you is encapsulated in Quicktime H264 at a rate of 24mb / s

First day with the D800 is a fine case, well born and the image quality as pictured in the video seems to be an appointment. I would make you a more detailed account of the worst Thursday.


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Nikon Trip to New York … & more …

It is not without some emotion that I take off tomorrow for the Big Apple to test the new Nikon D800 and its big brother D4. Say that some years ago when I created this blog I wondered how I could get in touch with builders to try their new …

  • Osaka a novembre 2010 to test and criticize the Panasonic AF101
  • Berlin in in November 2011 for the presentation of the European C300 Canon
  • and finally I am part of 40 Nikon has invited people to go try the new D800 and D4 … Not only is it great to be able to test these new cameras in 3d but this is my first trip to New York and I'm excited like a chip …

I'll try to make regular reports live from the big city, I then took a few days off to have a little fun in the USA and I take this opportunity to make images and show them to you … I then chained to the NAB in Las Vegas, from 13 April with a little surprise …

By I try to go against Light, côté editing ce sera un simple macbook air 11″ with FinalCut Pro X and LightRoom 4 and a disk Lacie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 1to.

Curiously right now I feel like a movie still image … we'll see what comes of it …

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Nikon D800 annonce


The D800 finally arrives, just announced the D4 already sees his little brother point the tip of his nose. We did not know that nikon or canon was grilling politeness to Lautre since they speak also dun 5D MkIII approach.
The D800 seems born, it's awfully like when you read the technical specifications.
36.3MP CMOS sensor
15.3MP DX-format capture mode
51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors, rated to -2EV
ISO 100-6400 extendable to ISO 25,600
1080p video at 30, 25 or 24 frames per second, up to 24Mbps, with uncompressed HDMI output and audio monitoring options
3.2, 921,000 dot LCD with anti-fog
Maximum 4fps continuous shooting in FX mode, 6fps in DX
Advanced Scene Recognition System with 91,000 pixel metering sensor
Expeed 3 Image Processing
Dual-axis Virtual Horizon

I just spent a few minutes with the D800

I especially liked the fact that the auto focus is activated video especially since it seems acceptable performance.


Note also that like its big brother it is keyed with a headphone output.

Nikon D4, finally !


Yellow Ay in they woke up !!! D4 looks to have features “HD” finally live up to expectations.

I noticed in the biggest news since the beginning of the history of Photocam, a headphone jack !!! Finally, we will be able to listen what is recorded !!!

joking aside, it is the only DSLR that offers this feature !

we have no info on the compression ratio but you can choose the frame rate, and also play a factor in re-framing of the sensor while maintaining the record 1080, that's great, bravo !

For the rest here is an excerpt from the press release :

Le lien sur le site officiel de france Nikon

Video of superior quality

For professionals whose work requires the video, D4 provides the flexibility required for its wide range of video applications. Its full range of speeds gives you the best of shooting large format video.

Cadence shooting : Full HD video (1080p) recordable 30p, 25p and 24p with 60p options, 50p, 30p and 25p to 720p. Les clips vidéo peuvent durer jusqu’à près de 30 minutes (about 29,59 my).

Mode multizone : l’enregistrement en Full HD (1080p) is possible for FX and DX formats, and cropping native Full HD (1920×1080).

Control high-fidelity audio : en réponse aux retours de l’industrie, D4 includes new opportunities for audio recording on DSLRs, giving your videos sound quality to match their definition. In addition to external stereo microphone, an input for external headphones allows you to adjust the sound for video recording, en total isolement.

HDMI uncompressed : for those who need the purest video output for professional-quality editions, D4 offers the possibility to transfer the screen referred to uncompressed recorders and external monitors. C’est une première pour un reflex ; data released in 1080i (Full HD) at the rate of shooting and the image size selected. Data output can be reduced if necessary and cleared of any overlay information, can be displayed simultaneously on the TFT monitor of the camera.

Custom control practices :
ces derniers permettent d’améliorer la visée écran. Instead of turning the command dial,, opening allows motorized control of the opening more smoothly through the designated buttons in front of the camera. The addition of reference you can learn the important views in the timeline while recording video, making it easier to locate when editing.

Nikon Launches Hybrid

Nikon mavait invited yesterday morning for a mystery product presentation, Unfortunately, too many taf right now and the decline jai linvitation.
Sites have already relayed LInfo inform decision but I give you a copy of the official connected by a test until sauce Pampuri.

THE CONTROL reinvents Nikon camera with the Nikon 1

Nikon announces the Nikon 1 Nikon D1 and 1 V1, devices interchangeable lens compact and the world's fastest. Methods of shooting are emerging revolutionary. Lavenant dune new era photo!

Paris, the 21 September 2011 – Nikon today unveiled a revolutionary shooting, which completely redefines lexpérience photo. At the conclusion of a survey conducted among global 8000 users, it took 3 years of development and 50 Nikon dexpérience years to reach an unprecedented product is described in superlatives: fastest interchangeable lens camera ever created.

"Cest lannonce the largest since lintroduction Lhistoire Nikon digital camera to THE CONTROL ago 14 years, "said Benoit De Dieuleveult, Director of the Division Image Nikon France. "We are introducing today not a product but a real new brand incorporating advanced out of proportion throughout INDUSTRY photo».

Nikon 1 reinvents the photo shoot

The new Nikon 1 with a processor faster than most cameras paving the way for new features never seen before. He inaugurated the pre- and post-trigger, an innovation that saves images before and after the outbreak. You know the light control, Now you will discover that time. Manage your pictures at the decisive moment and freeze Linstant ever.
a href=http://www.pampuri.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/20110922-093502.jpgimg src=http://www.pampuri.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/20110922-093502.jpg alt=20110922-093502.jpg class=alignnone size-full //abr /br /

Building on its formidable processor and Innovation of pre-and post trigger, Nikon 1 is equipped with novel modes dimage capture.

Selector Photo Optimized capture the perfect moment of what scene nimporte. Between the time you put your finger on the trigger, one in which you trigger and when you move your finger, a series of 20 high resolution pictures has been recorded by THE CONTROL. A powerful algorithm detects 5 best photos based on subject's facial lexpress, composition and development. The picture you as the best is then presented. However, you can choose another image from those selected.

Instant Hosted Mode breathes life into your photos. It simultaneously records a video in slow motion and a high definition photo, combines both instant and presents a lively time 2 about – your unforgettable moments come to life.

Photo Mode also benefits from the speed of the processor since it captures up to 60 frames per second at full resolution1. Nothing can escape, you trigger faster than your shadow.

Video Mode enjoys a full HD resolution panel and dun advanced. It is possible denregistrer a video and take a photo in high resolution 2 together, without any interruption of the video. And slow time, try
video capture 400 or 1200 fps : at that speed, the slightest movement is incredible dune with.

Max. 10 fps mode AF subject tracking and max. 60 fps mode Fixed focus, high definition. From 5 August 2011
2 High definition images in video mode (format of the image 16:9) 3,840 x 2,160 (1,080/60in).

EXPEED processor latest 3 : treatment 600mp / s

The heart EXPEED 3 associated with lautofocus hybrid that combines ultra-precise measurement of phase and contrast detection can capture moments of your life, even the most fleeting.
As a formula 1, great performance require non-standard motor : lEXPEED 3 integrates two powerful engines that can engulf 600mp / s data. You capture up to 60 frames per second and can denregistrer photo and video simultaneously.

In addition to high-speed dêtre, lEXPEED 3 offers a higher image processing : the grain is minimal for photographic images stitched soft.

A sensor-to-measure

The new format CMOS sensor dimage CX is designed for Nikon cameras 1 and the frame 1. Offering a perfect balance between size of the system, speed, sensitivity to light, definition and depth of field, Nikon 1 and 10.1 Megapixels are making pictures and videos dune superb.

Two devices to satisfy all tastes

Nikon 1 J1

Nikon 1 J1 is the perfect little device for rendering images in the most beautiful moments with ease. Ultra sleek design and very, will be available in 5 color: matte black, white lacquered, aluminum, pink and red glossy. Nikon has pushed lesthétisme up to offer color-matched to the optics and accessories.

The standard Nikon kit 1 J1 with 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR will be launched at an MSRP of € 549 from the end of October

Nikon 1 V1

Nikon 1 V1 sadresse fans of high-tech. It focuses intelligent design, a sleek design, and a structure of reinforced magnesium case for a high-class finish and a real strength. A high-resolution electronic viewfinder 1 440 000 points and a screen 920 000 point to provide coverage 100% framework. Nikon 1 V1 is available in glossy white and matte black. The standard Nikon kit 1 V1 with 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR will be launched at an MSRP of € 799 from the end of October

Daccessoires a range has been specially developed for the Nikon 1 V1.

The Flash Speedlight SB-N5 swivel head expands your photographic possibilities by providing a multi-light source. LED lamp will assist you in low light to capture moments Animated or Photo mode selector Optimized.

GP-N100 GPS unit action saves your image for each longitude, latitude and altitude in an EXIF ​​file. The geotag obtained can then know exactly where your photo was taken.

The adapter shoe with AS-N100, you can use the external microphone ME-1 during video shooting.

The mount 1 and objectives fit into the legend NIKKOR

The all-new frame 1 sinspire of 50 dexpertise years in Nikon SLR camera for doptique. Since the frame F, recognized for excellence and adaptability, Nikon navait never creates new mount. The mount 1 breaks with tradition to offer a very compact.

A family of 4 Optical 1 NIKKOR covers all possible scenes for both photo and video.

Extremely compact and lightweight : the 1 VR Nikkor 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6, equivalent 27-81mm full format is a wide-angle 3x zoom lens for everyday situations. Equipped with configuring a system to reduce vibration and to shrink even more compact

Powerful and ultra compact telephoto: the 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6 81-297mm equivalent in full frame you closer to your distant subjects. It is equipped with a Vibration Reduction system and retractable for even more compact

Wide finesse : the 1 NIKKOR 10mm f/2.8 27mm is léquivalent dun open format, offering a remarkably accurate dive.

Super telephoto lens custom-made for video : the 1 NIKKOR VR 10-100mm f/4.5-5 is léquivalent dun 27-270 mm full size. It is optimized for video artists and includes a zoom motor noise with adjustable speed. Its very beautiful construction incorporating ED glass (Ultra-low dispersion) and aspherical elements ensures a beautiful quilted.

The adapter for F mount gives you access to the park designed for doptiques NIKKOR SLR. Nikon 1 and is compatible with all lenses and AF-I AF-S and even supports the autofocus for endless creative possibilities !

Both Nikon 1 come with the new software Short Movie Creator, which automatically creates video montages from photos, movies and music and your moments Animés.br / br / a href = http://www.pampuri.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/20110922-093430.jpgimg src=http://www.pampuri.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/20110922-093430.jpg alt=20110922-093430.jpg class=alignnone size-full //a

, ,

Nikon D5100's go !

Ay noise corridors are confirmed, The D5100 is announced and already pre-booked on a lot of online shops.

Finally a rotating screen on a Nikon DSLR. The HDR mode is not confirmed but it will just 10000iso sensitivity to max 6400 iso Stretch 25600 big.

Bonne nouvelle pour la vidéo Nikon a écouté les utilisateurs les fréquences sont donc au choix 24/25ou30p et voici ce qui est écrit dans la documentation :

★1920 × 1080, 30p/25p/24p,

★ élevée/normale • 1280 × 720, 30p/25p/24p,

★ élevée/ normale • 640 × 424, 30p/25p,

★ élevée/normale. Une cadence de 30 p (cadence réelle de 29,97 vps) est disponible lorsque la sortie vidéo est définie sur NTSC ; 25p est disponible lorsque la sortie vidéo est définie sur PAL ; la cadence réelle avec 24p est de 23,976 vps

Le codec est du H.264 encapsulé en quicktime et il ne reste plus qu’a faire un test !

la brochure est disponible en ligne chez le constructeur ici : http://nikon.fr/fr_FR/product/digital-cameras/slr/consumer/d5100

, , ,

Nikon D5100 approaching ..?

It's not quite official, but it seems that the brand Yellow decided to launch a new model of reflective, the D5100 and D3100 after the D7000 left end 2010. It seems to address directly the Canon 60D with its angle LCD.

The D5100 is also equipped with a function with a high sensitivity mode 102400 big !


  • Video HD 1080p30
  • 16.2MP sensor
  • New Feature HDR
  • Special effects on the image in video (color selection, Miniature Effect, etc.)
  • 2 processeurs EXPEED
  • ISO range 100-6400
  • micro stereo
  • Raffale 4 i / s
  • Silent shutter mode
  • Adjustable LCD

    Surprise Nikon would come out a priori as a stereo microphone for these Photocam.

    I hope that the mistakes of D7000 with respect to including an inability to change the aperture settings when recording video will be corrected launched ? I also hope that 30p will not be as fixed ?! How do you one of these manufacturers say that the lives of budding filmmakers and video artists as written in the pro 24, 25 or 30 i / s but must give us the ability to choose ourselves ! The 30p is useless if you want to make images for television in Europe and even make a DVD for my grandmother with a 30p source, it can not read ! C’est pourtant pas compliqué ? one ?

    'm Saying information from Nikon Romania ( a little late for an April Fool but ..? )

    filtrées par Nikon Rumors : http://nikonrumors.com/#ixzz1Iane5pCC

    The small user feedback on what I had done during the handling of the D7000 the month of December 2010.



    Nikon D7000, grip …

    First know that it is with great pleasure that I received there is little a phone call from Nikon that I proposed to test the new guy. A few days after a first contact friendly, here I am delivered from the D7000.

    The handling of this new case is very nice, He exudes strength and the grip is excellent. We feel we have a tough tool in the hands. Side orders this is the same, the positioning of buttons is rather well thought out and their use appears to be fairly easy. The viewfinder is nice and the display of the grid and Colima superimposed AF gives him a small side “for”. If we did a little tour of it soon realized that the traditional Compact Flash port given way to 2 slots SDXC, the risk of offending those with lots of CF cards. For my part I take my hat off to notte good idea to have added the functionality of recording two ways raid 1 (mirror) on 2 cards, This allows you to add security but also to deliver faster customer hurry. You can also save the raw example of a map of the JPEG on the other, bravo !

    On the software side, we have already found that Nikon is moving in the right direction by offering an intuitive interface, while allowing to go very far in the possibilities of customization is always full and the informed user will be filled.

    So I received the kit D7000 version of the 18/105 and a 50mm f:1,4. I must say that the plastic frame of the zoom 18/105 may leave a bitter taste to all aficionados of the brand yellow, it can be tough even if it is also doubtful but it's not very serious and you saw that the price you pay … bof ! When was 50mm f:1,4 is a gem !

    Note that Nikon changed its range since the D7000 replaces the D90, but eyeing a few on the market provided with expert D300s, get there a successor or should it take with the D7000 as a case supposed to meet customers D90 and D300 ?

    I will not dwell too much on the photo part is excellent and has been commented many times in the press and on internet. So I'll focus on the video portion. I await the D7000 as a true messiah, Nikon broke new ground as the first drawing with the D90 the first DSLR offering video on the market in October 2008, as many people like me were disappointed by the feature that leaves a sense of unfinished business.

    LiveView mode switches from any mode video picture. Rather clever but would rather keep a video mode with specific settings from. Other flat, no 1080p25 ?! but what happens now in the minds of those who design these products ? You did not realize that professionals had a passion for your case to use it in production for television ? In Europe must be the liver 25 i / s !!!

    The 24p is great for film, but this is not the will of all to finish in the dining room ! After Panasonic and Aber of GH2 that fate as 1080p24 or 1080i50 of it continues along the same lines … I do not get it, and it put me in a foul mood !

    After the rant, the video portion of the D7000 is no doubt that Nikon has done better since the beginning ! The launch of D90 at the time, they had opted for a Motion JPEG codec of another time and a resolution in Half tint (720p24 only !). D7000 finally meets today with our expectations with a more modern codec. Nikon has made the same choice technique Canon, a QuickTime H.264, but not at the same rate. The player QTimer X my machine shows a flow 25 mb / s. The quality of the signal processing is rather good, can grow up 1600 iso without much concern, noise is not too annoying, but we left wanting if we compare with the photo mode. A picture is absolutely amazing, Sony Exmor sensor that, I recall that is the same as in the Alpha 55 Sony and Pentax K5 combined with the know-how and processing power of the processor makes prowess Nikon Photo, video we are not at the top but it's well and progress should be welcomed. The other thing I have to acknowledge is that the AF can be used in video mode, there or Nikon also offers a super efficient autofocus camera they were able to do something very corect video. Side the large possibility of not setting and still no headphone jack (Photocam any on the market today has this feature, one wonders why ? So next audio settings, we have the right to 3 levels of sensitivity or an automatic gain, and a microphone jack to record in stereo.

    Next screen is good but why not about the direction as do more and more manufacturers ? It's still handy.

    Another thing that annoys, exposure settings are not changed during that run, and f-stop wheel is silent when you're in live view, a peak, must quit the LiveView to vary the f-stop when you are in manual ! I hope this will be fixed soon in a firmware update.

    My conclusion is that the K5 as part of Pentax camera is pretty good, next video is not as bad as the K5 but of course it is not on top of what we expect from a brand like Nikon. The 7D Canon came out a year ago and the update of the 5D mkII has set the bar a little high probably ? I did not think it would be so hard to meet the concurrency with a Canon product at least equal to what already exists in red. As you can see so it's a little disappointing, Not that this is not good, progress is notable but I expected a real little slap and there is still some way to go. Have to wait over the D700 and see what the yellow mark is going to lay full frame.

    I made some pictures with the D7000, miles excuse is not good but the guy is sick 40 fever, and must make the case for Nikon. You will see that it is rather well until 1600 iso but this little collage is not yet super yavait things to do in Lyon with the Festival of Lights this week.