Final Cut Pro X … First Impressions

A few hours after downloading FCPX I wanted to make some comments already. Final Cut Pro X is born, but it is still incomplete. Those who thought they could switch directly FCP7 will have some funny surprises, currently in commercial use : you abstain !

This development is not a, it produces a complete break. Even if you have a little mumuse with iMovie in its latest version you will undoubtedly dropped at the opening of the new version.

I have not yet come but I wanted to test the processing capabilities “native” different codecs and see how things were going with the codecs so complicated that required conversion to ProRes with imports in the previous version as H264. mov from the Canon EOS or the AVCHD.

Firstly, AVCHD is managed as a camera mounted on the map, the disk image directly into the software (Note the large integration of disk image) while. mov and Canon are to import files directly as it is a shame. Do not have fun trying to import. MTS directly related to the metadata should still be essential (First arrived there yet), walk in.. R3D side for the moment I have not succeeded in making native. By Photocam against our favorites are pretty well off. I tested, 5D MKII, 7D, 60 Canon side and GH2 / GH2 /GF2 + Panasonic AF101 side no problems. No problems either with the new Sony 1080p50 FS100. By cons at the moment I made the microscopic mumuse HV9X from Sony is damn amazing, but do not react FCPX great at the moment on the AVCHD 1080p50 this small compact.

Note that after installation you can directly through the update software (like motion) install in about 2GB of additional content and updates for QuickTime codecs :

This update includes the following video codecs used by applications related to QuickTime :

  • Apple Intermediate Codec
  • Apple ProRes
  • AVC-Intra
  • HDV
  • XDCAM HD / EX / HD422
  • Uncompressed 4:2:2

This update is recommended for all users of Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 et Compressor 4.

The second update adds content

This update includes the following content for use in Final Cut Pro X :

  • Sound Effects : over 1300 sound effects, royalty-free audio installed in the browser in Final Cut Pro X.
  • Audio effects presets : additional effects presets for Space Designer plug-in.

This update is recommended for all users of Final Cut Pro X.

ditto for Motion :

This update includes the following content for use in Motion 5 :

  • Motion models : a range of professionally designed templates and customizable.
  • Motion library content : animated vector graphics, backgrounds, data models, Motion projects as an example and static images free of copyright.
  • Content Mulimédia Motion example : plans and images for use with the examples and tutorials Help Motion.

This update is recommended for all users of Motion 5.

I am amazed by the interface I think it will drag itself, must re-learn, agree to start from scratch but not take a step back, is that this change is good. In any case it is reactive, fluid, intuitive and sometimes confusing. Short personal message : FCPX is like the web 2.0 will have to wait before we find all our little, some things are annoying but certainly leave them time to evolve. Unfortunately, I joined those who think that a box that announces 60 Major de $ cash did not wish to be useful to keep some traces of DNA from FCP as at least for backward compatibility and we appreciate the basics. Exit the output tape, ditto scans.

Notably absent are undoubtedly the OMF and management of hardware dedicated to the input-output. But the platform is necessarily open to developments since third FxFactory is already compatible. Automaticduck already offers a system to get your projects in ProTools .

As a first conclusion after only a few minutes of use I would say that for those who are working every day do not expect it would switch directly to a mistake. For those who are in 100% Tapeless on small autonomous cons prods are not much to lose. For my part I hope to have a little time to dig deeper, I am very intrigued with respect to the features of synchronization of audio, if it is there should be a world multicamera editing, the features of synchronization with the sound plural eyes how much should not be used to sth ?

As against any third-party hardware is currently supported. When you read the manual of beta drivers from AJA it died laughing. it roars, the pros are disappointed, I just hope the reaction will be up and in a few months we lack options will be added.

I recommend you document in Yaks they are thoroughly and new items raining right now on this hot topic. I will not fail to give you my feedback as and when …

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  1. Diti
    Diti says:

    I have not understood : one hand the AVCHD is not supported (STDs to copy and paste), the other the GH2 is well supported ?

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      is through a physical map or a disk image files to import. tjr we can not simply copy the files. mts files directly from the unlike Canon

  2. Bouchy
    Bouchy says:

    Cuckoo Manu,

    Eh it's a mistake in Yaks:

    the HD6570 on my MacBookPro 17 2.3Ghz i7 8GB IS NOT SUPPORTED ??? ;the))

    Hein…saying is a joke ? (in the 2 mac this month ;the))

    Bises a toi.

  3. jake
    jake says:

    hello Manu

    several questions

    j’ have a macbook pro 2008 still under leopard ( no snow )
    version 10 5 8 2.4GHz 4Go

    the fcp xn’ is not usable ?
    I must pass in snow leopard ?

    In fcp 7, ( no result ) no way to do an S curve for the contrast ?
    I usually do this with looks red giant ( film or other like )

    do you know with other fcp7 ?

    d’ From what you have seen the effects on FCP X , is there any way to move from red giant looks ?

    s history of this contrast curve ?
    on the different looks available in fcp X ?

    preserves the potential for you to resize footage on the timeline and after to be with the manager to correct the data source and thus save space ?
    rushes to remove non-useful for mounting ?

    I n’ did not understand the format of rushes …

    you can either transfer your AVCHD directly on your mac
    it will be encoded in the export of final assembly
    or it is encoded pro res ( n the mac is more secure ) and then you can erase the card AVCHD ?

    l’ encoding contains all the possibilities of Apple ProRes , the 5 prores ?

    thank you for your answers

    think about going to sleep lol

    • Bouchy
      Bouchy says:

      good…sorry, but then you should rather ask these questions on the forum of Yaks ( because too many questions KILL issues ;the))
      In addition, you will we harass our Manu, Unfortunately it can not respond due to time constraints we all have…then if you count well you asked + the 10 questions…
      YES THEN you have the right to send me “Shit”, but you'll probably think I'm not wrong if it…
      See you on the forum (I have the same pseudo)

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      So I'm going to sleep … Bouchy thank you to display the will to me “preserve”. I can not allow me to do consulting because gratos. The idea to disclose his knowledge is necessarily a limit. The limit here is that of time, You will find all the answers to your questions in the docs and Forums

          • jake
            jake says:

            this sentence is part of your knowledge ?
            life is not just a video and audio…
            you n’ still going to waste your precious time Pampuri Bishop has given me a course of service of sentence …
            j’ I heard you were occurring as a consultant in the film by Rupert Wyatt will come out a year in August…
            when is a real consultant, we do not put a forum on a site
            because if c’ is to continually hear about your ego ( this sentence as you can express your strength )…
            which is quite mirror mirror…
            I agree that’ change in’ audio visual is far’ be easy financially…
            but if you're doing a little better now c’ is precisely the wave dslr…nothing more …
            c’ True, you have to climb so many pieces of film only to the’ hard , test so many things just to say I l’ have tested….
            No consultant’ is not a tester…
            Please m’ you excuse my questions
            I wish you a good day sir Pampuri

          • Emmanuel
            Emmanuel says:

            It's a way of seeing things, I just wanted to say and it has nothing to do with my ego Mr. Jake. It's just that most of the answers to your questions are on the site page Apple. And ask me to answer your question instead of document you frankly I find it disrespectful. Why should I answer your questions when you do not even bother to search for answers, however, are just a click away. Also I do not have the honor to know you.
            On most forums called such behavior a “TROLL” and your attacks are virulent, I never claimed to be a tester and my view is not scientific in any letter marked in the presentation.

            If you also find yourself not well served by, or the service is free, nothing prevents you to look elsewhere.

          • Michel
            Michel says:

            Amazing what guys like Jake who think any permit! This comment full of questions I was drunk after five seconds while I myself m'intéroge lot about this software! And after we pleint of “your” response when there would have had much to be honest most belligerent… I had already asked some of these issues and I found my answers by searching 1/2 hours on the internet. Like what, a little effort it can pay.

            • Emmanuel
              Emmanuel says:

              thank you for your support, Unfortunately there are many people who find it normal to do all that work for them and who does not understand that we are not at their service.
              I do not know any, but I'm looking very much and I share without worrying about it going to bring me. This is a purely philanthropic. I am ready to hear all the criticism, even if they are not based. But I still 20 years in the business this year, and it is not the arrival of the DSLR that made me what I'm talking about professional.
              Thank you all in all the cases that have realized the importance of this little blog.

          • jake
            jake says:

            c is you who believes any permit
            has a lot of questions we should be more aggressive ?
            I should point out that’ some of the questions was a check to some people I thought as they like to describe !!!
            And d’ Other questions in more detail, responses are not present on’ assistance apple …
            Mr. Pampuri look at your response above…you are subjective !!!
            You know for me what I’ have sought ?
            Michel why are you intervened, at least you know ?
            Mr. Pampuri sharing , evidence that non- , c’ is in full….!!!!
            philanthropic ?
            need to know, share his knowledge no question , but yes philanthropic ?
            C’ is d’ great subtlety all…
            But the fact 20 years in which trade ?
            ( I said that the tone n’ is not aggressive )
            behind dslr, some try to make themselves known, or more to know…
            What interest of this blog….?
            Sorry j’ I tried to group all my questions in an email…
            basically had to answer can be yes and qq qq non …
            and can be a sentence or two of nothing more precisions

            Bouchy has preferred to mark 10 lines and Mr. Pampuri 5
            Bouchy visiblement connait right in his ambivalent characters three Pampuri M.

            Mr. Pampuri true respect was to ask the questions to you and all in an email.
            Your paranoia distributor free c is the downside of the fact’ be followed…stop spitting, No because the wind is not always in the right direction …and then close your blog

            I do not think you need’ qqconque a support for you defend what ?
            Vimeo, the dslr, Internet in general grow wings to crowded, Some write books, d’ Other tests are…etc.

            C’ is the engine-…
            Some of your files on this blog are pretty well tied,
            But you should hang more time to make your videos, stop saying that c is hard to raise and d’ a notch…This n’ is that’ a positive note…showing that j’ I followed what you posted
            I prefer you when you were with Atreid…you could talk to you and assure you that I’ I ordered things in our trade Atreid following anonymous
            Since the world began, everyone needs’ exchanges …no cream in the back because that’ we bought this or that and that we need to recognize ..

            Good luck

            Michel, have c’ was a three-way conversation…
            is already designed as an’ adult…
            not when 3 attacking another teen in the street …you change no sidewalk …
            anyway, do not quote me, the word it's either drunk or suburb pchtron
            Then the incorrect’ spelling that makes internet research on non-sensitive ?

            For Mr. Bouchy telling me where to go …if c is he who told me …no comments …my niece who had 5 year two years ago , c always said’ is the one…

            go have fun

            • Emmanuel
              Emmanuel says:

              Aside from the fact that you have a real problem with paranoid and you get to Calimero. If I were as you describe I will not let you spread your venom on my blog so I could clear all.

              The answer the first question “should I go with Snow Leopard” is in the recommendations of the application and all other.
              If we met through Atreid and you found me more sympathetic to this moment is that I was paid to advise you and possibly sell you something. When to know where I come from and who I am … It is also shown on this blog.

              I will not respond to your attacks and as I am at home here, I retain the right to delete comments.

  4. Geraud
    Geraud says:

    Je suis et sincèrement and test phase (3 hours above, yes I know it's not bcp) and for the moment it's hard to contain my disappointment… and yet I was waiting. I do not want to be grumpy, but also the fact that many soft plant, I feel not to be the target… I miss so many things… to begin to work seriously… I have a whole project over to (I said no professional) and I feel very tight as if I was on Avid… yuck insult….
    A further course, but for now the next person “public” the application is made to feel too…
    I hope to think otherwise 3 days….

    a manu

  5. sodini brice
    sodini brice says:

    I do not find that this software makes “public”. I've had time to spend an hour on it and I find it very intuitive and very powerful (Yet I have never used imovie). After I think is totally in line with the new software. I am independent, bump one of the shooting (tapeless GH13) the calibration. Missing mainly exports OMF, XML etc.. and multicam, but I think it will happen soon.

  6. Franck
    Franck says:

    Hello Manu,
    Regarding the sound bank 1300 sound effects, there are a whoosh, of hits, bang on, the drum, and other sound effects you hear in the credits of films and BA U.S. Equity ? 😉

    if only because of vacation and other ziks accordion tunes to mount subjects in Paris, non merci 🙁 enfin tu vois le style.

    • jake
      jake says:

      I do not know whether you will get an answer, the Coen brothers want his opinion for their next film
      Good day to you

      • Ju
        The says:

        Pathetic… Jake, seriously, go your way instead of wasting your time and make us lose our….

        • Michel
          Michel says:

          The, you must not respond to Jake. I think it's best for the blog. Even if I was attacked personally and I really want to answer, I would do nothing. Silence is the greatest of contempt.

    • Raoul
      Raoul says:

      There's explosions, Crowd noise, animal calls, stuff like that. Rather interesting at first. I have not listened to the 1300 sounds, donc je ne garantis pas qu’il ne s’y cachent pas par endroit quelques airs d’accordéons 🙂

  7. Martial Delahaye
    Martial Delahaye says:

    I, but this is only my opinion ! I think Apple is seriously wrong !
    When I spoke to consumer product , I'm really not far !

  8. steve carmani
    steve carmani says:

    Y a des excités dans le milieu audiovisuel quand même 😉
    And of course that is not led FCPX (version 1) Remember OSX version 1 and…2 :
    You could not even burn a cd !

    It will be more or less wall to the next NAB…. We take the paris ? It should be 4-5 Dev-year for software of this caliber even though we are somewhat disappointed that Apple does not put more in the package with which he has passed on…. 😉

    Mais qui aime bien châtie bien 😉

  9. Ismael
    Ismael says:

    Frankly, I did not have the software in the hands…
    but experience seems to be working quite revolutionary !
    Unfortunately “Work Experience”, there work, and there….
    well I do not see how we can work !

    Editing software, is not a video game….
    is not only a great thing to discover,
    and time must be able to return the widget
    even if it does not cost “not much” !

    And there, I do not mean the absence of color, soundtrack, or DVD Studio,
    we can understand, or even the inability to open the old projects
    can still (barely !) be excused for the new programming….
    not, I, is, I mean according ULTRA BASIC…..
    no EDL !! and no return video !!! (except with AJA)

    Ben, sorry…. but there is no PRO in the Final Cut,
    and even if my next adventure would love to play with a little,
    I prefer my snap 300 balls to buy stuff for Boss.

    Apple has probably write a new page in the history of editing,
    but such mistakes, for the time being, I think it will not hurt
    in this world having to wait until they correct it a little,
    before finally being able to taste the revolution !

    Good, am…….. strongly FINAL CUT PRO XI !!!

    As for Mister Jake, Just a Little Board : when not love a place,
    a place to fuck the world, go somewhere else…..
    you will not have the impression of wasting your time, and you will not make us
    losing our reading such nonsense !!
    It's crazy that…. Some of them have really nothing else fuck !!
    Be constructive, and if you're not happy, will seek the answers yourself
    your questions, Instead of attacking people on topics delusional….

    I do not know personally Manu, but whatever he does, he makes his living
    a “play” with DSLR (and EPIC, bastard !), to be consultant,
    to produce films, to rent the gear, and he wants to live his art
    amateur, passion, in pro, or even peeling potatoes,
    it only looks at him, and there is nothing wrong ay !

    Pending, all I see, is that it is a blog, or he tries
    to share its long experience of all these little things that make
    film “d’aujourd’hui” us, and in return we only ask for anything,
    a part of common sense and a little respect…

    Then, Instead of wasting your time in vain diatribes,
    Be constructive, and will peel the manuals, Instead
    boo to the others to excuse your ignorance………

    OOOUH laaa !!! I'm ALL ENERVIT ME !!!! ;D
    (and unnecessary to answer, ‘sieur Jake…)

  10. Tura
    Tura says:


    That boiling around the Final Cut Pro X. I just read the opinions of buyers in the mac app store and I can see is that he does not like the professional : can not open projects previous version, EDL, OMF, XML & multicam are absent.

    I think it is wrong to say that because it is a version 01 all is forgiven. Is Adobe Photoshop with its completely upset his software to appeal to the public and forgotten the pros ? not, They released Photoshop Elements for the general public. The 64 bits ? Premiere Pro CS5 & Photoshop CS5 are past 64 bit and they have not changed the interface provided and the more they use hardware acceleration for rendering…

    So I say that Apple is paying our heads with this new FCP X (and yet I dreamed).

    • Michel
      Michel says:

      This is just a guess, but I think FCP X came out just as we did the test screening of a film.

      With the user-reviews, Apple will quickly correct copy, ie for the release of the new Mac Pro in early August.

      This version is currently in a fringe over “consumer” Market, and August, the updates should be made for professionals.

  11. Grégoire
    Gregory says:


    What time will he the 17 August?
    Who wrote “In Search of Lost Time”?
    How am I dressed?
    My girlfriend will she return?
    The ACVHD is it doomed to disappear before June 2018?
    The SDF down home can use FCP X although it is armed?
    How much have you said on your last tax forms?
    I notice that some here accuse you of fame “photocameur”, did you cry while reading these comments?
    Jake Is a member of the Blues Brothers?
    I shoot a short film this evening, should I still keep on my GH2 24p 1/50th the risk of having a jerky image?

    I await the answers.

    PS : my girlfriend just called me, She finally comes home. Thank you to you.

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      huge ! thank you for this little comment made me laugh … a little levity is welcome …

      The 17 August I plan to rain, I am in communication with the ghost of Alain Gilot-Petri
      I think you're wearing a plaid shirt Canadian lumberjack type and a leopard thong and brace
      I think your girlfriend is coming back, it is just part of making your balances with CB so be cool and tell her she's pretty with her new skirt
      The AVCHD will be replaced in 2013 by AVC4K
      The SDF bottom of your house is not a penguin he does that for t'apitoyer it is half-time employee at the Ministry of Finance and rounded his income like that
      As for my reputation “photocameur”, and that of this blog, it is unexpected and makes me smile, especially when you recognize me in the street and they thank me for my “precious” advice. Some people think that I was born yesterday with a 5D in the hands, others know that I started as a cameraman there just 20 years and I 17 years of diverse and varied achievements in television behind me. I'm not saying this to brag, but I think I have enough experience and professional experience for refusing to go to an upstart.
      The blues brothers do not exist is a film that's not real life, Jake is in real life it …
      For your short film you do well you like but you should rather ask why Panasonic shutter speeds are not on the basis of 24 images / second ?
      So much for the answers

      kisses to your girlfriend

      Signed : pretentious and pedantic, the guy who always shits in the face to all the faithful readers because he hates them and that their questions are unworthy of his fame.

      • Jeremy
        Jeremy says:

        “Signed : pretentious and pedantic, the guy who always shits in the face to all the faithful readers because he hates them and that their questions are unworthy of his reputation.”

        Ohhhh yes! pooped in my mouth. I am faithful my master.

        Not change my guru, I've seen a lot of big c ** like him but it's rare I find. Fortunately there are blogs like yours. Who shares this knowledge and feelings. We are free to come and read you. But should not believe everything allowed here “Mr.” Jack. We have the right to ask questions, but we also have the right to not want to answer.

        I love you manu.

        PS: for those who understand not, c’est un message de soutient à manu 😀

        • Emmanuel
          Emmanuel says:

          Tu ne m’avais pas confié tes fantasmes scatologiques 😉 niark … Jeremy thank you for your support …

  12. Ismael
    Ismael says:

    @ Gerald : excellent video !!

    Apparently, according to the YAK was a press presentation Apple,
    the K7, the EDL and OMF, we forget,
    it will be third-party developers to deal with it……
    therefore, a small 500$ was added for the OMF and AAF
    with “pro export FCP” d’automatik duck !!

    Hmmmm…. how much it costs already functional version
    (except the keyboard !) of FCP7 ???

    Good, otherwise, by cons, the XML will be back very soon in an update !
    uh….. be applauded, or not ??! I know, is….

  13. Bouchy
    Bouchy says:

    Gregory lollllll !!!!!!! (and manu for your answers)

    BUT THEN YOU HAVE TIME ??? ;the))

  14. Grégoire
    Gregory says:

    I test GH2 (first test) + FCPX in the wake (assembly) = A little short film that will be online Friday + a first look at GH2 and FCPX. Yay!

  15. lethalis
    lethalis says:

    I just test it. This is not a Final Cut Pro. IMovie is a Pro… disappointing

  16. Grégoire
    Gregory says:


    My girlfriend is divided. For the job this time.

    Regarding the first rushes from the GH2 : it's not bad. 24p cinema mode in the shape of a, it is typed and neutral to both. Good for calibration via ProRes 422. Only problem, sparkles of contours! All too present. What a pity. Is there a way to stp remove the mounting?

    The Pancake 20mm f / 1.7 is good because too much dive for my taste (therefore closer to the video while GH2 is really useful if 'fishy’ to film aesthetics.

    My old Nikkor fixed are still as sweet and better suited to my use of the moment (Short Film).

    But I come back : what are these little sparkles that frame my characters sometimes or immobile elements of the set?

    However, if you 5 minutes, thank you for taking the time to help me.

    My short film will be online Thursday night on Vimeo. Amen.

  17. Designer 59
    Designer 59 says:

    I can not find the information anywhere with certainty, but apparently X Final Cut Pro can import video from the Nikon D5100 ? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  18. Designer 59
    Designer 59 says:

    View the influx of responses to my question, little sexy it looks, I will do differently ...
    Ask a question outstanding hot, exciting the sagacity of one or the other ...
    My girlfriend, which is roughly fun, cute and funny would buy FINAL CUT PRO XXX But, this software can he allow it to recover the footage it produces wonderful with his new Nikon D5100 ? And if not, is there any way around this problem with a third-party tool ? Well ... thank you in advance for my girlfriend who is super nice, etc..
    ; )

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy says:

      You should post your question on the Apple forums, see call the hotline. If no one will answer is that nobody (here) has the answer.

  19. Nicolartigue
    Nicolartigue says:

    Good evening to all.
    Now I'm trying this version of FCP.
    I must say I am amazed by the fluidity and comfort of work I finally, with my files from the 5D MkII. Clearly this version of FCP is for owners PhotoCam. File management, Reading native code H264 Canon, oblivion transcoding ( which created a horrible inflation of disk space!). Frankly I love! I empty my cards with Adobe Lightroom ( photo and video catalog classes) I import the videos and just ( undisturbed space !) I work in FCP and direct.
    No report, no transcoding, just ideas to implement immediately….
    I will always FCP 7 for my video projects folds classic but it appears that each version of FCP is a different professionals, the,Does a different philosophy.
    Why not simply to coexist? Meanwhile Apple is done right brewed by the pros and has updated FCPX. Sometimes I wonder if they do not just expression history to sharpen the imagination…

  20. Designer 59
    Designer 59 says:

    Thank you Jeremiah ...
    I am looking without finding the answers, Hotline and in 08, no thank you !
    I think the strategy is not strictly Apple Software, but commercial, given the attractive price of this software. Is this not to encourage potential switchers ? And to use FCPX, we would buy a Mac ( powerful), is any benefit, especially in the longer term, is loyal buyers for the rest that is sure to happen. If this hypothesis is correct, It also explains the side ” software ” accessible, dedicated to Photocam, etc.. brief, a wide audience. The advantage is that we can keep both versions ( FCP 7 and X ) without one overwriting the other, this is new, probably temporary, but interesting.
    Question about importing DV format tapes. It is not possible or can we finally develop an app to do this ?
    Or I suppose it is possible to go through iMovie for DV capture, then migrate files iMovie to big brother ?

  21. Grégoire
    Gregory says:

    Emmanuel, “This c'est This” : enclosed my first test GH2 (short film fresh). Rather generally satisfied with the GH2. Less than the Apple ProRes 422 that does not really calibrate the image without being severely affected. So I gave up the calibration. Damage! Via Final Cut Pro X, if native AVCHD, benchmarking is really possible while keeping a sharp images and defined?

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