The Pocket Cinema Camera shelled by Thomas Garret

I met Thomas Garret through the large canvas, Photo talented director based in New York and we sympathized as I enjoyed doing it a few times so here's an article that 2 objectives, 1 do you know a talent, 2 talk about a camera that is a little center of attention the moment.

Because Blackmagic totally forgotten me, maybe because I did not say enough good things about the WB Film Camera on my blog and social networks, I thought that this trust “review” a friend who is more than enough fan of the Micro mount 4/3 was a good idea …

here is the little film he made in New York with BMPC


Let the pen mister Thomas




Enfin je reçois ma black magic pocket cinema camera !

With its promise of mini alexa in the case barely bigger than a smartphone with a superb mount m43 active, tien t it promises ?

My test to determine the capabilities of the camera in

real shooting condition.

Short in real life and not just in the studio.

promising incredible quality with al use the Apple ProRes codec and during a future update directly from RAW

S The recording made on SD card in full HD with 10bit rate of picture 23.99 24 25 30

and also to a timelapse function.


Getting Started

As long as a iphone 5 a little higher and almost twice as thick ( excluding the grip )

the camera and rather compact, it deserves its name pretty well "pocket" has pancake mostly associated optical.

Weight level, it still weighs his 355grammes without optical.

The quality is good with a metal chassis and plastic key veloute.

The grip is well proportioned which ensures a good grip.

J did note, however, a very light bleeding of the LCD backlight on the various models that I could have on hand ...

nothing serious but a good use..


We regret the SD slot in the battery compartment and not on the side of the camera.

the connectors positioned on the left side are relatively complete with :

a Lanc socket

a headphone jack


a microphone jack

du mini hdmi to

an outlet 12v external power


the back of the camera is a large screen is of 3.5 inches ( when on a dslr ...) and 9 Buttons with conventional directional pad with an OK button and four function buttons :

un power button,

un menu button,

an iris button that activates the automatic exposure adjustment of the camera

a focus button which can either trigger activates the autofocus or focus peaking.

_DSC5956 _DSC5957


Not being a big fan of peaking I didn t expect much of this function, which I have always been for me one more gadget creating mostly more confusion than precision.

Well I have been very pleasantly surprised by the implementation that black magic has succeeded in making

It is simply excellent and provides more real in the use of manual optical.



on top the record button and a play button both next and previous buttons


or is the iso button ?


If black magic hand of a good intention : minimize buttons to simplify use, a little way apple.

In fact some very annoying things stand, most of which fortunately can and I hope will be corrected by updating the firmware.

The most annoying is the isos tote settings at the bottom of a menu ... it takes at least 5 steps to change this setting



_DSC5945 _DSC5944 _DSC5943 _DSC5942


level autonomy after 1am on the internal battery will need to buy a package but they are not expensive

the issue of "small" and optical sensor is on with a report of X2.8 crop compared to the full-frame 35mm

the question arises optical especially for large angles.


I have at my disposal optical level :



some modern classics and enjoying the AF

panasonic 14mm f2.5

panasonic 7-14mm f4.0

panasonic 14-140mm OIS f4.5-5.6


optical C-mount

compute 12.5mm F1.3

navitar 25mm f0.95


and my nikon optical significantly heavier..

peleng 8mm f3.5

rokinon 14mm f2.8

nikkor 28mm f2.8

nikkor 35mm f2.0

nikkor 55mm f1.2

nikkor 105mm f2.5


and also a monstrous zoom canon 9.5-143 f1.8en B4 mount unfortunately vignette wide angle


ca vignette….


for this test I used mainly me two optical c-mount the 14mm pancake and to a lesser extent the two zooms pana.


it is true that it lacks a bright optical around 6mm or 7mm in order to have a truly great compact angle..


if some Panasonic offers an optical zoom stabilizer when a stabilizing effect on the sensor !!

Shooting :


The camera and compact and very easy to use.

relatively well balanced and very compact it is very convenient to carry around.

As against the lack of ND filter or lower sensitivity than 200iso is disadvantageous in daylight.

especially in the use of optical super16 watches or c mount to find a nd filter which has good size remains rather complicated.

The lack of optical or electronic viewfinder accessory fits, is sorely lacking in the sun even if the screen is reflective rest almost visible.

so there is no procedure for cleaning the sensor incorporates what may be a problem or at least ask for a more maintenance grows.

Finally, because of the report of crop 2.8 it would have been more useful to have a sensor stabilizes .



image quality


Move to more interesting.

This camera is it up to all the buzz that it has created ?

after the small frustrations of ergonomics I started to shoot and I note immediately on the same screen of the camera a very soft image.

watching the rushes on my computer c is the shock !

the pictures are beautiful !

the rendering of movement, color, grain ...

even expanded 4K on my screen 50pouces take good pictures



For me after going to regret S16mm 35mmc movie and the video was particularly on the HVX200 which is grafted a 35mm mini kit to give a report “film "and in this Dslr with shallow depth of field but it always made video.

or a RED and clinical precision.

C is finally as Super16mm shooter with the advantages of digital.


and though many are decrying the camera in low light

I do not know how the templates are isos but it seems that the native of 800iso bmpcc is closer to a 1600isos on dslr

has 800iso noise is very reasonable and feels more like a grain

meme 1600iso noise is present but still very grainy.

it is far from the blue colored patches appearing on dslr

the goods ProRes


al direction I have the impression that even lowering the sensitivity 200isos it remains around what would be a 400isos

suddenly in broad daylight with a very present sun ND filters are needed ...

he'll have to find filters for my mount optical c ....



and even say ProRes

the possibility of catching a particular stage underexposed or missing light

so that al the perfect very dark screen image up the expo post we discover that all is well the colors details !!

incredible !!


To conclude

Even if I really like a hybrid device camera / video camera as the series of GH pana or 5D, d800 and consort

I must say that I completely fell in love with this camera.

with its cinematic, his native ProRes recording and m43 mount a 1000$ it's really an excellent choice


at the default it should be noted

the absence of physical nd filter or even digital ( big 50 ?)

absence sensor cleaning

the lack of viewfinder or even an accessory viewfinder type zacuto.


is the attitude a bit at the limit of amateurism blackmagic who announced with great fanfare a product available in May for July

and provides a product Dropper still early October ....

Strongly put a firmware update and V2 4k with viewfinder, stabilisateur et nd intègre 😉 ( one can dream ...)

Thomas Garret


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  1. block
    block says:

    bonsoir, c bien tout ça,, mais comment expliquer le soucis que j’ai,,,,j’ai acheter récemment un Lumix G7 j’ai monter un objectif canon B4 2/3
    ont vois l’amplitude a l’appareil ,, mais il refuse de reconnaitre l’objectif monter dessus..??? et il ne veut pas prendre ni photos ni filme ???
    peut-on m’expliquer pourquoi??? ou il y at-il une astuce au niveau du menu pour débrayer tout ça

    merci de m’éclairer

    cordialement L.B

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