Micro Salon 2012, AATON Penelope Delta, a star is born …


The AFC Micro Salon is one of the most significant events of the year in France with regard to technologies and trades related to Cinema.
To go there as an exhibitor, must be sponsored by a member of the AFC. This year we were able to account for the shy but got noticed by Canon and Nikon, the C300 was on the stand from the owner and ARRI RVZ while presenting his Nikon D4 in a tent outside with another service provider. Neither one nor the other had their own stand yet, he will have to rely on these 2 manufacturers in the future.
I have not really had time to watch all the news because I was caught all day by friendly discussions with customers, friends and other providers .. It's a little lounge or the last one because this micro living there,
You could also see Epic, of Scarlet and quite a few stands on Alexa. New announced in Angénieux, or everyone was concerned about delivery dates of the famous 45/120 that are slow to show the tip of their front lenses shape ... the first should arrive shortly at the hirers …

From my side I noticed the presentation of a model of the famous handle zoom ENG type we will be able to graft 3 Optimo zooms small.
Another highlight of the presentation on the Sony F65 a lot of stands and the famous Penelope Delta in AATON.

The two cameras were projected images in the room with the opportunity for a superb video projector from Sony 4K DCI.

I was really amazed by the pictures of Penelope, Aaton has taken the time course, sounds a bit 3 years we expect the commercialization of this camera but looking at the raw images projected it was worth the wait.
This is a big challenge for the French manufacturer who announced a few months ago to stop the production of silver cameras like Panavision and Arri. Penelope Delta is a variation 100% digital project that was to be based hybrid. L’idée était belle mais AATON a du laisser tomber le concept de dos interchangeable numérique / silver because it was too complicated or impossible to implement, And times have changed, the interest of the thing is lessened and it is clear that a company as innovative AATON had to get into the fray with a useful tool.

Jean Pierre Beauvialat can be proud of his baby that I could see. When he asks the audience after the screening to know what he preferred between the definition and the latitude it meets : both ! And you could see that he has not told anything stupid.

The CCD sensor developed by Dalsa is amazing and they made a promising job. Certainly it's images from a prototype on the screen but the image is both soft and quilted and great care was brought to the consistency of color and has the flexibility, the image is digital and it is assumed but it is nothing flashy or artificial.

The tool seems sturdy and well designed in terms of ergonomics, it is a real shoulder camera. Brief return to the technical, I welcome the choice of codec, Cinema DNG RAW. The DNG is a codec developed by Adobe for device manufacturers Photo, to date by Pentax which offers the choice of recording format with sound. PEF owner there are not many people. Yet the variation in “Cinema DNG” may have seduced the world at the moment but that is a well-designed format and especially royalty free, each image from the Penelope can open in Photoshop without any manipulation and there are a lot of software that can read DNG, Adobe has also dedicated a site to that codec.

Penelope is the a priori definition of horizontal Register 7K or 3.5K choice, the difference is seen on screen, in any case, even reduced in 4K is pretty impressive. It's been a while since I'm the adventure of this great French manufacturer what AATON, I posted already a small story at NAB 2010 and unfortunately I did not have time to do so last year (not mounted).

here for the interview conducted in late 2010, the product has evolved since …

It is clear that it will rely on them in future course 80 to € 90kk is not within the reach of everyone but this is the price to pay for quality and innovation made in France. The Alexa Studio is also displayed at this price point but the Aaton has some advantages, if their common point is the clear target, dear to many cinematographers I think in some ways the most interesting Penelope, share the fact that it saves its RAW stores on internal SSD to the camera while the recorder CODEX dedicated to Alexa is a bit bulky and forms a kind of graft to the camera.
Time will tell but I find the following pending exciting time, between the Canon and Nikon which are within the dance and 4 tenors are shooting the wad ARRI, RED, SONY and AATON ... remains to be seen how all this will evolve and what will give the first true copies of the famous Penelope, camera that looks really promising.