FCPX, Potato, Apple and doubt

My friend Vincent AKA Vince 26 you probably know me by Email requests in recent days about FCPX especially.

He posted it : ” As for FCPX, Are you sure you do not insert a space at the end (alt W). The interface is at the moment and made it black is barely visible.
When export Vimeo… J’espère qu’il corrigeront d’autres trucs avant ça 😉 Et j’ai hâte de lire ton point de vu sur ce FCPX. On my side, not use as I had worries me ; on the contrary, I took a lot of fun to discover full of tricks, functions undeveloped ; it's more to see people like Atreid have big doubts about the future that worries me FCPX. And you ?”

Hi Vince,
is a sensitive topic, I confess that I do not know what to think. But there are a lot of balls and it made the big American networks that use the ecosystem Final Cut Pro that are most concerned. Imagine, CNN, MTV are among the heavyweights that have made the switch on the FCP. For the time being home the slogan is not to move. Even TF1 Production, which has a smaller scale 150 machines (yes I know 150 machines c’est pas vraiment petit 😉 ) that are functional but can not migrate at least for the moment. Just Imagine 150 FCP connected on Xsan Xserve running on and equipped FCServeur …. everything that made that FCP could be used in ultra pro environment is abandoned by Apple …

Like you and like thousands of other users (millions ?) I am in doubt. What I know is that the features are interesting FCP X. Dave C. One of the pundits of the industry at European level at Apple would have said with a smile at a rally for integrators and resellers FCPX pros for him was not expected to come before replacing FCP7 12 to 16 month … in that case why have abandoned the sale of the previous version ?

Too many signs show that the concerns of apple are also. One of the crap that thrilled everyone this is my first engine 100% RGB. Not to mention all the relevant issues has posed all users worried the answers are often oriented plugins and so-called solutions “third party”

My concern goes beyond, what is this company that has long been for me a mark for me to defend Is not become worse than his old enemy : microsoft ? … Today the political ultra protective of Apple and its big brother next to me inflate ! Remember the basis gentlemen, remember those who support you from start, those who were still there buy a Mac Quadra 1996 Then everyone gave you for almost dead. Remember the Fans, those who are willing to go on a crusade against those who defend the dark side !
All this creative community, Musicians, graphic, filmmakers, while those who chose Apple for these incredible tools and community spirit, does not drop.

Remember the advertising Ridley Scott for the Mac 1984. Where is your soul or spirit that sweet rose rebel ?

Can not we engrenger the dough and continue to remain faithful to the original principles ?

I wrote this article with a macbook pro 17″ I think that remains a formidable machine that allows me to work and produce content. I also have an old iMac at home, 1 iPhone, 2 iPads, my company is equipped with Mac 99% … My concern does not start today but what ? Buy Windows Pece 7 Is this what the alternative ? At the moment I am weak, of “2 Steve” Jobs that I like Balmer, but for how long ?


Final Cut Pro X … First Impressions

A few hours after downloading FCPX I wanted to make some comments already. Final Cut Pro X is born, but it is still incomplete. Those who thought they could switch directly FCP7 will have some funny surprises, currently in commercial use : you abstain !

This development is not a, it produces a complete break. Even if you have a little mumuse with iMovie in its latest version you will undoubtedly dropped at the opening of the new version.

I have not yet come but I wanted to test the processing capabilities “native” different codecs and see how things were going with the codecs so complicated that required conversion to ProRes with imports in the previous version as H264. mov from the Canon EOS or the AVCHD.

Firstly, AVCHD is managed as a camera mounted on the map, the disk image directly into the software (Note the large integration of disk image) while. mov and Canon are to import files directly as it is a shame. Do not have fun trying to import. MTS directly related to the metadata should still be essential (First arrived there yet), walk in.. R3D side for the moment I have not succeeded in making native. By Photocam against our favorites are pretty well off. I tested, 5D MKII, 7D, 60 Canon side and GH2 / GH2 /GF2 + Panasonic AF101 side no problems. No problems either with the new Sony 1080p50 FS100. By cons at the moment I made the microscopic mumuse HV9X from Sony is damn amazing, but do not react FCPX great at the moment on the AVCHD 1080p50 this small compact.

Note that after installation you can directly through the update software (like motion) install in about 2GB of additional content and updates for QuickTime codecs :

This update includes the following video codecs used by applications related to QuickTime :

  • Apple Intermediate Codec
  • Apple ProRes
  • AVC-Intra
  • HDV
  • XDCAM HD / EX / HD422
  • Uncompressed 4:2:2

This update is recommended for all users of Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 et Compressor 4.

The second update adds content

This update includes the following content for use in Final Cut Pro X :

  • Sound Effects : over 1300 sound effects, royalty-free audio installed in the browser in Final Cut Pro X.
  • Audio effects presets : additional effects presets for Space Designer plug-in.

This update is recommended for all users of Final Cut Pro X.

ditto for Motion :

This update includes the following content for use in Motion 5 :

  • Motion models : a range of professionally designed templates and customizable.
  • Motion library content : animated vector graphics, backgrounds, data models, Motion projects as an example and static images free of copyright.
  • Content Mulimédia Motion example : plans and images for use with the examples and tutorials Help Motion.

This update is recommended for all users of Motion 5.

I am amazed by the interface I think it will drag itself, must re-learn, agree to start from scratch but not take a step back, is that this change is good. In any case it is reactive, fluid, intuitive and sometimes confusing. Short personal message : FCPX is like the web 2.0 will have to wait before we find all our little, some things are annoying but certainly leave them time to evolve. Unfortunately, I joined those who think that a box that announces 60 Major de $ cash did not wish to be useful to keep some traces of DNA from FCP as at least for backward compatibility and we appreciate the basics. Exit the output tape, ditto scans.

Notably absent are undoubtedly the OMF and management of hardware dedicated to the input-output. But the platform is necessarily open to developments since third FxFactory is already compatible. Automaticduck already offers a system to get your projects in ProTools .

As a first conclusion after only a few minutes of use I would say that for those who are working every day do not expect it would switch directly to a mistake. For those who are in 100% Tapeless on small autonomous cons prods are not much to lose. For my part I hope to have a little time to dig deeper, I am very intrigued with respect to the features of synchronization of audio, if it is there should be a world multicamera editing, the features of synchronization with the sound plural eyes how much should not be used to sth ?

As against any third-party hardware is currently supported. When you read the manual of beta drivers from AJA it died laughing. it roars, the pros are disappointed, I just hope the reaction will be up and in a few months we lack options will be added.

I recommend you document in Yaks they are thoroughly and new items raining right now on this hot topic. I will not fail to give you my feedback as and when …