Final Cut Pro X, After revolutionizing the non-linear editing, Apple révolutionne the revolution ;-)

Yes it is a little fire, my title but it is a tour de force which I just attended.
I remember 1999 At the time we had the right of Avid Media Composer, LightWorks, Video Sphere, Edit and a bunch of apps more or less successful and more or less interesting.
I remember the time or executive of a large company had disappeared from these words : Final cut ? But it never work this thing … The box was called Perfect … RIP …

Since it is the success that we know more 2 million registered users, and the euphoric period or at the beginning gave way to a period of doubt. It's hard for a year for many people, resist some others succumbed to the charm of competition, performance of Avid MC 5 or Premiere Pro CS 5 have convinced some of my friends to switch sides. Tired of seeing nothing happen to meet under the apple tree. For my part even if the doubt inside me, I preferred to keep faith, focus on the fact that not abandon the side of the road 2 million officially registered users (which means that is at least 3x more happy people who do not want to buy their license !) I also said that Apple could not disappoint this community and that if they took so long is that it was worth it.
The first Final Cut Pro 1999 was a major event in my career because it was the culmination of a quest, that of technical autonomy that allowed me to spend more time creating.
It is this revolution that is taking this move with the DSLR and all those little cameras that we like time. It's the same in terms of “philosophy”.

The evening was expected tonight, Some ground their teeth and they were already a result, d’autre piétinaient, trépignaient d’impatience. I stayed enthusiastic and confident. Confident in the tradition of this company has a habit of getting things done and all focus on innovation. Present this evening of supermeet already, you had to have a nice pair of coucougnettes has any weakness because the public would come out the rotten tomatoes (I had taken full). In short they had to really have confidence in what they would announce, and I can tell you that I was not disappointed. Although I am lucid and it is only a demo. It is well known that the reality is often quite different, I was simply amazed.
I made the comparison with the iPhone, Apple reinvents the phone and changing our habits, gives to all the hordes of builders who are declining the concept. I'm going to criticize but never mind, democratized after the NLE and ate large market share, Apple reinvents the assembly, yes mounting, not just the editing tool, but how to mount and the advent of this new tool will inevitably affect our business and I would go even further this is the kind of tool that creates professional mutations.
In the end all non-linear editing interfaces are almost identical and also feature.
After we have confirmed the fact that the technology implemented in Mac OS X Snow Leopard is beautiful and well used (64 bits, core audio, core video, core animation, grand central etc.) is the interface and editing features that are pure upset. It's stupid to say but I got a little emotional, I fully assume the job has been done is simply enormous.

So yes we have lots of questions in mind after seeing this demo : gender is all very well but how we leave ? or Motion, What it gets ? Color is dead … realy ? and my cuts ?

Rather than going into technical details and saw that my friend Jean Philippe has put together a small article on what he saw and heard tonight at this level I send you on the excellent article he wrote

Thank you again to all who have lifted and we are following up with Yak / FCP and FCP BE MTL.
More than words, and even if I've told a lot, I invite you to watch the video I recorded all or substantially all of the presentation will be available in few hours.
I'll cut it in 2 parties and enjoy the speed of the Internet for U.S. all that you upload

The first part lasts 24 minutes is the presentation of the functionality of the software, the 2nd is about the same, it will come later. Please excuse the poor quality of the thing but it's not easy to twitter with one hand and shoot each other all that with just a monopod cane stuck with my suitcase on wheels.
And direct the live Las Vegas, I salute you geeks …

The video will normally be read at noon French time. The second … plus tard 😉


sorry is missing a piece, thank you for making me think to tell Panasonic that dirt limitation to 30min recording is a formidable chianlit !

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  1. Bouchy
    Bouchy says:

    Thank you for this first part !!! The revolution has started !!!!!
    Big Up.

  2. patrick
    patrick says:

    thank you for the video and long live the new fcp x, Long live the change and especially price canon! I need a mac pro 12 hearts to exploit it! 🙂

  3. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    Thank you Manu. It's huge to us this video available. It is there that is fully realized. (Finally, I expect the second video for the demo)

    And… I think you better film with the feet with hands ! 😀

      • Geraud
        Geraud says:

        Bcp a toi Emmanuel thank you for this video which indeed can really get an idea rather than the first return that does not do justice to this new version.
        Apple has really very big job.
        I am a bit worried as everyone else because when you go up every day and that it supports multiple boards in Final Cut Pro, and so it makes a living with, is not the same issues but the more I read and I see things on the more I am reassured.
        I just hope the price will not get very aggressive yet added competition…

        Ha my little lady with the final cut last longer needs an editor, d'un d'un mixeur étalonneur or, you bring your pictures and it does everything for you…

        • Emmanuel
          Emmanuel says:

          is already the case democratization of the tools is always of concern to professionals, but the know-how, it can not be replaced by software.

          Une machine sans un Machineur ça ne sait rien faire tout seul 😉

          • Geraud
            Geraud says:

            Not, but it helps customers find the arguments to explain that our prices are still too expensive…. 😉

  4. Pierre
    Pierre says:

    Thank you so much for your generosity and time you have devoted àafin us to share this great moment…I'm looking forward the second part


  5. ainouz
    ainouz says:

    one question that burns the lips of everyone .
    scarlet when she will be on sale ?
    aa fact that so many years of waiting ,,,c’est à se demander si ce n ‘est pas un gag …
    but seriously when not working hypotheses , I thought that working with FoxCom now they are in Japan…
    the only one they sell is very expensive Epic …

    it is the happiness of Sony and Panasonic …

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      The scarlet is a reality, like all electronics manufacturers in the world RED depends on the manufacture of parts and components coming from Japan. They are waiting to return to normal for their suppliers in order to make. Info for the project to manufacture the Epic Foxconn is long since abandoned. Another little bit of patience

  6. Buskape
    Buskape says:

    Thank you for this article and this video.

    While a generation are opening the doors of creativity !!

    A Macbook Pro , a GH2 , beautiful optical and X Final Cut /// opposite Vimeo, Twitter and its millions of Ready to watch your project !

    Everyone on the same starting line, the talent and creativity as the only point of comparison …
    A beautiful view !

  7. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    I take this opportunity… I read I do not remember where now, for € 6300, one turns / climbs 3K : MacBookPro € 3000 + Scarlet 3000€ + FCP X € 300.

    Except that… unless you have poor compliance (too omnubilé by FCPX), I do not see Scarlet ?! I'm wrong ?

  8. JUHERIAN Guillaume
    William JUHERIAN says:

    For those wondering what adviandra of Soundtracks, it seems obvious that X is built into FCP.
    to see 12 my 15 on the second video.

    Color same for which we feel to the rendering engine 18 my 08 on the same video.

  9. Didier
    Didier says:

    I laugh, keywords in a digital file, how astonishing! It seems to me that the videos of the Presidency of the Republic are stuffed.

  10. blue moose
    blue moose says:

    thank you thank you. thanks to your videos, we can measure the importance of this announcement to overhaul FCPX. It settles the question: need to consider a change of platform!

    “... We will not see the sun this summer !”: damage, but the work will thereby be richly rewarded. Nice tool perspective.

  11. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    Something that now seems impossible to do : make a mix !

    Normally, each audio track is redirected to a bus. So at the last moment, With easy it can be lowered all the music or have an effect on the whole see etc.… but there, with the media that change automatically track, how we do ?

    Information ? 🙂

  12. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    Another trick that will miss cluellement : oscilloscopes ! I use it all the time in FCP. 🙁

  13. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    Omri it, This second video makes me salivate TOTALLY ! I even started to play with iMovie audio (which is very close to what FCPX) and with the Trim (almost as in this FCPX). At the same time we feel that this is absolutely not a Pro iMovie. It's a real fcPRO ! 😀

  14. jean mi
    jean mi says:

    Thank you Emmanuel, great job, good philosophy, just bluffing here.
    But it's true…., the beautiful story in pictures, we'll have to go out on the ….. uh, support ! and he k7 “ingest” still K7 ? I know our workflows are increasingly tapeless, and I'm not complaining, but hopefully far from retrograde FCP X will stay a little “backward compatible”
    Wait and see, but it's still very keen ! and then it's true that it is touching a newborn !
    Thank you again

  15. belton
    belton says:

    exciting … manu thank you for the video.
    We can not wait to click to know how everything is …

  16. Yannick Lamarre
    Yannick Lamarre says:

    A big thank you for these videos. I download and keep before Apple asks YouTube to remove…

    And I would be happy to pass on to our managers at TVA who could not attend NAB this year (scheduling conflict with the launch of Sun TV News). History of thumbing its nose, Avid while they are!
    Vive la revolution! Final Cut X Live! (enjoyment and ecstasy!)

    Yannick Lamarre
    Operations manager of IT infrastructure in VAT

  17. alonso69
    alonso69 says:

    Thank you for this communication. However, the blog in French that causes your ad banner, your cousins ​​Quebecois Final Cut MTL are better than you, by automatic titration with CC.

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      sorry indeed the FCP montreal buddies are more and more aware of web technology, but as I promised I will learn…

  18. alonso69
    alonso69 says:

    Thank you for this communication, but shame about the blog that case in French. Your cousins ​​Quebecois Final Cut MTL are better than you do with French subtitles automatically (CC sur You tube) all their videos

  19. ade
    ade says:

    I'm an editor and colorist, to PCF, Autodesk Smoke, Flame and AE and looking for a job in Lyon
    Contact me! threshold i send you my resume
    thank you

  20. Ismaël
    Ismaël says:

    Thank you for the videos. There will be a before and after X FCP. Impressive !

  21. avds
    avds says:

    Thank you and bravo, without seeing the presentation it is impossible to understand the scope of this new system, la révolution est en marche 😉

  22. LaurentR2D2
    LaurentR2D2 says:

    Hello, Thank you for the videos. Is Final Cut Pro will also replace X Final Cut Express ? Because the price is close to the current Final Cut Express. Unless Apple does with Final Cut Express what he did with Aperture at the price when he put on the App Store ?

  23. JC
    JC says:

    I'm learning to use Lightworks and I really understand their need to react quickly, if they do not want to be outdone by a freeware… the transition they are more successful a good compilation of what already existed everywhere, in particular, Lightworks and Avid Liquid, rather than a revolution any, as M. Jobs is so fond of saying.
    However we must admit that the disappearance of the tracks as they are known is a great find to throw at the outset that.

  24. labd
    labd says:

    ca me costs about € 100,000, is the average purchase price of two documentaries. All that to find myself with a herd of editors because technically Strawberry training 2 weeks is not enough to be operational, we all know.

    IDEA 3- saw that on my 15 mechanics, 13 know by heart and avid 2 had put it at one time or another, je répond à l’offre de la concurrence et j’achete dès demain 5 Licensing € 789 (I have already seen that 5 licenses FCP ah ah ah)

    You have a good manager 20″ to answer me : What producer would accept to get into this quagmire, while the competition is so offensive and attractive ?

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