RED Epic (& Scarlet X), I chose accessories.

RED book with a vengeance its cameras Epic X, M and Scarlet arrives in January. These pretty boxes image in the hands you will quickly realize that in order to meet all your needs, we'll have to accessorize. So I decided to cause you to my choices, this article will be updated regularly as I am finalizing my choices based on the responses of different camera assistants I meet.

“Charlotte” our first Epic M arrived in June, her younger sister named “Brigitte” He joined us a few weeks.

My selection criteria are mainly based on the value / prices but also the relevance of these accessories.

After following the adventures of Brook Willard, DIT the last Spiderman, I ordered a first “top chease plate” … beautifully machined aluminum plate that you can do laser engraved with your logo.

For the second unit I ordered a complete kit consisting of a flat top chease one for the bottom and 4 arms with perforations in alluvial kodak not to hang all the little things that we need assistant. Thus the “cage” home ViewFactor was chosen as the base.

Called “Full métal jacket” I find the system less cumbersome than proposed by RED


Then he had to choose a power system …

I loved the system proposed by the Swiss Product in Action but it's really expensive in my opinion given the small means at my disposal at this time, however, after many investigations there is no better if you want something complete with multiple takes, Compact and smart …

In this photo, You can see more products from home Action Product which also has a flat top with chease catch desitnées used to distribute things like 12volts taken, the HDSDI, sync etc on good, lemo XLR and company. It rates a class but can too much for me.

Fortunately Brook Willard, our Savior also took out a plate battery that comes to support the grip of Epic DSMC.

We're working on with his friend Alain Boutillot home Zxtrem to offer a V-Mount back plate with some jacks to connect accessories in Lent Equip, Malins des canadiens …

By combining the 2 systems should be something fairly effective, and certainly less sexy than beautiful product at Action, more …

Do not forget the accessories, in RED I enjoyed hanging system “quick release” the “clutch” is also a nice system but I have the shoulder pad “Mantis” from Element Technica modified for strength.

To return to the RED accessories are often a price positioning not always consistent with the rest of their equipment but it's still good stuff.

The 2 other manufacturers that are must therefore include Wooden Camera home I found lots of interesting little things but I have not yet ordered.

To conclude therefore Element technica recently acquired by 3ality out a full range of accessories for the RED DSMC system (Epic & Scarlet)

Soon the action pictures on the set of “Macadam Baby” which begins next week.



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  1. opendreams
    opendreams says:

    Hello Emmanuel,

    All dabord Congratulations to you for your hard work and pro !
    I want to buy an epic red farmhouse and you already helped to make the famous Accessories. It is true that losing a little lon sy !!!

    I want to ask you you know the difference between X and Lepic Lepic M except that moon is handmade and factory lautre(12000dollars difference), I wonder if they are equivalent in terms of quality etc.… or is it absolutely necessary quil buy the more expensive ?

    And the second question cest relative to the red mote…If we take the pretty kit in the Swiss actionproducts how to put the module REDMOTE ? Indeed, the battery must be the last module is set lepic ??


  2. airolo
    airolo says:

    Accessories for RED ? I discovered the problem when we will betray me my Scarlet… no opportunity to receive the handle for now, out of stock, insert the batteries that allows normal.
    So I make my first steps into the world of batteries compatible…
    Before long I could probably give some advice.
    Pending, a question : are there any users of the Scarlet who frequent this blog, and therefore likely to trade in French ?

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      And yes the famous side handle that everyone expects almost. They are a bit shit to not deliver complete units in RED, and it lasts from the beginning of the beginning of the RED one.

      The accessories of Scarlett and Epic are about the same may have … the only solution is to go through a plate or Anton Bauer Vlock … I wrote an article that because of this a few weeks ago.
      Moreover, given the lifetime of these small batteries RED switching to something beefier is not a luxury

      • airolo
        airolo says:

        Hello Emmanuel,

        I'm putting together my Scarlet arrives at Pinewood. It goes without saying that you think critically about the subject does not go unnoticed. What I passionnerait, is being able to make a true comparison with your Epic, since I do not know if it could be done elsewhere… REDuser I was not informed about it.
        I am not far from Paris, therefore…
        For info, I am filmmaker, with a long pre-production, programmed to be rotated beginning 2013 with a pair of Epic. Originally I was fired for Scarlet when it was a smaller camera, I felt it would give me the means among others to familiarize myself with the particular RAW. Current developments very fact that one can legitimately raise the question of the uses of the two RED; it's not you I'll learn !

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