Epic M … Wow !

Aye she arrived, I just wanted to shout to the whole world so I like the EPIC M !!! I will talk further, and I already know a little beast … more … Je suis content comme un gosse de 8 years who has just had a wonderful christmas electric train … Thank you to you my friend Jean Philippe, without whom this adventure would not be possible …

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  1. Designer 59
    Designer 59 says:

    It's great to realize their dreams ! Have Good Rushes !
    Is there any news about the release of Scarlet ? Red on the site, it is announced ” Coming soon ” for a while ... !

  2. Alexandre De Sousa
    Alexandre De Sousa says:

    Super new!
    Congratulations on the acquisition, I understand 100% the effect “electric train” and would be in the same case upon receipt of a future Scarlet.(if it comes out one day ) if you're new on the side of pinewood for European orders and when a small update on the Scarlet (Move the RED rating clearly)
    Thank you for your answers illuminates !

  3. Cupertino
    Cupertino says:

    No I imagine not even a spice in my M , safe , 6 shotguns , 1 darth Vador 😉

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