4K60p at La Villette for the exhibition Hello Tomorrow

This is part of the exhibition Hello Demain que vous pourrez voir le film que j’ai réalisé pour Orange Labs à la Villette. Ce film est un petit clip de 3min qui a pour but de montrer ce que pourrait être la télévision de demain. I have not been able to do what I wanted the conditions were very special because it's not easy to turn at Roland Garros in full match. Impossible to place the camera where I wanted, which is very frustrating but the images are beautiful and I'm proud.

“Orange investit la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie et le Parc de la Villette du jeudi 23 Sunday 26 June 2011 for an outstanding exhibition and free. hellodemain vous donne les clés pour comprendre le monde numérique au quotidien et dans ses perspectives futures”

This movie that I've done a little reporting was shot with an Epic 5K many planes were shot in 120 fps. In the end it was finalized in 3840×2160 (Quad HD resolution called) and will be broadcast in the same definition of the world's largest plasma, the famous 152″ Panasonic.

If you have not had the opportunity to see the rendering of this screen is incredible (3,8ft de diagonal !!!) it worth !

I do not know if you've read Article Vincent Laforet about Epic (in English), I agree with his views, each image of this camera is equivalent to a photo image after a good quality digital SLR images produced in 5k 2:40 have a resolution of 5120×2160 and 5120×2700 and 1:85 which is greater than 12MP, although reflective of current sensors exceed this resolution is not an incredible newly passed. Tell yourself that this resolution is recorded in 120 fps !



I must pull his hat off to my team and saw that there will be no time to make a true generic, Here the :

Director of Photography : Matthieu Misiraca | Assisted by : Arnaud Gabriel | Direction de postproduction et Montage : Jean-Marc Laroque | Etalonnage : Thibaut Pétillon | Réalisation : Emmanuel Pampuri | Assisted by : Pierre Corbasson | Equipe TRACTOfilm : Production Executive : Emmanuel Pampuri | Direction de production : Assisted by Julien Cocquet : Lola Prat | Administration de Production : Alice Masera | Moyens Techniques : The engine- & PhotoCinéRent | Post-Production : The engine- | Thanks : The RED Team : Ted Schilovitz Alan Piper, Jim Janard | The Atreïd Master : Jean-Philippe Mariani | DVS | Panasonic | Les Orange guys : Manuel Lesaichère | Christophe Daguet | Joel Houssais …

I've put a few images from the calibration in their original resolution but compressed in jpeg so it can be digested via the net.

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  1. sam
    sam says:

    Just returned from the expo : the pictures are beautiful, very nice update on the big screen, it makes you want to play… Brave !
    Par contre on n’a pas su le prix de l’écran 🙂

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      Thank you for this warm feedback,
      the price is a bit steep at the output we talked about € 500k but it seems that it is negotiable depending on quantity you buy ?!

  2. Tura
    Tura says:


    Will he be able to watch the movie on Vimeo ? Habitant à Tahiti, impossible d’assister à ces évènements 🙂 Merci d’avance.

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