The News of the day, Canon / Panasonic etc..

Article first post NAB for those who missed the announcements in recent days.

PANASONIC leaves us a G6, supposed to be in the range below the GH3 is the successor to the G1 G2 G3 G5 … The small is well equipped and offers things that starved to GH3 as peaking for manual focus. Panasonic_Lumix_G6

It has as its big brother with an OLED viewfinder. I do not understand how a case to a lower range may have the features one requires in a case that caters to a more demanding clientele ?!

Canon Updates Firmware arrive, the 5DMKIII therefore entitled to its firmware releasing the HDMI output. This is great news. For those who seek and are not, Andrew founder of the excellent site EOSHD.COM has posted a WeTransfer with firmware.


The other good news is that Magic Lantern continues its path and made some interesting discoveries if we believe the page Facebook those caring for the community of Hackers Canon users. According to the latest research they would have found a way to capture a RAW stream 14 bits in the 5DmkII and mkIII which would be great news one day you'll see an opportunity to save on something other than H264 with these boxes ?


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