Latest video with GH4 4K before the NAB 2014

So 3 short films shot with the GH4 pre-series that Panasonic told me to do my test and tell them of my remarks.

Vimeo for those who have an account you can download the 4K source files and watch it at home even at full quality on a monitor that is not 4K is pretty impressive.

Youtube by clicking the small gear and selecting 2160p in quality settings have to be patient or have a high flow but it's beautiful !




Autoportrait GH4

I would not draw conclusions and you would make a small “review” once back from NAB but it's been a camera I was not as excited and 2 past week with her enchanted me. Ergonomics is very important to me is really good, the internally stored picture quality is exceptional considering the price and the picture quality was good important step forward.

The 2 club arguments beyond 4K resolution is increased dynamics and quality of the viewfinder compared to the GH3 … I guess we going to do with an external recorder 422/10bits, si NAB 2014 and manufacturers are waking up to this topic.

Have the opportunity to have such a powerful and versatile tool in a compact case it is a dream come true. Panasonic has signed for me there very successful product, powerful and very addictive. Brave !

I invite you to visit my galerie GH4 sur mon compte Flickr.


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