My eyes, Follow Focus on USB for Canon EOS !

Everything is in the title or almost, it is society that runs Product Okiya. The wheel drives the engines of the autofocus optical Canon (and surely as the compatible Sigma / Tamron etc.)

The housings are compatible : EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 1D Mark IV, EOS 7D, EOS 60D 550D but also small and surely the new 600D

It is available for 400$ from April and pre-order here :

It seems that the control protocol engines Canon optics are a bit more accessible. Between the Birger mount for RED One and AF101 and next RED Epic appear to directly cause these stones … in any case it's good for users.

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  1. Michel
    Michel says:

    This accessory looks really interesting. What would be even more, is that it allows to lengthen the course of development of the optical image. I really think they can do. And there, I would throw myself over!


    PS: By the way Emmanuel, Have you news of the Ninja?

  2. Pinatel Alain
    Pinatel Alain says:

    What would be really interesting, is that you can put points in memory Focus. So, even if you turn the wheel a bit too far, the point is the position of the storage. Much like the Arri Follow the stops. For cons, on video, it seems that the MAP is done by small saccades… as if the wheel of the aircraft was “notched” ? to see…
    Otherwise, the system is very sensible.

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      Indeed Alain, noted on Vimeo page that the system is not a 15 values ​​per second, I can not imagine the result, and repeatedly point to the picture may lack fluency …

  3. Lalanus
    Lalanus says:

    He does not read anything that is written in the comments Delanouille

  4. Geraud
    Geraud says:

    Really interesting and more accessible than the present and future competition, even if the redrock going to hurt in my opinion…
    For my part I'm just stupid and the length of the USB cable and latency that causes. Basically this is that it works equally well with a USB cable 10m?

  5. delanouille
    delanouille says:

    Alain actually Chasseuil (and it is not worth you getting to Arnaud Lalanne even if you were a student…), ^ n'em fishing there is some relevance.
    That said if you have something to tell me it's not worth going through forums, you have my mail as I know.

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