NAB Rumor : Sony FS 700 4K S35 for $ 8K ??? info ou intox ?

Clearly, as had been initiated last year the 4K should be on everyone's lips at NAB. Less than 2 weeks of the show opens a pretty crazy rumor spread on the web. A New Camera “Low Cost” Sony E-Mount (that of the NEX and FS100) come out of the wood, with a recorder SDI output …
I can not believe that Sony has only just got out of his F65 ultra premium announced such a product (we are soon on April 1 it feels a little pre-fish) or it is the beginning of a revolution on political end of this brand …
Live from NYC … Emmanuel was Pampuri, you to the studios, Cognac with you Jay …

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  1. Philippe BOIS
    Philip WOOD says:


    Month, I expect the Sony FS 350 2K avec 120i/s, 4:2:2 and minimum 100 or 50 Mbit / s all a € 3000.
    Here there will be revolution by Sony

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