ARRI Alexa VS Red One Mx … suite …

The long awaited sequel to the comparative test conducted at Etretat in the company of Matthew Misiraca the photo is going on Camera-forum at this address, You are invited to vote for your favorite image.

estrait a post of director of photography is Matthew and that was the image of this project :

“Accompanied by Emmanuel Pampuri, Thibaut Petillon, Michael Lagerwey, Armel Nknuidji and myself we looked at different pictures of the two cameras on the Dav Vinci Resolve

Personally, the two cameras are equal is really perfect hair c… found there a difference to the point where we knew what to what was … The sharpness (details) the two cameras are identical “

My personal view on the matter is that ARRI has worked in the grain of the development taking into account the past. Our collective unconscious, our tastes are forged over a century of silver image, This is because most of us prefer the rendering “soft film” the Alexa.

For my part I prefer the RED 2 things, the definition, I like it but the feeling of more modeling, more depth, more relief. The image of Alexa has an indescribable too “solid color” it can be said as Matthew related to Log C that crushes a little too dynamic, and the sudden we would lose a bit light in the middle. It will probably be a different rendering when we can work with the famous ARRI Raw.

First, le vrai making of signé Olivier Heraud