Metabones Speedbooster, the solution for Pocket Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Vines on the first # BMPCC the famous cinema pocket camera from Blackmagic

Those who follow the primary concern of this camera is its “crop factor”

Here the difference between the super sensor 16 the BMPCC and said full frame sensor as found on the Canon EOS 1DX / 1DC / 56D and D as well as Nikon D800 and D4 and Sony Alpha 7 / Alpha 7R et Alpha 99.

If the team BMPCC a 35mm focal length 100mm equivalent obtained a (about) then multiply that with this little X3 sensor, this is where it gets tricky because it is difficult to find large angles

Metabones designed a dedicated Speedbooster this camera adapter is now available in Canon mount

And here's the opening difference field, Note also that the SpeedBooster increases the brightness.

to complete the following “Rig” Day with the Pocket Cinema Camera, cage in Shape, a SpeedBooster Metabones dedicated to this camera, NIKON optics and micro RODE. Note that the diaph is controlled by the ring without “click”

The camera is well equipped not really pocket but we can begin to consider working with, it remains to add a few example.




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