Fred Oscar nouveau clip Shot On Red

Tourné dans un monte charge, avec juste une RED One accrochée à une potence … Une belle image signée Nicolas Manson … Un clip simple et efficace pour un artiste méritant. Je connais Fred Oscar depuis plus de 15 ans et j’ai toujours aimé sa musique … “Rose” est un bel extrait et on espère une fois de plus que son album “Fuckyoubaby” fera parler de lui. Je compte sur vous pour l’aider à diffuser son clip.

plus d’infos sur le myspace de Fred Oscar

Le précédent album est disponible via Jamendo ici :

Production : TRACTOfilm

Panasonic 3D, ça bouge !

Une petite image du prototype présenté par Panasonic au Micro Salon AFC. Nous avons maintenant des nouvelles fraîches des outils qui s’annoncent pour la rentrée de septembre et qui seront à priori présentées au NAB. La AG-3DA1 est donc in fine, une camera double capteur / double optique / double enregistreur (sur carte SD AVCHD à priori) équipée de 2 capteurs full HD elle devrait pouvoir tourner en 1080/60i, 50in, 30p, 25p and 24p (native) and 720/60p and 50p. Le seul bémol après sa présentation est que l’entraxe est fixe ce qui impose quelques limitations. Elle serait équipée d’une conexion HDMI 1.4 qui supporte le flux 3D.

En plus de la fameuse caméra, Panasonic vient d’annoncer un moniteur 3D professionnel qui je pense est dérivé de l’actuel excellent BTLH2550 que j’apprécie énormément pour son rapport qualité / prix et aussi pour sa calibration d’usine qui est vraiment exemplaire. Le BT3D 2550 est un écran full hd 3D annoncé à moins de 9000$ pour une disponibilité en septembre prochain. Il semblerait que ce soit du polarisé. Une petite régie vidéo 3D est aussi annoncée le AG-HMX100 qui serait capable de mélanger des flux stéréoscopiques prix annoncé 5800$.

source : ENGADGET

YAKYAKYAK … new article on the future plugin FinalCutPro / CANON

Everything you wanted to know about this “Missing Link” which penalizes for now, users of Canon EOS HD Video for the post. I speak of this project for several months now and it starts to have details.

it goes from here :

Merci Erwan 😉

APERTURE 3 is released … hip hip hip …

It is a great sigh of relief that the Mac community / Photo comes to push … Apperture 3 output is !!!

what's on at Apple :

FYI you can also update modules for your RAW mac here

CameraRaw 3.0 The GH1 is finally supported !!! whew !

More when I have time …

Apple Aperture 3

Plug in canon pour final cut … Very soon

Un communiqué Canon annonce l’intégration officielle de la gestion des media issus des EOS HD directement dans final cut pro. Via la fonction “lister et transferer”
L’information vient donc de passer du statut de “bruit de couloir” a communiqué officiel

Voici le communiqué :
Canon has announced the EOS E1 video plug-in for Apple’s Final Cut Pro. This new plug-in is designed to offer simple and easy transfer of video content from Canon’s EOS digital SLR cameras directly into Final Cut Pro.

The EOS E1 video plug-in takes advantage of Final Cut Pro’s Log and Transfer feature, which allows users to select and mark the video directly while it is still on the camera, add custom metadata and ingest the clips in the background so the editing can begin immediately.

The EOS E1 video plug-in is a free download and is soon-to-be available. The plug-in is compatible with Final Cut Pro 6 or higher and currently supports Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D and EOS 1D Mark IV cameras.


Hi all,

mates of have a new look … it throws must go. Site francophone (like me but without the mistakes) for the user community of Final Cut Studio, and more broadly post-production platform on mac …

Un grand bravo to Olivier & Erwan for their new site which will be, I am convinced that the English site will envy …

A little propaganda / The engine-, JPEG2000 DCP encodage

A little self promotion can not hurt and since many of you to come on these pages I use it to make a little advertising for my company and some services méconus.

The engine-end offering from 2008 encoding DCP (Digital Cinema Package) using this technique we allow producers, distributors and all those intéresés by the exploitation of their films in theaters offer accessible, high quality.

Because we believe that digital is a vehicle for democratization of access to the room for independent productions we offer these digital laboratory work great prices.

Feel free to contact us.Encodage DCP - Jpeg2000 chez les Machineursmore info on our website internet.

Syndicate 7D tool (Canon EOS 7D HDMI capture). An amazing new tool for the EOS 7D

Thank you to Olivier in Yak for info.

Swedes “Syndicate” who tinker on something pretty crazy around shooting through the SLR next generation and especially the Canon just released a software only runs on Windaube7 (yes I am sectarian !). This software via a post-processing to recover the captured stream via HDMI (and 1620×910). The idea is to have a better chroma as uncompressed or almost. They speak of a capture via the Mini Matrox MXO2 which is an excellent capture system has an unbeatable price and works very well with a MacBook Pro.

I think we can also play with a Kipro home AJA, recorders at Convergent Desing type NANO Flash or Flash XDR are also welcome but they do not offer the 10bits 2 other. As a reminder the advantage of Kipro or capture systems in Convergent Design is that they are autonomous and do not require computer, they recorded on their own support. The Kipro ProRes or ProRes HQ in hard disk or SxS, the Nano Flash and his older brother up to 260mb Mpeg2 HD iFrame.

Any capture system that generates smaller file “unfortunately” can be used for compressed,H.264 compression engine of Canon's far from the worst system, might be better to go play in the big league. As a reminder the chroma is sampled in 4.2.0 this compression system which is not great.

I could not test this feature, but it is clear that I will do so as soon as possible and it gives me ideas for lab experiment should be. I imagine a compositing of the luminance after the H264 from the CompactFlash card and chrominance after the capture HDMI. it can be fun … test. By then the HDMI will be disengaged and not worth may not bother to take the lead but good idea is to dig.

More information in English on their site here :

One can also note on their site for an assembly with relief 2 boxes 7D, different set of fixtures for PL mounts and other BNC-R. In short in any case a source of information and interesting hacks.

Synchronization magic PluralEyes

I mentioned in a Previous post a project jointly carried out to capture my friend Philippe Prohom

The assembly has not really started, I would take the time between Christmas and New Year's Day. For I am against the first exéprience “PluralEyes” I had tese quickly with 2 cameras on interviews but never on the concert.

The basic principle of PluralEyes, is to propose a solution to sync automatically when you turn in multicamera without slaving timecode. This is the case most of the time when turning with small cameras but also with big because the strings attached and without him we hitch in the shift provided.

I who have spent hours and hours of my life searching for sync by ear I confess I am amazed. It was twenty clips of this project, I changed my focus often with GH1 since I played with 3 or 4 optiques et ça coupe l’enregistrement à chaque fois. PluralEyes set time, almost one hour, but the result is really excellent ! bravo to them. An hour is nothing I have taken half a day to see all sync to the old.

The software works through the analysis of the audio waveform and creates a sequence and each clip is positioned at the right place. 5 cameras, 5 tracks for my experience. Each cut is indicated by a black. It is really impressive.

To learn how to use this great tool that I refer you to friends in YAKYAKYAK