The Touch, how to fly or Lightroom, Final Cut Pro X as “gestures”

I know a guy named Vincent Zorzi, and you know it can be also under the pseudonym Vince26, Director, photographer, great hacker … Those who follow YAKYAKYAK.FR already know but I had to relay information.

Vincent and I are known since the beginning of the beginning, That was before broadband, we met through the forums and it is very active, and we worked together but beyond all that is a friend and a true talent !


Many people like me on the one day say that software ergonomics is not enough thrust. The man-machine interface is too often limited and limiting the duo keyboard / mouse … Off tablets and other gadget multitouch support a management interface via “actions”.

the touch

It is based on the fact that Vincent and his friend Tim Armes created The Touch. A great tool that allows you to control your favorite programs at your fingertips via an iPad or Trackpad Magik and suddenly to stay focused on the screen than on the sliders and control your software tools. They started with a big fake release on canvas, called “Color Touch X” to see the reaction of people and saw that it was taken to 4 corners of the canvas they decided to make a real … I find this application really bright and modern … Congratulations guys ! more than long discourses, I invite you to try The Touch

here is the video presentation by Yaks


it works on Lightroom and Final Cut Pro X does it cost 19,95€


The demo Youtube pour FCPX



La démo YouTube pour LightRoom

I deepen my knowledge about this new tool by practicing a little because it really is an approach that I like a lot.

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