My eyes, Follow Focus on USB for Canon EOS !

Everything is in the title or almost, it is society that runs Product Okiya. The wheel drives the engines of the autofocus optical Canon (and surely as the compatible Sigma / Tamron etc.)

The housings are compatible : EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 1D Mark IV, EOS 7D, EOS 60D 550D but also small and surely the new 600D

It is available for 400$ from April and pre-order here :

It seems that the control protocol engines Canon optics are a bit more accessible. Between the Birger mount for RED One and AF101 and next RED Epic appear to directly cause these stones … in any case it's good for users.

Magic Lantern unleashes the Canon EOS 550D

I have been strongly suggested to share with you the evolution of alternative firmware Magic Lantern. Originally dedicated to the 5D MKII they just released a version dedicated to the 550D (and North American version T2i)

I had already talked about this several times firmware that can unleash the 5DMKII but had become less useful after the famous Canon update in March 2010. A few weeks ago they refait about them by increasing the flow of registration H264.

A few days ago so they released a version specific to the 550D, which improves in many ways

Here are the new features in bulk :

Press the Delete button to display the magic lantern

  • Flow control of the codec (QScale parameter) for H.264
  • Zebra (with a little red latency overexploitation / blue under ex)
  • Spotmeter, histogram
  • Markers (16:9, Cinemascope, Fisheye)
  • Intervalometre (classic or HDR)
  • Audio VU meters
  • Gain audio manuel, source selectionnable (internal or external microphone), ability to disable the auto gain and filters.
  • remaining time display
  • Trap Focus: the box takes the picture when it's clear only with the manual optical
  • adjustable white balance in degrees Kelvin
  • ability to disable the menus on the HDMI output
  • Remote release with either the LCD face sensor or audio trigger
  • Rack focus
  • Stack focus (Live View only)
  • Lens data computation
  • Debug functions (display CMOS temperature, screenshot, logging)
  • Fine tuning for ISO and shutter speeds; also ISO 25600
  • Clean LiveView display without any overlays (selectable)
  • On-demand auto tuning for ISO, shutter & kelvin white balance
  • Quick access to some useful settings like HTP, ALO and contrast

I have not tested because I do not have all this m'al'air 550D but pretty nice

Tester13 attacks the Pentax K5 | A Canon Hybrid at CES ?

The friend of all the owners of GH1 I appointed Mr. Vitaliy Kiselev AKA Tester13 managed to get into the firmware code of K5.

This little box that I had such a good photo and video is so displeased may have a more glorious future. According to him he has the best sensor currently available in the market.

You can follow the evolution of the discussion on the DVX User forum here :

Also several website reported a rumor about a possible hybrid signed Canon to be presented at CES (Consumer Electronic show) the 6 next January in Las Vegas.