Reflections on the revolution in digital cinema.

Long as I am concerned about future developments of this revolution we are experiencing now we image makers. I have already touched on the right and left and I said a small gathering just post the ideas and views that I could have on the issue could be useful.

Long ago when I got out of school, I already had a behavior that might seem strange. And 1991, a guy who was as passionate about music, sound, Video, or photograph, it could not exist and I was often asked to choose, I was unable.

I like to create, and I also like the technology associated with these creations. Aujourd’hui a l’heure ou les contenus réalisés avec des Photocam ont envahi les écrans qu’ils soient grand ou petits (thalassa even on France 3 is turned DSLR) I think we will not need to choose. Photographer, vidéase, filmmaker ? Whatever, generation happens cares royally, we spend so much time filming has photographed with the same pleasure.

The accessibility of the tool does not relieve the talent and work, but this democratization distributes maps and related cleavages wallet no longer be there, can come from a “disadvantaged” et faire du cinéma. On peut acquérir à moindre frais des outils performants. Now only the talent and hard work will make the difference.

Manufacturers such as RED or more recently, Canon has created tools that shook things, We are witnessing a real re-distribution of cards in the small world of shooting. Not only does it bring together photographers, videographers and filmmakers, but these tools have become more accessible almost, a really good 35mm camera still costs more than € 300k optics, a series of premium is € 140k for the fine quality. Aujourd’hui une Alexa coûte 45k€ une RED One MX 25k$ Une Sony F3 15k€ une AF101 tout comme un Canon 1dMkIV et un GH2 849€ … tous ces outils permettent de tourner des images d’une qualité encore inaccessible il y a peu de temps et cette qualité est largement suffisante pour être projetée en salle. Certainly not all of the same quality but the gap narrows.

Based on the same revolution, that of digital, access to the room becomes more democratic with the digital, the famous file DCP (Digital Cinema Package) which will eventually replace film in theaters is a great tool. Must be found or the close of 10000 € for a 35mm short film for a, it takes less and 10x digital.

I do not want to hurt those who love film, I love her too much and I think it will last even marginally for the shooting to the productions that will be willing to stand by his aestheticism. As much as a broadcast medium, we can only note the decline. Yes pelloche as it is called is still superior to digital cinema camera, but for how long ? Si on regarde le petit monde de la photographie qui a entamé sa révolution numérique bien avant cette du cinéma on peut aisément se projeter. But back to the broadcast, ago 9 years (2002) DCI is the standard output of the consortium board bearing the same name, early 2009 there were fewer 300 digital displays on the park 5400 screens in France. We have achieved the 2000 screens at the end of first quarter. And 2006 large multiplex large groups of farmers were making room in their projection booths today is 35mm projectors that go the same cabin.

Or down there hurts more is that there is real technology gap between cinema and television, HD has become a standard and its technical standards are sufficiently close to the cinema. Between HD and 2K only a few pixels separate 2 worlds. A good bluray player, a good HD projector home theater and find ourselves to have better at home than in some small theaters. I think that the 4K that cinema will create the qualitative distance that separates the HD and then television (if we put aside the 3D but that's another debate). Park projector installed is largely “upgradable” with the new DLP chip 4K.

Since 3 years now Machineurs, positioned themselves on the DCP, the road is still long because we have no anticipation or recognition as a laboratory. Some have attempted to FAD Machineurs adventure and we have confidence in walking through the back door, advertisements, Trailers, courts métrages etc. Since, we have several STC encoded feature film and the quality of our work has met several producers and distributors who appreciate value for money but also the complementarity of the offer with Cinego which manages and KDM Filmor which deals with the duplication and delivery of copies (tangible or intangible)

2011 is more than ever this year with the digitization of film.

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  1. fery
    fery says:

    Saw Emmanauel…
    but I prefer DSLR reference images of Matthew Misiraca
    than on thallasa Fr3 really ugly.. blur and white balance galore
    but hey this is only my opinion.
    Congratulations for this blog

  2. lefred
    lefred says:

    Very nice article, je me retrouve un peu quand tu parles de ton coté geek étudiant 😉

    Where's the video ? I can not wait … Olive ?

  3. Michel
    Michel says:

    Hello Emmanuel,

    I totally agree with you. I myself come from a place called “disadvantaged”, Seine-Saint-Denis. I'm doing there, at the University of Paris 8, because I am proud of my roots. There Three years, I start to feel the incredible evolution of digital technology that would upsets the world of entertainment and make it accessible to people with limited means. And it's true that this year 2011 seems to be a crucial time. L'AG AF 101 was released along with the F3, Alexa's will begin to shoot in RAW and RED Epic and Scarlet will arrive. Even the side of his, the revolution is on with machines like 4minX that costs three times less expensive than a Cantar qualitée sound and a similar number of recording track as conséquant. As you say, now only the talent and hard work will make the difference, and this is truly revolutionary.

    Thank you again for your blog.


  4. christophe
    christophe says:

    Since you talk about breaking price, here's a new one with the Ninja that records directly to your HDMI signal ProRes HQ for € 795. he monitor and recorder, and they deliver it with the flight + two batteries chageur. apparently it sounds pro.:
    The 5D and 7D owners will be disappointed because instead of Canon color pixels in the HDMI signal so as to prohibit the use HD. The ninja was successfully tested on the Nikon D7000, les Panasonic AF-101, F3 Sony or Canon XF305.
    View Demo :

    Xtof, Lyon's far from his homeland who thinks highly of you by 20 °.

  5. Jean Marc ROCFORT
    Jean Marc ROCFORT says:

    Long live the DIY… the engine-uh !! :DD

    VAT, to bounce on your analysis, actually 3D and 4K are the new frontier, the new Maginot Line Cinema in its arms race against television.
    Unfortunately, it all ended up having disastrous consequences !!
    Since (too) long as we sell movies with this technique to outbid one argument.
    But new developments, not only with the endless suites, there are more news stories, but it is now in release films technologically dazzling, but no history (cf Tron)…

    For the time, in this race, Hollywood in agony has lost its soul, prior to resurrect ?
    Anyone who loves movies and the stories he told, watch the U.S. series… television …

    Another BTW, long, film has managed to impose the idea that the only way to make images was to … at the movies. Now their only obsession is to make different from the TV.
    So there are other ways to make the image, unexplored by cinema.
    Join us this lost secret … with our small hybrid ?


    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      I quite agree with you, especially seeing it in IMAX 3D TRON few days ago, a mess !
      it is as if we had to choose between technology or scenario … it is clear that people are getting fed up !

  6. @Buskape
    @Buskape says:

    Belle analysis .. Revolution (buzzword) is mainly in the ability of each to express his talent .. DV went from project to GH2 + Optical FD I learned and continue to grow ..
    Pro divisions / amateur blur in hardware, is the talent, the preparation and work, and it's a pleasure to discover every day people full of ideas..

    The other big change is the diffusion : Youtube , especially Vimeo offers playgrounds much larger than any movie theater ..

    The future holds great things .. When is the first feature film only webcast ?

  7. Benoît Pupier
    Benedict Pupier says:


    are not you burying the film too quickly ?

    I'm not an expert but I notice for example that all the nominated films were shot in Caesars 35 mm.

    We also see Canal + choose the 35 mm (2 perfs) for his fictions (Carlos, Braquo…).

    What is quite interesting, is the conversation between the two technologies. Caroline Champetier eg telling the Idiff have not found during the calibration work of 2K digital shooting 35 mm and stressing the importance of the use of 4 C.

    Things to see and discuss the shooting as the mixture :
    Black Swan unseen but apparently shot in Super 16, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 7D
    Christophe Beaucarne comments mixture 35 mm Canon 1 D on the next Klapish,6273.html

    to hearing from you,


    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      I do not bury the film, So re-read the article, I mean the dissemination and no shooting. Still more 50% of films with film. Although I think it will further reduce, is the distribution of films that will quickly switch to 100% digital.

  8. Dony T.
    Dony T. says:

    Hi Manu pampu’ ^^’ ! I wanted to go to say that I am already addicted to your blog there it is ! I discovered some time ago and now here I took the habit of always consult ! Super in every way ! Being a novice in terms “scientific” on the video but have really wanted to make films (already made a film during some videos and characters, I am an autistic image ) the technical aspect is necessary so I began to teach me (I bought the book : the secrets of the video image) … Your blog is the source of interesting news in this area… And I wanted to react on your article in which “all is said” and effectively in one year I discovered the world of cinema through the web DSLR… This has literally revolutionized my prospects of work and my motivation film (in a good way) even if I bought anything yet ^ ^… I am currently going up / post production film 100% Web (d’environ 1H) filmed this summer with friends and 50 people in total with an amateur camera (JVC evirio) which will be released for free download profit by July… I'd love to be “initiated” to this world and these techniques with people like you (i hope… a day)… I'll be curious to know how to solicit sponsors to work with them artistically (I think of all these short films for the DSLR specials such)… It's a job that attracts me a lot ! Finally, I intend to invest in a 600D if the tests seem inconclusive post output… I hesitate with GH2 but that does not have 25p and 24p in saccade, but has a sharper, but not 720p 60i But your announcement of the NAB still messes up my plans… So patience… and if you think ? 600D or GH2 ?

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