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NAB Rumor : Sony FS 700 4K S35 for $ 8K ??? info ou intox ?

Clearly, as had been initiated last year the 4K should be on everyone's lips at NAB. Less than 2 weeks of the show opens a pretty crazy rumor spread on the web. A New Camera “Low Cost” Sony E-Mount (that of the NEX and FS100) come out of the wood, with a recorder SDI output …
I can not believe that Sony has only just got out of his F65 ultra premium announced such a product (we are soon on April 1 it feels a little pre-fish) or it is the beginning of a revolution on political end of this brand …
Live from NYC … Emmanuel was Pampuri, you to the studios, Cognac with you Jay …

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Reflections on the new “large cameras” of this 2011.

Some of you are aware, no other Canon released an announcement of a historic event (just that !) and they chose Hollywood and more specifically why Parmount Studio.

At the same time Jim Janard, iconic boss in RED announces that the 3 November will also be an important date for all those who dream their future images Scarlett. Jim announces a major upgrade and if satisfactory would be prepared to resume the scarlets customers disappointed. So why 3 November ? simply because it's the 3RD 3 RED symbols. Note that the Epic X are being delivered to the RED One owners who have subscribed to the “Stage 2”. It is about 1500 Epic M and X have been delivered by RED since the beginning of the year.


The rumor brewing for Canon announces, the symbolism is laid and we can really think they would not do such a simple hay changing 5Dmk2 (the highly anticipated 5DMKII). Or more for the 1DS MkIV. Blogs on the web all talk of a possible long-Oriented 4K digital cinema camera, we talk about Raw and there are questions on the frame or PL EF ? It is clear that something is brewing and it looks to be the heavy ! Canon has taken place in the global film industry, some without their knowledge is pretty amazing in just 3 their age range Photocam became the tool to be reckoned for television, film, Web, and given the place they would have taken it wrong not to go further.

Canon has everything in his wallet to offer a useful tool and are waiting for almost too long. In my opinion that the manufacturer has an interest in moving ARRI is expected to change its resolution in Alexa. The Sony F65 comes in and goes to great harm to Alexa, whose success is growing again from the time they will discuss resolution (even if it is not everything). Sony seems to want to work extra hard to really get in the race of Digital Cinema by ceasing to persist in making us believe that HD is sufficient. The price positioning of F65 (40about € k) suggests a late 2011 and early 2012 enough “baston” between different actors in the field, not to mention the arrival of digital Penelope (crowing) by AATON delivered in an almost available at IBC.

reminder of the requirements of Penelope Delta :

– Dalsa sensor with 14 f-stops of dynamic and can be used 100 to 800 big

– Optical sight with mechanical shutter

– Recording SSD store RAW and Adobe Cinema DND Proxy Avid DNxHD (should also have the ProRes)

more info here : http://www.aaton.com/files/delta-p_sept-2011.pdf




The news of the end of summer

Hello everyone,

Here in bulk and in the confusion the latest information gathered on the web about our toys to image.

To start, Sony, l’Alpha 77 and are little brother are announced from 2 days. this advance in the expected direction and specifications are quite attractive. I look forward to observe the quality of these devices, Sony has finally decided to enter the race and to tease the big names of the genre. The multi-screen OLED, AF AVCHD2 the continuous video … etc. …

Panasonic, the news was expected in the optical link their noses, is not far from 4 New Zoom, a 12/35 and 35/100 are announced to open soon. This new range located at the top of the basket will delight users and other G AF101.

The other novelty is 2 small retractable zoom lenses with a power zoom ! that's it's finally here …so there is a 14/42 and 45/175. A small button on the optical, can “zoom” …

Enfin Andrew de EOSHD.com nous dévoile une interview de monsieur Uetmasu “develop product” the GH2 admits he was surprised that the work on the hack of this one and suddenly the good news is they plan to react and do something for 25p. Yes because the bad news is that the hack does not work in 25 image, quality is further enhanced by the 24p cinema mode but the 25 is still deadlocked.

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Sony you it will steal the show from Canon and Nikon with Alpha77 ?


I go out some time in the warmth of my vacation to cause you a little something that itches …

It seems that Sony grid courtesy of Canon and Nikon. This is almost certainly the successors of the Nikon D700 (D800 ?) and EOS 5D MkII (MKIII ?) are in the pipeline for a while, whom 2 Japanese giant drawing the first expected but it is clear they are in the starting blocks.

Another interesting new feature is the big brother of the Alpha 55 signé Sony, it seems to be case with some very promising inovations as the site reveals SonyAlphaRumors.com

Besides the fact that it will be a priori the first case with the new codec AVCHD2, It seems that this case is capable via an electronic shutter system to produce 12 Raw files in seconds !!! yes you read correctly ! The electronic shutter allows us already to 40 pictures per second on a jpeg in GH2 4K but only on a second. It is this technology RED control and allows them to go out with the EPIC 96 The 5K fps (5140×2700) and 120 a ratio 2:40. Do you one conclude that the big new future DSLR will be focused around this technology ? It seems that all work on it as already announced the grand master Kitao boss Panasonic camera division recently.

L’apha 77 would be announced at the same time as the NEX7 24 Next August for the availability 16 September in Japan.

the first articles on the net announce interesting technical specifications see attractive :

24.3 HD MP Exmor CMOS sensor
19 points AF sensor with 11 cross sensors
ISO 100-16000, with expandeable ISO 50 option
1920 x 1080 60p/24p AVCHD 2.0
P/A/S/M manual controls while recording video
1200 zone metering
Completely new developed Bionz processor
12 fps
1/8000 shutter speed
TrueBlack 921k 3-way tilt LCD
3 million dot OLED viewfinder
Smart teleconverter function with 1.4x and 2.0x option
Built-in flash
Built-in GPS
Battery life with over over 500 shots
Magnesium alloy body
Dust and Moisture proof
Multi Frame NR
SD card (no CF!)

Good, I return to my vacation, I put lots of sunscreen on my keyboard is evil !

PS : For those waiting for news of the GH2 Hack 25P, is a priori not immediately. In any case my house does not work properly.



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Pre-NAB … Technicolor & Canon | Apple Final Cut Studio X | Gopro 3D | Cineform : fuze it in all directions

No Rest 1:30 in the morning to the teleprompters turbinent donf !

I'll try to make a small regular review of major news program what is happening on the web a few days before the opening of the NAB.

TECHNICOLOR Announces Partnership with Canon Photocam EOS to give the accuracy in color … more info on the site by TECHNICOLOR :


It talks about a tool suite (Software ?) but also to Profile “cinéstyle”

GOPRO bought and CineForm announces the availability of their system of stereoscopic shooting 2 GoproHero HD and a free software-based 3D technology neo :


I will not detail more information as buddies YAKYAKYAK.FR have done, merci à eux 😉

Finally, the highlight of the evening, d’après des infos glanées ici http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/shullfish/story/are_you_ready_for_fcp_x/ and confirmed by Twit Msieu Bloom in person, Expect it to be smoking at SuperMeet this year as all partners have been replaced by Apple that decided to monopolize the evening to announce the next generation of final cut studio.

For those who do not SuperMeet lading is an event held in conjunction with the NAB, which brings together thousands of Final Cut Pro users. At the initiative of Final Cut Pro User Group in Los Angeles and Boston that is a little about the largest gathering of Final Cut that exists in the world. It has long been Supermeet snubbed by Apple last year's pathetic presentation was made by a gentleman who's had a rough time. Espéront que l’annonce de cette année soit à la hauteur du buz http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/04/05/apple.boots.fcpug.sponsors/ it would be a just reward and a gesture to users the first time that live in doubt and uncertainty for too long. If it is confirmed, c’est cool, is evidence that they are listening …

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NAB J-6 … Reflections on trends in this edition 2011




I fly in a few days in Las Vegas, grace au soutien de mon partenaire de toujours Jean Philippe Mariani de la société ATREID que j’accompagne depuis maintenant 5 years in this adventure. Yes because the NAB is an adventure, le salon respecte parfaitement le gigantisme à l’américaine ces milliers de mettres carrés au service de tout ce qui fait et fera l’image de demain. Dans ce post, je ne parlerai pas de caméras ( pour une fois 😉 )

Cette année pour moi sera l’année du 4K, même si la 3D sera encore plus présente elle risque d’être quelques peut banalisée. Le 4K avec l’offensive acharnée de Texas Instrument pour upgrader les projecteurs DLP dans les salles de cinéma depuis quelques semaines. Barco vient même de lancer le “4Kfest” opération un peu mystérieuse qui sera dévoilée sur le net.

Mon point de vue est que dans l’avenir proche le 4K est au delà de la 3D une véritable solution pour créer une nouvelle attractivité au cinéma. La frontière entre le 2K et notre télévision désormais HD il ne subsiste que quelques pixels … Sony semble aussi miser à fond sur ce nouveau format qui va assez rapidement équiper les salles car un grand pourcentage des projecteurs 2K déjà installés peuvent être mis à jour. Sony étant l’un des rares constructeurs a avoir fait le choix du 4K dans un projecteur D-Cinéma il y a déjà quelques années, cette année devrait voir l’arriver d’une camera 4K.

J’avais dit que je ne parlerai pas de camera, mais c’est quand même assez drôle de constater que le 4K s’impose cette année, que ARRI avec son Alexa est positionné sur du 2K et que au moment ou Sony risque de présenter sa camera haut de gamme 4K RED vend déjà des caméras 5K depuis le mois de décembre.

C’est aussi au niveau du monitoring que les choses vont bouger, les écrans 4K sont peu nombreux pour le moment.

Ce NAB devrait être aussi celui d’un grand chambardement. Même si la pomme se réveille comme c’est supposé en nous proposant une nouvelle version “révoltionaire” de Final Cut Studio, il semble que la concurence qui a pris un peu d’avance l’an dernier ne va pas se reposer sur ses lauriers. Avid a surpris l’an dernier en validant le ProRes comme Codec dans Media Composer 5 et le support du Matrox MXO mini comme interface de sortie HD pour le monitoring. Ces derniers mois c’est le tour du AJA IO Express de se voir validé par Avid avec une version de média comp. estampillée 5.5 …

Si on suit cette logique il ne faut pas être devin pour supposer que la marque violette pourrait libéraliser les interfaces d’entrée sorties et faire comme ils ont fait pour l’audio avec le “ProTools Native” désolidariser le Hard du Soft et ne plus imposer de Hard maison serait une bonne façon de couper l’herbe sous le pied du pommier et de récupérer quelques pourcentages de part de marché.

Reste à savoir si le gens de la pomme vont se soucier ou non des professionnels. Il faut dire que la rogne est grande, la derniere mise à jour de Final Cut Studio a été perçue pour beaucoup comme un “os à ronger” et que nombreux sont ceux qui se sentent lésés. Le fossé technologique est grand désormais que ce soit AVID ou même Première pro de chez ADOBE sont nettement plus en avance techniquement. Il semble que de nombreux professionnels soient aggacés par le fait qu’Apple se soit plus concentré sur les iPhone et iPad ces derniers temps délaissant un peu le marché des pros. Abandon des serveurs, logiciels pro à la traine et peu innovants, autant dire que si on ne nous cloue pas le bec en nous sortant une solution ultra innovante on va avoir du mal a rester fidèle.

Il fut un temps ou les professionnels faisaient office de vitrine prestigieuse pour Apple puisque nous étions les seuls préconisateurs de solutions pommées auprès du grand public. Aujourd’hui c’est l’iPhone qui attire les consommateurs vers le Mac, la donne à changée, mais n’oublions pas qu’il y a 12 ans c’est à la suite d’annonces de l’arrêt du développement de AVID sur la plateforme mac qu’est né Final Cut Pro … Je suis d’un naturel optimiste et je pense que la belle surprise va arriver … Steuplé oh grand digital gourou, Oh Steve, déconne pas, ne nous laisse pas tomber ou le courroux des fans de la première heure risque d’être terrible ! 😉

Par contre là ou la pomme va nous surprendre c’est avec cette nouvelle technologie thunderbolt … un grand nombre de périphériques dédiés à nos métiers va poindre le bout de son nez, et ça c’est croustillant !


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Nikon D5100 approaching ..?

It's not quite official, but it seems that the brand Yellow decided to launch a new model of reflective, the D5100 and D3100 after the D7000 left end 2010. It seems to address directly the Canon 60D with its angle LCD.

The D5100 is also equipped with a function with a high sensitivity mode 102400 big !


  • Video HD 1080p30
  • 16.2MP sensor
  • New Feature HDR
  • Special effects on the image in video (color selection, Miniature Effect, etc.)
  • 2 processeurs EXPEED
  • ISO range 100-6400
  • micro stereo
  • Raffale 4 i / s
  • Silent shutter mode
  • Adjustable LCD

    Surprise Nikon would come out a priori as a stereo microphone for these Photocam.

    I hope that the mistakes of D7000 with respect to including an inability to change the aperture settings when recording video will be corrected launched ? I also hope that 30p will not be as fixed ?! How do you one of these manufacturers say that the lives of budding filmmakers and video artists as written in the pro 24, 25 or 30 i / s but must give us the ability to choose ourselves ! The 30p is useless if you want to make images for television in Europe and even make a DVD for my grandmother with a 30p source, it can not read ! C’est pourtant pas compliqué ? one ?

    'm Saying information from Nikon Romania ( a little late for an April Fool but ..? )

    filtrées par Nikon Rumors : http://nikonrumors.com/#ixzz1Iane5pCC

    The small user feedback on what I had done during the handling of the D7000 the month of December 2010.


    Sigma happen soon on the micro 4/3

    It had been a few months they had joined the consortium. Here is the forum Xitec shows photos of a box near the DP1 or DP2 compact pro with Foveon but mount Micro 4/3 … good news for us because of the optics will also happen and given what I have seen the last 50mm fixed focal lengths f:1,4 30mm and f:1,4 in EF mount that I have in testing for some time … hummm … ya bon !