After Peter Jackson and Ridley Scott, James Cameron to sign with Epic RED


And it does not do things by half the guy, are 50 Epic M which have been ordered according to Jim Jannard, the boss is in RED 25 3D units.

What is surprising is that Cameron was more displayed with the ARRI NAB. German brand proudly exhibited Alexa M (yes there is such an M in the history …) the RIG PACE designed to Mr. Cameron.

Several questions come to mind, is there a problem with ARRI ? Although PACE is a company that handles a lot of 3D projects, 50 RED Epic units it's still not much ? All for Avatar 2 ?

Some rumors have reported problems on the latest film by Michael Haneke, photographed by Darius Khondji and on which they were to experience the ARRI Raw, a priori that's not super well … is it a cause and effect ?

Given the size of the structure I rather think they all use the right tools for PACE is not only dedicated to James Cameron since they're the ones who sign the final 3D Pirates of the Caribbean shot on RED One and 3D …


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  1. luc chiefare
    luc chiefare says:

    Something tells me what will be given priority in relation to particular control….

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