Micro 4/3 – Panasonic AF101 – Lumix “G” my favorite optical

Several people have asked for me to do a small article on the optical range for a Panasonic Lumix “G” (GH1/GH2 G1/G2 GF1 GF2 and soon + G10)

We will distinguish 4 types of optical.

  1. The micro objectives 4/3
  2. The objectives 4/3
  3. The optical images require adapter ring
  4. the optical film also requires an adapter ring.

1. The micro optics 4/3

At the moment there are not many manufacturers that produce optical micro 4/3

Panasonic I will retain essentially :

the 14/140 I think that is the “zoom base” for the AF101 has great qualities but also a big failure. This lens offers a zoom range from 14mm to 140m X10 is an amplitude which is very comfortable, its optical quality as its stabilizer is very good, It has also an AF ultra quiet and a stabilizer which does not hurt. Its failure is its lack of openness in fact f:4/4,8 it's not great when we want to work in low light.

Panasonic 14/140

The other interesting Zoom lens in the range is the 100/300 also stable and very high quality optical.

Zoom wide angle 7/14 f:4 is a small bomb, it is a bit expensive but the quality is really very high level. The distortion is quite pronounced in the corners is about 7mm at the edges but this is the game length.

I'm not a fan of 14/42 and prefers the 14/45 a bit above in terms of quality, However, we must start somewhere and this is not bad.

Small important note : Panasonic objectives are the only really communicate 100% the case whether the AF101 or GH2 for example they are treated electronically associated to correct chromatic aberrations and vignetting other.

The objective of the exceptional range is the 20mm f:1,7, this “Pancake” ultra mini has not only an interesting opening, beautiful “bokeh” , a superb dive, but also a very attractive price, his only fault, an autofocus motor noise. This approach allows you to produce images of high quality. AF101 on one sounds a bit ridiculous but the priority is the quality of images produced.

Panasonic 20mm f:1,7

The 45mm f:2,8 Leica Macro is also signed an optical exception that I like but it is a bit expensive.

The 14mm f:2,5 is also a great stone, It's part of my basic equipment and despite its size ridicule it produces very nice images, is a more affordable optical.

There is also a good 8mm fisheye.

To conclude, there is no ugly duckling in this range but I hope as many of you that we will lay a Pansonic true “trans-standart grand opening” At the Photokina 2010 we heard a Zoom 12/75 f:2,5/3,3 is it fall into oblivion ? Was it a rumor ?

Other brands in micro 4/3

The serial killer of the opening is undoubtedly the Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f:0,95 To this end 100% manual is an exceptional view with a minimum of “Masters” because at 0,95 to the point it does not forgive any approximation.

Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f:0,95

Other brands such as Sigma provides or will provide targets for micro lens 4/3 . I like the Sigma 30mm f I often:1,4 EF on the 7D and the 50mm f:1,4

The South Korean Samyang will also propose setting targets for micro 4/3 100% Manuals. These lenses are pretty amazing and incredible value for money. Their lack of awareness just. Their fisheye 8mm 85mm and above f:1,4 were announced a few months ago.

I know very little about the micro optical 4/3 Olympus, I often have prime lenses Panasonic because of their link to the box that enables the correction circuits. The only light that I really tested is the 14/35mm f:2 via adapter 4/3 to micro 4/3.

2. The Optical 4/3

Before the micro 4/3 there was 4/3, Only Olympus has continued on this path and produces some very nice stones. We dwell a moment on the 2 Zuiko Digital optics that are truly exceptional 14/35 f:2 and 35/100 f:2


I could try 14/35 with AF101 in Osaka during my little trip to Japan. This approach is simply amazing, the sharpness is excellent and the opening to f:2 constant zoom is virtually , magic !

But then there's a catch, or even two, the first is the price, over 2000 euros for the 14/35, I think however that this should be the optical zoom base AF101 requiring any user with no optical possession. The second flat on the development, auto-focus is not 100% operational, we must set “manuel” and use the button “push auto” the camera. The steering diaph it poses no problem.

Many images from the film that I shot in Kyoto are touring with this 14/35 Zuiko Digital.

Additional optics are available 4/3 from Sigma and Olympus but at Leica / Panasonic.

you'll find on the site http://www.four-thirds.org/en/fourthirds/lense.html

3. The Optical “Photo”

As I have written several times the value of these cameras and camera mount is equipped with this ability via adapter rings to mount optical pictures. And photographers equipped with Nikon optics, Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Leica, etc.. Can set up their stones at leisure on the preferred AF101, the Lumix “G” or the Olympus Pen.

I have no particular preference but I have in stock junk friendly branded Pentax or Nikon are very good companions of my boxes GH1 / GH2

For the selection of rings Novoflex German manufacturer has long been my favorite but I must admit my interest was closely Kipon offering such a ring to mount lenses Canon EF has the distinction of being equipped with a manual iris.

Canon EF Ring Kipon to micro 4/3 with iris

One board, if you want to see the side of eBay and many Chinese rings “no name” know that it is “toss” I had very good as surprises.

2. The Optical “Movies”

there are several adapters to move to the PL mount. HotRod camera recognized by its green anodized aluminum.

AG-AF10 + HotRod PL mount camera and optical Zeiss Ultra Prime

The other mark that is about her is available at DENZ Photocinerent its advantage is to be integrated into a base and stem. The problem is that the frame of the AF101 is designed for optical weighing 1kg which is often limited because these objectives loom large.

PL adapter Denz

There are other outsiders as MTF which provides a PL mount to micro 4/3 less than 400 €

PL mount microphone 4/3 MTF home services

On eBay we also find a dealer that offers something more exotic to mount optics or by BNCR mount PV (Panavision)

Optical side you can choose, Cooke, Zeiss, UniQoptics, Hawk, Panavision, Fujinon, RED or the superb zoom Angenieux.

AF101 Panasonic + Optimo 28/76 Angenieux

That's the conclusion you will like me to tell you that it's almost impossible to talk about all the possibilities offered by this super horse malignancy that is the micro 4/3.

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  1. Maël
    Mael says:

    Hello Emmanuel,

    I just bought a AF101 and an Olympus 14-35mm (with MMF2) and I am surprised : the change in f-stops is really loud.
    Had you found on your side too ?

    Thank you for your answer.

  2. pavupapri
    pavupapri says:

    Thank you for this nice topo Emmanuel,

    I expect my GH2 this week, begins with the 14-140 tranquillou, and I remain on the lookout on the 20mm.
    The 7-14 still a little sick to portfolio, even if a very short focal'm also interested.
    I will soon be tested against in the rings with Canon and Nikon 50mm open, so accessible and have a good record.

    Question: The deformations on the 7-14 How to begin mm? Only 7?

    Hello hello.

  3. Frédéric
    Frederic says:

    All, hop, I missed a little something for myself to take the 20mm F1.7.. Your article will finally convinced me. It is true that 14-140 it's really too dark, especially at this time of year.

    (I will quibble, there is a small shell, the 14-140 is a f4/5.8.)

  4. Pier-Yves Menkhoff
    Pier-Yves Menkhoff says:

    The 14 mm is for me a “disappointment”.
    I find the flat images, classic, standard… I even feel that my other Panasonic, DMC-LX5 done better…
    In contrast, I love the 20 mm. Practically perfect in every situation. I told him just added a visor-type Leica.
    While you all.
    Happy New Year…

  5. Olivier Gaches
    Olivier Gaches says:

    Hello Emmanuel,

    D’abord, thank you for the relevance and clarity of your blog.
    I have been tempted by the duo Gh2/Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f:0,95. This approach is really extraordinary, However, close to artificial light, it appears black bars scrolling (even a more 1,4 d’ouverture). Do you have an explanation, or even a solution ..?( and you have this problem you too ?) thank you and greeting you all
    (And to add a layer, I also tried the 20mm pancake, is a killer for the price)

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      hello, I do not really sharp test of this approach for now and I have not seen it, I'll try to look but I'm very busy right now.

      See you soon and thank you for your encouragement.

  6. Eric Soulier
    Eric Soulier says:

    Hello, I like to know, since you had been in the hands, does the camera body is plastic or is there a metal frame.
    What is the general feeling when he was on hand (strength and especially not to bang). Special reports I am not a bully but a lover of fine materials ... ;=)
    Thank you again for your articles very well done.
    Eric Soulier

  7. pavupapri
    pavupapri says:

    For bands scrolling, this is apparently only 24p in low light, but not only on the VOIGTLANDER. Remains to be confirmed if it systematically on all devices (it still has to be).
    I do not know si'lya function “clearscan” over. Is it disappears when you play the shutter to stick more to the frequency of artificial lighting? In any case in natural light it should not appear.

      • pavupapri
        pavupapri says:

        Ca y'est. I got the beast. Anyway on my neon bathroom in 24p I did not tape the shutter to 50 and 100, all other values ​​were affected between.
        Very satisfied for the time of the device, and optics (at 14 it is larger than I imagined). Time to bone up different mode of map and it should do well.
        I found what I was doing very ugly, and finally, via the SDHC card into the reader on my bluray 720p proj, Ben was already stunning (you can get more than what I thought to iso without feeling loss).
        I can not imagine following…20mm and will soon join my collection.


  8. Olivier Gaches
    Olivier Gaches says:

    Indeed scrolling bands appear in low light with neon, but until then it's really a surprise, but it also occurs in low light with bulbs “eco” incandescent bulbs and other, which is more annoying.
    Then “yes” we did the test and 24p “yes” playing on opening the effect fades, but you lose a little interest f0, 95.On also filmed on location in a character and f0 24p, 95 and passing next to a shop with neon bands appear…

  9. olivier
    olive says:

    I also noticed this tendency to resent a lot of light frequencies. Not with the Nokton, but with Olympus, the 17 and other. I also have the Pana F101, it does not seem affected, it.
    Now, I shoot in 720p on GH2 and Pana, history can mix the two and stay PAL compatible (strongly 25p firmware on GH2 !)
    Otherwise, I used for the first time today 35-100 Olympus. Magnificent. But auto-focus in my opinion unusable, even if the ring makes it possible, and I have a lot of dog to be on my, even in static scenes. Why not have a built-in support for development of type “zoom pixel” rather than peaking, which is not used much…

  10. esfprod
    esfprod says:

    Hello, I like to know, since you had been in the hands, (Panasonic AF101E) does the camera body is plastic or is there a metal frame.
    What is the general feeling when he was on hand (strength and especially not to bang). Special reports I am not a bully but a lover of fine materials ... ;=)
    Thank you again for your articles very well done.
    Eric Soulier

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      Hello if I have not answered that question simply because the answer is in the blog … If you are interested in this camera, so use the search engine … type AF101 and you will see that the answer is there.
      Oui ya du fer pour les brutes 😉 la monture optique est aussi renforcée
      yes it is quite acceptable in terms of strength of feeling that this is totally subjective given.

  11. charmontel
    charmontel says:

    I wondered if there was a “ring” to mount my old Takumar objectives of my Pentax67 ? I still have the 45mm focal length and 105mm.Quelle be obtained if they could get on this mount micro4 / 3 ?

  12. GuyGilles
    GuyGilles says:

    once again, Congratulations for this study, but especially for your blog.
    At first glance, you were not contacted by the club.photo of Lyon for the evening HDSLR …;(( that it passed the 18 February unless you were not free, otherwise damage, they do not understand.
    If not a question for the GH1. I want to invest heavily in the range Samyang : 85F1.4, – 35f1.4 14f2.8 and to make the video.
    My question may sound silly but it is better to invest in model m4 / 3 or more canon / nikon adapter ring with a m4 / 3 to facilitate the resale later. And what do you think of these products I find a ratio Q / correct prices.

    I know you want to avoid that we ask you questions, but I really can find info on the net on this subject and these products. Of course anyone can give me an opinion. 😉

    Regards and good luck.


    *GH13 with 14-140 and 20 mm lord / Canon FD50 F1.4

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      sorry I have had the info for the evening HDSLR but I could not be there.
      For Samyang is rather good for the price, I have to test them soon.
      When the choice of the frame, Unless you want to sell them in the 6 months and if you do not need another horse that M4 / 3 … I would say what's ?

      • GuyGilles
        GuyGilles says:


        thank you for your answer, so I'll try this line in m4 / 3.

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      yes of course, via a small adapter. Caution, however, the circle view is not always large enough and some shorter focal lengths do not cover completely. it can cause substantial vignetting.

  13. delphine
    delphine says:

    Hello, I invested in a lumix g2 to take pictures of my small but also landscapes and animal movements.
    What do you recommend as goals ?
    I have the basic objective of the 14-45 basic.
    I intend to invest in 14 – 140 and / or 45 – 200. What do you think ?
    Thank you for helping me, I do not understand much I begin.

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      it all depends on what you're looking to do ? have 1 one with more zoom range, have a telephoto “most powerful” ? a greater angle ? what budget ? …

  14. delphine
    delphine says:

    Thank you for your answer.
    I want to introduce me to the photo enthusiast. I want to make beautiful pictures of my daughter and take pictures of landscapes and animals in motion notament horses. My budget around 1000 EUR. It does not matter to have one or more goals. I would initially have a minimum of respect for the 14 – 45 I can not do much.
    I'm really amateur. Right now I learn about the differing wide-angle lenses, macro, telephoto,… ? For me it's a bit of Chinese.
    Previously I had a Lumix DMC FZ28 bridge. When I bought it I had wanted the g1 but this time the finances did not follow.
    Thank you in advance

  15. delphine
    delphine says:

    PS : I have seen on other sites but with the sigma which adapter. is it better to have a panasonic especially for beginners ?

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      The 14/45 is a good goal to start but if the amplitude of your bridge you miss the 14/140 replace it by giving you the ability to “zoom in further”

  16. Thibault
    Thibault says:

    Since there seems to be a lot of insiders in this thread of comments I take this opportunity to ask a small question : you know the title shot entirely in docs or GH1 GH2 ? Is there actually operators who opt for this type of config doc broadcast ?

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