SONY FS 700 it's not April Fool's jokes

I had announced a few days ago a rumor on the net reported a variation of the FS100 with output 4K …
The FS 700 would not be a rumor but a real product if we believe the press release from Sony

With a sensor 11,6 MP size of S35, she would be able to record images at a frequency quite nice in HD 1080 jusqu’à 240 fps ! and climbing to 960 i / s in a lower resolution and a limited period of time …

Unlike her sister she would have a ND filter rotary 1/4 (2 Stop), 1/16 (4 Stop), and 1/64 (6 Stop) (whew !)

The mount is the same as the FS100 that is the mount cameras NEX said mounting “E”

As the FS 100 it can do 1080p50 or 60 a new medium called HXR FMU 128 go SSD

Against by this famous 4K output would be on the 3G HDSDI output and not on the internal recorder, this feature will be activated later by a software upgrade and registration will be on a recorder SONY … we know for now. You can download the brochure here

Is this a way of announcing that the F3 would also declination 4K ? Whether, at what price ?

Always it is that NAB 2012 looks again very crispy. We look forward to hear from Panasonic, we gotta get the presage of a new 4K camera also includes the famous AVC Ultra unveiled ago 2 years … An evolution of the AF101 you it will be announced at NAB 2012 ?


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  1. Dony Tamazone
    Dony Tamazone says:

    Absolutely tantalizing !!! 240 fps, the 1080 ! ouaw !! If price is always one of rumors it would mean that at last a decent slow motion comes slowly on the cams unless 10 000 € If that's… je dis yeah!! stay tuned especially if there is 4K can output !!

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