NAB2012, RED Announcement New XX …

After a rather disappointing RED user party, or we were told that the new would not be revealed on the spot and he should get to the booth at NAB or wait 1 hour to see them on the website … I confess I do not understand the value of the thing, thank you for beer and pretty pictures by cons … Yavait it tonight a bit of tension between Michael Cioni and RED guys ? The evening had it happen like that ? Brief, impressive to see the evolution of this company, also impressive to see the community grow, frustrating but the same old story … you are everything together world inviting them to go online content ads ?

Bulk and disorder :

1 New Bomb OLED EVF more mixed, Ability to upgrade to the old 1200$

Le fameux Meizer Module annoncé il y a quelques semaines et permettant la transmission de l’audio et du TC par wifi, and full of Lemo.

an upgrade of the sensor in the 6K Epic 15 stops above latitude 120fps at 5K …

The famous projector will also happen in the year (yes but when ?) 4Lazer K Stereo requiring no calibration (???)

A free update of M as Epic announced it will return the camera to make the change and it will weigh a few grams lighter and the cooling system seems to you it will be more effective.

More news after a good night's sleep …




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