NAB 2011, want to do 4K ?

that's how it goes here, you are summoned in large rooms on (pronoun dishonest told my grandmother) explains to and fro across that you are going to drool over lots of toys but you have no right to speak before the exhibition opens.

I respect the rules and I doubt how not intended to sensationalize to € 2, my little blog is not a place where the premiere of the information outweighs the rest. I am here to decipher the ads and give you my point of view, talk about what I want and not necessarily what makes the buzz …

I had felt, This year will be the 4K all manufacturers have this word in his mouth.

Hand tools Postprod BalckMagic Design announces the heavy !

Decklink card 4K Resolve to get out of this super-resolution. BlackMagic I will return later tomorrow or later because there are plenty of new home, recorders SSD, mixers (following the acquisition of Atem). Resolve evolved version 8 with support for XML and multilayer (alleluya !) Tibo's my favorite will be happy. Note that a free lite version released in July !!! only limitation : SD a HD !!! Of I / O box with Thunderbolt … new converters … etc. … etc. … it's a little party at the MDBs are super aggressive and continue to do “free” broadcast of which is not displease me.

Drive this morning launched new drivers for its Kona 3G via a simple software update can do the same output 4K … STUDY kind of an AJA I / O Thunderbolt and a super I / O box codenamed 5K : Riker … for now it is not yet online.

Assimilate announces Mac OS X version of Scratch and passes 5K to support files of the Epic …

In bulk and in the confusion before you expand this a bit in the coming days next camera.

Sony and Panasonic announce lots of new things.

Sony finally released its 4K camera, it's called the F65, with a 21mp sensor can record the raw 16 bits of memory cards that have been talked about that kind of memory called SR type SSD Raid 5 super performance with real security and who would be insurable according to them. Be aware that this is an important, any type suport digital disk or flash memory can not currently make a film in contrast to the band or pelloche, insurance companies refuse, the level of security provided by this raid fashion reassure it insurers ?

more info here

At Sony we always talked about a new 3D camera XDCAM EX with dual optical sensor and double double SxS recorder with a magic wheel to manage the settings for shooting. The center distance is fixed : 4,5cm

There are other new Sony with a small hand camera and 3D NXCAM stuff, I will return it later.

Side Panasonic it also announced a 3D camcorder shoulder, kind of variation of the HPX371 with 3D double optical and also no information about the spacing or the price at the moment … I would do as usual is a little reporting on it with Andrew or Panasonic Guilhem de France.

The real good ad is out of the replacement for the HVX200 / HPX 171, finally ! elle s’appelle HPX 250 and is the first point P2 camcorder / AVC Intra. On paper it looks very exciting, small camera to 5500 EUR, it would be with a view covering an angle equivalent to 28mm wide angle and equipped with 3 setting rings on the lens f-stop / point / zoom.


It will be broken down into AVC Cam version with a box and a design quite similar.

I sent spinning in RED to see what they like “surprise”

All, more on twitter @ emmanuelpampuri to live otherwise it will be tomorrow for you first made this comtpe NAB.

I leave you must go to 4K …



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  1. Dony T.
    Dony T. says:

    “I leave you must go to 4K” LOOOOL… Little crook ! Well anyway thank you again for this holy blog relayed to us all with a good filter's Pampuri… Very cool all these bits… I look forward to more… We hope you will relay the news aside “small portfolios” ^ ^ I think especially Canon, panasonic and so on … kind of news on the side of DSLR and accessories (I finally have my 600D over-equipped !! :D)… In short in any case I will follow this explosion 4K happy… more

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