ARRI Amir, Prices and Availability


The little sister of the ARRI Alexa announced last September arrives, it should be available soon (beginning of the 2nd quarter) reminder is a camera that I let you discover the feature in the video made at this time.

I like this camera as I have already said, global success of the Alexa is well established and the ARRI approach is smart since AMIRA offers the basic functionality and quality of the first Alexa. The ergonomics of real shoulder camera should take effect and I predict a must for rental. Having worn over the shoulder at IBC I was impressed and it reminded me feel very comfortable shooting. Buttons logically fall under the fingers, in short it is a treat.

The final price is totally justified when you know the ARRI quality, the base price is € 25,980, what remains possible. Still, the competition is there and for the same price (even if it is not the price is the sole criterion trigger purchase) for that price it was a RED EPIC 6K or a SONY F55 which are also real nice big sensor cameras, large latitude and which offer higher resolutions against recording 4K or even 6K …

  • The entry level of the AMIRA allows recording only Rec 709 on an Apple ProRes codec 422 to 100i / s and can adapt to operators working mainly for markets corporate film, web and stream TV to € 25,980
  • La version Advanced, added as options such as recording ProRes Log C 422 (HQ) 200i to / s, internal calibration and function of pre-registration to € 28 980 ht
  • The Premium version offers options for high-end productions that would use eg AMIRA as companion ALEXA, this includes the ProRes 4444 and 2K up to 200i / s , and unlimited color settings on the set and in post production with 3D LUT customized it all to have a baby to Alexa € 32,980

I'm not a big fan of this policy is to unlock features a great shot of wallet while they are already in the camera but this is the trend … il faudra s’y faire 🙁


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