Sony FDR AX 100 permiere camera 4K abordable

SONY-FDR-AX100 It was announced at CES and I have not yet spoken, I was a little let down with this camcorders “form factor” as say the Anglo Saxon … The attraction of 4K accessible and affordable has won over my reluctance to use “handicam the belle mère” however, this format is not unpleasant to grip and if I had to draw a fist camera, I think she would have a good chance to take this elongated because the grip is quite good. However imagine my dismay when I found myself with an old bursts to shiver and tremble like a jackhammer. Short not leave my house I do not have the strength yet it's nice outside so more than a movie I put together plans with the star of the moment to know the cat and shots of the window … This is a pre-production model which is not yet finalized at the internal software, so we put a big damper on what I tell you there.

Do not hesitate to increase the quality by clicking the small gear on the bottom right of the image on YouTube.

The specificity of the cameras are interesting we knew It records images 3840 x 2160 px on an SDXC card (class 10) and can also make the HDTV (1080/50p) all in a fairly compact : 915 g pour 22 cm. The objective is signed Zeiss, it opens at f:2,8 but the opening is not constant. The zoom range covering equivalent 24×36 ranging from 348mm 29a. One can also note the presence of ND filters integrated 1/4 1/16 1/64 This is handy in case of high brightness.

Codecs : – XAVC S 4K – XAVC S HD – AVCHD 2.0
Sensor : – Exmor R CMOS 1 inch (14,2 Mpx)
Goal : – Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T (f/2,8-f/4,5) – 12x optical zoom, – Grand angle 29 mm (equivalent 24×36)
Interfaces : – HDMI, micro mini-jack, casque mini-jack, USB
Definitions : – 3840×2160, 25p, 24p – 1920×1080, 50p, 50in, 25p – 1440×1080, 50in – 1280×720, 25p (MP4)
Screen : – LCD 8,9 cm de 921 000 pixels
Viewfinder : – Color OLED 1 cm de 1,44 Mpx
media : – Cartes SD / SDHC / SDXC (SD XC classe 10 required for 4K)

Stuff in a little sweet snack I also noted that it was impossible to save images 24 a one 25 on the same map, it must be re-formatted, Although we did not need to play with it but it is still fashionable Sony “I have to choose and this choice is final” ce qui est quand meme agaçant. Ditto their tendency not to suffer if the card has been used in another device, It's a pity. Said card has to pedal very quickly if you do not have a SD-XC you can not do 4K. In this connection it should say Ultra HD because it's 4K 16:9 and that definition is for the cinema. Registration is still 24p 23.98p. Sony launches the first declension “long-gop” XAVC its new codec version “public” S-called XAVC. And we can see that it's not bad at all 60MB/sec image is very beautiful quilted and even reduction in HD on my favorite plasma remains ultra esbroufante ! I'm not about to stop to say and write le 4K ça pique ! To produce images in 4K, the AX100 uses a wide large enough sensor 1 inch, it is an Exmor R CMOS course family a Sony sensor definition 14,2 Sensitive to mpx 6 lux (1/60). This size is quite unprecedented on a camcorder stepmother, The interface is rather interesting, there is an endless ring on the lens to manually adjust the focus, shutter speed, Iris and zoom. The camera is very nice to handle, the finish is good, small traps for HDMI, Jack for headphones or microphone are fairly well distributed and rather well made, it's serious and we feel that it will take a long time, which is rarely the case in this type of product. Detail-AX100Note the now traditional shoe accessory that Sony adds a XLR mic preamp K1M that can also connect on Alpha 7 and 7R as the RX10 RX100 etc.. Little something that makes ch… the claw is embedded in a door that is raised and leaves appear claw which is inserted into a recess which does not allow him to set what we want. It's pretty lousy, I'm sorry to speak ill but other Sony accessories are sometimes needed to fix something else, une Minette, a microphone of a different brand !? I found against by the viewfinder as the articulated LCD are quite dull and not well calibrated, exposure is impossible to judge on the screens and I ended up overexposed almost all the time, to adjust so before starting shooting ! In malignant stuff I like the management of on / off, the camera is put on at the opening of the screen when you pull out the viewfinder is also articulated. In the other stuff not glop, Snapshot recording is endless, and the possible reactivity between the time you press the REC button and the actual start of recording reminds me of the good old tape cameras which is not necessarily what I prefer these old bikes. I noticed that the bulk sensor 1 thumb was certainly very defined, the colors were quite interesting but had trouble with the lights low and above there is a large rolling shutter, very very naughty ! Although I am not an ayatollah of rolling shutter, arguing to anyone who will listen to me that I passed the age to panoramic ultra speed way MTV, I confess to a sensor of this size is a bit abused. Brief return to 14.2 megapixels in a sensor 1 inches it took to go with a shoehorn and it pays a little on the low lights but the end result in lighting conditions is very impressive, this is the beginning of the 4K and I confess that the level is already very good, I'm on the c… stitched side it's pretty amazing that it comes out ! To those who are skeptical about the usefulness of such a definition, I invite you to see what happens in terms of sharpness, we approach the quality of the photo, we must not forget that we went 2MP recorded in HD 8MP 4K and even on a HD screen and see the difference it's beautiful ! I am not an aficionado of the resolution, for me it is clear that this is not necessarily what makes the final image quality but is like dough, if it does not buy happiness, ça personal contribution … Waiting to test soon the GH4 Panasonic tickles me that since its announcement I think this camera is a real nice tool for those who do not want interchangeable optics and ergonomics of the case photocam, the price is quite measured and despite minor flaws the quality is really there for you who wants to have fun.

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  1. Aamir
    Aamir says:

    Dear Sor Emmauel Pampuri

    My name is amir live in lyon
    could you please suggest me a video camera for wedding shoot.
    my budget is 2000 euro

    best regard

  2. erika
    erika says:

    bonjour je suis journaliste et je travaille comme correspondante pour plusieurs média TV.
    qu’est ce que vous pensez sur cette camera pour la TV? entre celle ci et la CANON XF100 ou la Canon XA10 laquelle vous préferez?

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      Hello, la petite Sony a l’avantage du 4k mais elle est à mon avis moins sensible que la canon. Autre chose il vous faudra ajouter des accessoires sur la Sony pour avoir des entrées son XLR mais la qualité d’image est vraiment étonnante

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