DEO TEC Bagua adaptatrice Contax G Optique sur Sony Alpha 7 avec AF !

Sony Alpha 7 + Contax G / Zeiss et Bague Deo Tec

One of the problems of Sony Alpha 7 et 7R which are nevertheless excellent hybrid boxes is the lack of targets available at the manufacturer's catalog. Apart 50mm and 35mm zoom astronomical prices and not bad 28/70 there is nothing else. Les 50mm f:1,8 and signed 35mm Zeiss are excellent but totally overpriced. A big advantage of this Sony and A7 which is common to all hybrids boxes I'm talking about for years is the low optical printing (distance between the mount and the sensor) thereby fix many adapters. But then as the optical vintage we can say OK I passed on autofocus, as if these lenses are AF it is a shame to pass

DeoTec produces quite nice rings for Sony NEX and Alpha now 7 et 7R

What is amazing is that they have installed a small device that can control the development of optical Contax G (fabulous signed Carl Zeiss optics passage). Another adapter for optical CANON EF is also available.

How it works ?

In this case pure objectives Contax G, Ring stein information on electronic contactors E-mount Alpha 7 (it also works on the 7R and NEX) and a small motor drives the development of AF. You should know that the era of the Contax G1 and G2 the ultrasonic motors that are integrated into modern optical AF does not exist … it's not super fast, it does not suit the sports photo, but it is effective and it allows lower cost to equip the A7 or A7R superb quality objectives. For CANON EF is not so complex as the engine is in the objective. A small knob to adjust the focus manually as.

Anyway I'm pretty excited by these new rings whether or WD Metabones TEC or Novoflex there is good to be able to go antiquing optical old and be able to fully exploit these modern cameras either photo or video. Note for example that the old Leica R are also great stones that are quite sublime images on this same box.Carl Zeiss Sonnar 90 mm f:2,8

a small example of my photo model most docile of time with Sonnar 90mm f:2,8 Carl Zeiss

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