RED TED home (Part II) Explanation of the menus and other little things Epic …

TED We were promised a response to the”interview earlier. I returned to see a little talk with him. The basic project was to make him make a presentation of the Epic of menus so you can see just how it reacted on the touch screen. I said that this is not the only way to adjust the settings of the camera. There is REDMOTE, small remote control removable wifi and a bunch of buttons and knobs clicquables positioned where you need it.

As a reminder and to avoid confusion here as looming in the future range of RED

EPIC “M” : Epic 5k handmade limited edition with a titanium frame available since late December and more than 300 have been delivered.

EPIC “X” Delivery soon (as soon as the parts supply problems from Japan will be settled). This is exactly the same as the EPIC “M” but the Titan and built a process more aec “industrial” craft and less. Advertised price around $ 29k. Have priority in the order reservations past owners RED One form of update :

Stage mode 2 => I keep my RED One and I receive a reduction of half the face value of the RED One to deduct from the price of the EPIC

In World Stage 3 => I made my RED One and I receive a reduction of the nominal value of the RED One (17500$)

EPIC “S” SCARLET replacement for the S35 sensor should offer RED One 4K of MX in a body of EPIC software and with some limitations notte at the bitrate of the codec. Starting price around $ 12K it will arrive later …

SCARLET Available 2 fixed or removable optical versions. The version released in the first fixed optical, it will have a 10x zoom with a Autofocus. The 2nd version will be interchangeable lens and a series of fixed optical named “Mini Award” released at the same time. The advertised price of SCARLET “fix lens” is 6000$ about but it should move a little. The delivery was scheduled for the beginning of September but disasters in Japan will cause an additional delay mainly because of the perspective that was made over there.

Are the future RED Ray This player can get 4K 4K images of incredible quality at a rate equivalent to that of the DV (25mb / s) due out soon … RED also announced a Laser Projector …


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    • rapahel aupy
      rapahel aupy says:

      salvation, thank you for all unpublished information !!! I wish I know what frame rate can be up to the epic film in 4K, 3K a 2K ? a 5k c'est you 96 frames per second as can be seen on your video menu. thank you

      • Emmanuel
        Emmanuel says:

        Here's the latest news on this subject :
        5to 2.40 = 120fps
        4to 2.40 = 150fps
        3to 2.40 = 200fps
        2to 2.40 = 300fps
        720P = 360fps

        • rapahel aupy
          rapahel aupy says:

          wow !!! is really excellent.
          I just wonder why we do not see Epic sequences over 120 fps. If I had the corny in the hands, I made a plan to 300fps. it must be wonderful for the sport !!!

          When I received my red one, this is the first thing I did …

  1. Tura
    Tura says:

    This interface is a killer ! They all included in RED. In addition to the touch seems to respond well. But hey if the touch screen fails, it must be well annoyed… PS : Perso j’adore le plateau d’intro 😉

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      Thank you for this comment
      By cons as is stated in the commentary the touch screen is not the only interface for controlling the camera.

  2. Rawul
    Rawul says:

    Finally clear answers.
    Emmanuel thank you to bring us information for the source.

  3. Gilbert BRUN
    Gilbert BRUN says:

    Hello Emmanuel,
    thank you for this info crispy ! The Epic S $ 12k to the fact that serious… is well below the price of the Sony F3.. that's great !

  4. @Buskape
    @Buskape says:

    Wow ! an example of an interface for manufacturers of DSLR !

    Merci pour cette entrée en matiere dans le domaine du reve 😉

  5. nicocoquet
    nicocoquet says:

    thank you for the small dot on the various models at the end… it became difficult to know where we were !!! So we would almost dream a little spice for Christmas…

  6. luc chiefare
    luc chiefare says:

    Hi Emmanuel, just a question that had to be asking a lot of time, the red one at'elle still of interest ? m'al'air it outdated and expensive especially for the price differential with the only epic 3/4000 dollars

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      To the extent that only the M Epic is available at the moment and it costs $ 58k in one kit RED has a real interest so if you need to turn quickly … as far as to upgrade or later will not cost much more than the difference, Finally, it is the theory expect the first returns of contracts to determine …

  7. ainouz
    ainouz says:

    what is the price of’ epic I registered to have one but not 58 000 $ is an expensive

    Congratulations for your work présentattion ….
    it's a bomb …

    it should be out soon

    can we get pro res images 422 or 444 with this camera

  8. Ismael
    Ismael says:

    En prores, in H264, or even HDV !
    There will be an HDMI output, and HD-SDI,
    therefore, with an external box, can do what you want….
    RED also provides the output of a module H264,
    and they suggested that a module is available ProRes….
    but recently, They said that the solution AJA Ki Pro Mini,
    was “la solution number 1 ProRes for registration of epic”….
    therefore, they may have dropped the case, who knows !

    Anyway, for all your questions, go take a look
    on “instructions” de l'Epic, it comes out.

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