ARRI ALEXA More microphone presentation room AFC

News exclusively for the global Pampuri's Blog : the first feature film shot in Alexa / Arri Raw sera mis en lumière par l’excellentissime Darius Khondji pour le prochain long métrage de de Mickael Haneke.

Hello bright band Geeks … ça fait bien 2 weeks that I have not told stories to boiboites image. Sorry but I have a schedule to minister these days.

So instead of making literature, something that I'm not necessarily gifted, I'll let you watch this short presentation of the tour over Alexa AFC Micro Salon in Femis.


Frank van Vught cinematographer who works for ARRI, exposes us to the small “more” this model “more” and explains the theory of the ARRI Raw 3K, 2k workflow etc..

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  1. j-f
    j-f says:

    This very interesting discussion on the definition…
    And pretty good image quality of GH2.
    Thank you.

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