CANON EOS C300, assessments and comments …

As promised here is the video made last week. To talk about the C300 jai invited Sébastien Devaud, Director of Photography Director Sébastien nest but more to present, He has written a reference book which bears the poetic name of “Shoot video with HD Canon SLR” published by Eyrolles

Sebastian has directed and photographed for many programs especially for TV Channel + and M6. Its a pioneer who was immediately fascinated by the Lavenant Phococams, but you certainly know all. I invite you to visit his page VIMEO

We wanted to do anything else to talk about the C300, also want to do something together, history to cross our views on the C300. While still a little awkward EST and it lacks some dimages or seen the camera, The idea is simple but, land, and discuss the product by being filmed by him. So we posed to Image common collaborative workplace trades image hosting companies including forty The engine- the company that I run (pour ceux qui suivent pas 😉 ).

Hats off to my partner Thibaut Pétillon which is the great engine-calibrator and that we sought in order for it gives us his views on the famous Canon Log.

Here is the Video


PS : A big thank you to Sophie and Arthur for their help in this project.

Canon filed a patent on a 4K RAW codec …

Everything is in the title or almost, but it is clear that the EOS Film is not intended to be satisfied with a HD camera 4:2:2 at 50mb / s

So Canon has a patent on a 4K RAW codec is visible here

Good news that suggests an interesting development in the coming months, I hope this is a first premise of an announcement at NAB.

Canon EOS C300, soon review …

Hello hello to everyone, first mile excuses not to cause you more regularly but it seems that the seeds I planted in recent years are pushing all at once …

In a while 1 or 2 days at the most you will have the great pleasure and a joy to see undisguised something amazing … or pitiful, the choice …

Sebastien Devaud by guest on Pampuri's Blog to give you our impressions at all 2 the famous Canon EOS C300 … Means anything and everything about this camera, we played around with and we'll send you our impressions, facing the camera

See you soon for further …

Canon EOS 1DX, before the first presentation in Lyon Photo Image …

Warning: the window of opportunity is quite small, the future star of Canon few hours will be showcased at Lyon.

It will happen on Tuesday 6 December from 12h to 16h at the store 17 Place Bellecour, do not hesitate to discover this future housing Canon.

Canon C300, European presentation in Berlin, First Impressions …

Little return on my trip to Berlin. First it was the first time a major manufacturer, major player shooting tools such as Canon invites me as a “press” and it is already a nice form of recognition.

The trip was very pleasant, was eaten, we were welcomed as kings but I avoided any world, je serais comme à mon habitude sévère mais juste !

The evening began with a presentation on stage of C300 followed by screenings of films by Sébastien Devaud and Vincent Laforet … at the end of the screen to the ceiling flew open on a magnificent space or waiting workshops grip and presentation of the product,

My first impressions of the arrival of the C300 are quite mixed you know at once I welcome the arrival of Canon in the market and the fact that this innovative brand is embarking on this adventure can only be good for us consumers .

So Voui, The C300 does not record 4K, it is limited to a "vulgar" HD 1080p … it's disappointing, they thought all they were going to release a tool premium priced ultra aggressive, in the end it was a camera that is the direct competitor of Sony F3 as the RED Epic, While, but there are plenty of things that seem really interesting and innovative in the C300.

I like the Epic is a true pocket rocket but for the moment 99,99% that I deliver is either the HD or the 2K. Have you one really needs to deliver 4K ? Since I have the RED One I have delivered only once in 4 years ! So yes it is useful to have magical and 5K for 3D and order Recard. The precision it brings is not insignificant but it must still admit the Log and HD are really far from disappointing on the big screen. The Alexa has to demonstrate, go and see “Drive” the cinema if not already …

According to Canon, 4K is under development and we will soon get a box camera able to record video 4K but Mjpeg, that's a shame this codec is far from miracles, it is for me totally obsolete.

After discussion with senior friendly of the big house the largest problem is the recording. It is true that apart from the RED Code remains in my opinion the inovation principal at RED, 4K is very heavy and requires storage performance and large capacities that goes against the current standard market. If RED has chosen the SSD with a proprietary format for these new cameras have abandoned the hard drive and compact flash on his new camera is that there is a reason. Brief, Men at work and hope the next EOS C400 are 4K and maybe RAW !


I have long moaned after the ergonomics deplorable Photocam EOS filmed in HD it seems that I was not alone and that Canon has decided to surprise us pleasantly. It must be said that the camcorders of the red were often innovative remember the shape of the XL1, heavily criticized in its early stages it still gave ideas to Sony EX1 with / EX3 ?! This is a camera at the time had a lot of noise which had attracted me. There is nothing to do I like it when a manufacturer put a dash of daring in its products even if it does it in annoying some.

The ergonomics of the C300 is in my opinion a good synthesis between the handheld camcorder and the box camera medium format. The rotary handle and removable, the micro joystick that falls pil hair under the thumb, which is used to control most of the menus without having to do gymnastics with the finger is a real treat, the viewfinder on the rear that we are swelling of the cameras that are in an elongated format but this is quite effective, the LCD that rotates in all directions but with some "flick" is quite relevant also including the possibility of referral to the assistant.

The buttons fall naturally under the fingers and the grip is really interesting, it will not please everyone as each time a manufacturer innovates a bit and does not just produce something whose purpose is to satisfy the habits of professional … moi je suis séduit, to !

Perceived quality is very good, materials used inspire confidence and it is pleasant to the touch.

Having gathered all the conections on the same side is also a good idea, we are seeing more and more about the new cameras at locations of cables that every plugged provide a kind of octopus invading sometimes masking access has some buttons in competition.

I'm quite attracted to the end you will understand and I shall soon give you more information when I could have more time to test the beast. I hope to be able to touch as these are promising optical.

In conclusion I wanted to say a few words about the current evolution of my blog and my job for some time.

I did not think giving this direction to my little blog that 2 years later I would be invited, as was the case that they shot in Berlin.

Apart from my amazing trip to Osaka last year for exploring the Panasonic AF101 is quite rare and very valuable to have this type of consideration.

It is true that I am not truly representative of the trade press and my multiple hats sow some trouble,it nevertheless seems that my strategic choices my position and my career is finally understood and I welcome the 2 large houses its Canon and Panasonic have understood the value of everything I have put in place for several years.

Everything is nested, my work as a technical service provider, my cap producer, this little blog where I tell you I see the evolution of imaging technologies, all that is closely related and I am happy with the way it takes.

When in the middle of an interview a part of Canon asks me questions about my feelings on a product that will be offered in some time selling inevitably I hit my goal and it reinforces my role I can play in . I spend sometimes a troublemaker, but I have no other goal than getting things done.

Thank you again to Canon France, Stephane Dery, Pascal Briard and all those who allowed me to be part of this adventure my friend, Richard Studient with whom I shared moments nice on this trip.

Soon for subsequently.

November 3RD, Canon enters the dance with the EOS C300

Cest fell on the teletype as planned is live from Hollywood that Canon announced its new S35 Camera. She called EOS C300 will be available in EF mount or PL and should turn in a price range between 12 et $ 18k.

Registration 10bits 4:2:2 mpg2 HD 50 Mb / s compact flash 2 slots.
It would be limited to HD 1080p 24/25 or 30 fps.

At the hour or jai started writing this I must tell you that was a bit disappointed jai, threw doubt that this innovative brand would get us out of such raw DNG year 4k cinema. This limitation mest emerged as a bit disappointing …

Fortunately a press release officially announces that the famous EOS 4K camera is being developed !!! Whew ! Canon shows a real desire to return to the dance and offers a new ecosystem, then certainly they position this new camera in direct competition with the Sony F3 nest but only the beginning.

Meanwhile on the C300, a priori they have treated the sensor for a high-level colorimetric.

Super35mm type CMOS
RGB primary colour filter (Bayer array)
9.84 megapixels
8.29 megapixels

After lannonce sensational enough to Avid Media Composer 6 It remains only to make us the RED nice surprise any dune Scarlett S35 3 or 4k accessible and efficient … The ball is in your camp Jim !

Canon 1Dx … HD video compression and intra frame

Cest announced across the red grill has the courtesy to Yellow Mark.
Canon renews its high-end and reunified with the 1D 1Ds in one box.
I will not repeat the features announced as stunning to lobturation 12 i / s continuous,lauto focus of patient and the dual processor. Nevertheless, several things caught my attention in the technical announced.
Historically the 1Ds was more studio-oriented and sports Canon 1D rather the reunified 2 reduces the number of pixels and allows Careers News dun crop in the sensor to allow makers to increase their focal dimages which will delight the specialist sports photographers and wildlife photography and other paparazzi.

On the video side we are still on the hd 1920×1080 which suggests new else crunchy for the 3rd November when Canon and RED have announced a battle in lannoncement … The wildest rumors circulating on the web including dune joint announcement in which Canon announced the acquisition outright RED. It's pretty swollen but not completely illogical ?! …

Some interesting new side of video so that future housing to come (it will wait for spring jusquau availability)

Cannon worked on the signal-noise and moiré, jespers as the Rolling
The really interesting news on the codec EST, they propose a priori choice dun log h264 GOP or Intra Frame … It's good EST !

Nice little video on the site of Canon jp

Reflections on the new “large cameras” of this 2011.

Some of you are aware, no other Canon released an announcement of a historic event (just that !) and they chose Hollywood and more specifically why Parmount Studio.

At the same time Jim Janard, iconic boss in RED announces that the 3 November will also be an important date for all those who dream their future images Scarlett. Jim announces a major upgrade and if satisfactory would be prepared to resume the scarlets customers disappointed. So why 3 November ? simply because it's the 3RD 3 RED symbols. Note that the Epic X are being delivered to the RED One owners who have subscribed to the “Stage 2”. It is about 1500 Epic M and X have been delivered by RED since the beginning of the year.


The rumor brewing for Canon announces, the symbolism is laid and we can really think they would not do such a simple hay changing 5Dmk2 (the highly anticipated 5DMKII). Or more for the 1DS MkIV. Blogs on the web all talk of a possible long-Oriented 4K digital cinema camera, we talk about Raw and there are questions on the frame or PL EF ? It is clear that something is brewing and it looks to be the heavy ! Canon has taken place in the global film industry, some without their knowledge is pretty amazing in just 3 their age range Photocam became the tool to be reckoned for television, film, Web, and given the place they would have taken it wrong not to go further.

Canon has everything in his wallet to offer a useful tool and are waiting for almost too long. In my opinion that the manufacturer has an interest in moving ARRI is expected to change its resolution in Alexa. The Sony F65 comes in and goes to great harm to Alexa, whose success is growing again from the time they will discuss resolution (even if it is not everything). Sony seems to want to work extra hard to really get in the race of Digital Cinema by ceasing to persist in making us believe that HD is sufficient. The price positioning of F65 (40about € k) suggests a late 2011 and early 2012 enough “baston” between different actors in the field, not to mention the arrival of digital Penelope (crowing) by AATON delivered in an almost available at IBC.

reminder of the requirements of Penelope Delta :

– Dalsa sensor with 14 f-stops of dynamic and can be used 100 to 800 big

– Optical sight with mechanical shutter

– Recording SSD store RAW and Adobe Cinema DND Proxy Avid DNxHD (should also have the ProRes)

more info here :




Canon HD Video / Technicolor ready & new plugin for FCP

This was announced at NAB namely a “Picture Profile” developed by Technicolor feature for users of Canon bodies of HD Video is now available for free download. This profile is designed to make life easier in post production with an image easier to work with a particular calibration.


Also awaiting the new version of Final Cut Pro X, plugin Canon E1 to use the function “Log and Transfer” de final cut pro (From version 6.0.6) is updated to version 1.2 from 25 April. Little reminder this plugin allows to convert files. Mov H264 boxes of Canon EOS ProRes Quicktime video quality up 4:4:4. Canon says the transfer is now faster.

It is compatible with files from the following boxes :

  • EOS-1D Mark IV
  • EOS 5D Mark II with new firmware (v2.0.3 or later) (*2)
  • EOS 5D Mark II with old firmware (v1.2.4 or earlier). Thumbnail (.APR) files are also necessary.
  • EOS 7D (*2)
  • EOS 60D

*1 Standard-Definition movies are not supported. For details, please see the instruction manual.
*2 It is necessary to import both the movie files and the thumbnail (.APR) files at the same time to display the shooting information.
The supported models remain unchanged from v1.1.



Vegas NAB Ready … how it will happen

Bon ben now I got to Vegas, the weather is rotten, it's 15 degrees outside and it's not friendly at all because I have not even taken a pull !

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Canon en a profité pour annoncer 2 Zoom en monture PL hier.

a 14,5/60 t:2,6 and 60/300 pas de prix, pas beaucoup plus d’infos pour le moment.

SuperMeet 2009 avec Les Yakyakyak et le Finalcutpro Montreal team ... un grand moment !

Bien entendu je serais présent au Supermeet ou on devrait en toute logique assister à une annonce d’Apple.