Panasonic GH4 first impressions


For the moment the first contact is excellent. Who already had the GH3 hand is simply the same case with a small button in addition to the main barrel that allows the block in PSAM mode, which is my strong faith practice that prevents it moves on its own between 2 packed in a bag and ending up in scene mode “Birthday Photo” when we drew his case to make the photo of the century thinking that everything is set as the last time it was stored.ou may not know it but I am fortunate to have a copy of pre-set valuable Panasonic Lumix GH4 last few days. It runs currently with firmware version Beta 0.4 but even when I had the privilege to show you the first images from the video box.

I started to do some pictures just to see what it looked like at the dive and especially dynamic because it is one of the promises that have me most excited about the announcement of the datasheet.

Loose and disorderly I enjoyed the latitude that remained for me pretty average with GH3, increased definition is certainly a huge plus but I do not yet have access to all 4K functions are not activated in all this beta. It is currently limited to the Ultra HD in 3840×2160 25p while the final version will also offer 4096×2160 to 30p.


I liked the ability to adjust the curve of the highlights and shadows as you can do on the GX7, the presence of modes CINELIKE D is a real plus. The ability to manage a master pedestal, and have the option to manage an extensive fashion gray scale 0 to 255 ou de 16 to 235 shows that Panasonic has decided to push the envelope much further than previous models which delights me.


The quality of the viewfinder is very good, finally found enough dive to the point and the presence of peaking is very useful, an adjustable magnification is available and this is my faith very handy. I have not been playing with the shadows, I expected that Panasonic sent me a new firmware to go further because this version is still very limiting.


Side photo I noticed a very nice thing shutter announced as a new fact a pretty quiet noise and burst mode is simply stunning. The ability to have access to the electronic shutter is always a huge plus for those who want to be completely silent including pictures shows and stills.

In any case my feeling is really good, I am very excited by this new body really matures. Since the arrival of the RED One, and after leaving the GH1 I started to dream of a hybrid ultra compact body, affordable and high performance with outstanding image quality sufficient quality to attack the big screen, that we can carry around everywhere. I think were born, I will confirm after further testing but I think it is called GH4 ! IMG_6208 GH4Front

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  1. Ernst, Wolfgang
    Ernst, Wolfgang says:

    Bon jour, Emmanuel, excuse moi je ne parle pas francaise bien,
    I have two questions:

    I am about to purchase the new GH4 and I have seen your very impressive “first Paris shots” with a pre-production GH4.
    I have downloaded the native 4k .mov files into my PremPro CS6 edit s/w but it did not work.
    How did you edit the footage, which edit s/w did you use?

    I was even more impressed about your presentation of steadyXP. Mon dieu! If this System works as shown it will be a revolution.
    You may forget all the massive bulky, expensive racks like Movi and others. How is status of development? When will steadyXP be launched?
    Up to know it seems that not even the croudfunding campaign has started. Pity. I would be the first one to contribute.

    merci beaucoup pour votre patience
    Wolfgang (Allemagne)

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      Hello Wolfgang
      don’t worry we can try to speak english together even if it’s not perfect I am sure we will understand each others
      About Post with GH4 most of the time I Use Premiere Pro CC and sometime FCPX, both works well with GH4 footage.
      Stead XP is still “work in progress” but we will have new prototypes soon to tell more about the product.

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