RED Epic 300 frames per second in the pool …

I did a little test with Epic since M is given to turn 300 fps en 2k en ratio 2:40 … I had to test. To all those who we once hoped we could do the 2K without reducing the usable area of ​​the sensor sorry but this is totally incompatible with the technology Raw, that require post-processing off what is an advantage of the system from day one RED is the famous Code RED (also called R3D). The principle is directly compressed raw sensor data without any image processing. It remains a mode “crop” on the sensor. 300 frames per second is not nothing, we begin to have something very interesting in slow motion, it is not a Phantom Flex but it's getting the joke.

I took the opportunity to test FCPX, I will come over later, but beyond the big râleriez world was still good reason to worry. A little more FCPX is to export directly to Vimeo, for example, It took me repeat 3x manip, impossible to resume a failed operation again all the settings so well that I added 2 min in black at the end without knowing why and it is impossible to get hold of the file export ?! Another bug, closed with a simple settings typo jump between 2 closures / open project …

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  1. Vinc26
    Vinc26 says:


    You're not afraid of the camera you wet ! 😀

    As for FCPX, Are you sure you do not insert a space at the end (alt W). The interface is at the moment and made it black is barely visible.
    When export Vimeo… J’espère qu’il corrigeront d’autres trucs avant ça 😉 Et j’ai hâte de lire ton point de vu sur ce FCPX. On my side, not use as I had worries me ; on the contrary, I took a lot of fun to discover full of tricks, functions undeveloped ; it's more to see people like Atreid have big doubts about the future that worries me FCPX. And you ?

    Good, When you've finished and to toy with your Epic… we paid you can ? Hein ? I'd better test altogether under water ! 😀

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