Panasonic Lumix GH2, it is terrible !

I finally a GH2, and even that Santa brought me a f:0,95 Voigtländer 25mm in !!! I had not had time since the return of Osaka to test for real GH2, it's done. Party at Etretat in the company of a team to match Camera ARRI Alexa / Red One MX, I took with me my precious.

What a treat, this evolution of GH1 is a real success. My first contact with the pre-production model was already exciting but the model series confirms my feeling my first.

Aside from this ABERant choice 1080i50 which deprives us of a 1080p25 Mode, but I am hopeful, the right people are contacted Panasonic and the information is already asleep and rise to Japan.

1080p24 mode is a pure marvel, I am totally amazed by the quality of the images produced, less than 1500 euros is a diabolical camcorder coupled with a copy camera. The value for money is simply amazing. Brief, you'll understand, I am charmed by the GH2 !

I put a damper on the general enthousiasm about the fashion crop 1:1 which seems to me really noisy and loses latitude. I will continue to grumble against the fact that Panasonic has changed format battery, I do what my 6 batteries GH1 / GF1 ? of schoolchildren ?

Otherwise I liked in particular

  • The improved viewfinder.
  • The convenient touch screen to instantly point or desired.
  • The speed of the AF really improved with Surtour 14/140
  • The overall look of the video image
  • The compression quality AVCHD 24MB in 24p (why not offer other modes ?)

This is not true Making Of this shoot to be directed by Olivier Heraud to whom I lent my 5D for this shoot.

I even made a small comparison test on the latitude with the 5D mkII but I will tell you later in the meantime here is the video I made for this shoot.

100% images are shot in GH2, no color correction, editing in Final Cut 7 in ProRes LT, encodage et dans comrpessor just.

Optics used

Panasonic :

14/140 mm f: 3,5 / 6,3

14mm f:3,5

20mm f:1,7

Pentax Asahi 50mm f:1,4 + Bagua Novoflex

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  1. Caron Christian
    Caron Christian says:

    Hello Emmanuel,
    Thank you for your comments, but I did not like the permanent stops the film. ( I have a Mac 22″ 2.4GHz et 2GoDDR2). Problem ?
    A question, my 14-140 propose f: 4/5.8. It does not have the same ?

    Happy Holidays

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      Permanent stops ? What do you mean ?
      Downloaded the video if you have a vimeo account (free) and you can view it locally on your mac.
      Sorry indeed the 14/140 est bien le même que le tien 😉

  2. olivier madar
    Olivier Madar says:

    I follow you entirely in this direction. I did my first shoot “for” and with GH2 20 1,7 a “ridicule” monopod : it's like a crane with a big cam pro.
    For cons, 24p on May inflated, swells, swells. Can never know what I'll have to mix, so I have to go to the 25i and deinterleaver… a real horror…

    I'll order the ZUIKO 14-35 and 5 200 to have a good consistent set.


  3. Fery
    Fery says:

    Pfff and I still waiting for mine …delivery problem here in Belgium..

    50 cm of snow view 70 cm dans in Fagnes

    thank you again for Emmanuel want to want..

  4. olivier madar
    Olivier Madar says:

    What I like the most, is its side “my son too cheap !” makes you look like a real tourist and return impossible pictures.


  5. Alain Pinatel
    Alain Pinatel says:

    Hello Manu,
    Your enthusiasm and your impassioned speech are a pleasure to see.
    Very interesting all you books there and we well illustrated by the Making Of.
    We feel the dim light and a uniform milky winter sky.
    No additional light on the beach ? just poly ?
    I can not wait to see the result of this false mounted Pub. an idea? no deadline on this project I guess ?
    Matt was DOP Alexa operator but also the entire film off the plans Stead ? but it can do everything this man… 😉 😉
    Regarding the GH2: I noticed your aversion 1080i50 but deprives me of a doubt. the sensor capture many images not full? So we should not detect the interleaving on the screen? Tu he cum turn online 1080p24 tone Makin Of ?
    Thank you for all these quick and imaged Returns.

  6. Geert Bevin
    Geert Bevin says:

    Hello Manu, Superb this video! I am currently
    waiting for GH2 for Christmas but with the weather I receive
    only next week. J'ai pris le kit 14-140, but
    Voigtlander 25/0.95 I'm very interested. It is not easy to
    by finding against. Can you tell me where you bought? And thank you
    happy Christmas! Geert

  7. Alain Pinatel
    Alain Pinatel says:

    Another question STP. I heard that the GH2 was power hungry.
    Info ou intox? you who used both…
    you could get an idea by turning your Behind The Scenes

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      Look, I have not had to worry, I only have one battery and I managed to turn 8am to almost 16 h without gaffe and leaving too Souvant power … I almost filled a 16GB card … leaving you imagine the time and I actually filmed. In addition it was very cold on the beach at Etretat and I have not seen behavior of energy consumption. A mon avis 2 batteries ou 3 max enough to turn on a day comfort.

  8. Jean Marc ROCFORT
    Jean Marc ROCFORT says:

    Everyone is waiting , grounded arms, future updates and hack, I see !! 🙂

    I read somewhere that the new batteries had significantly less autonomy.

    For my part I look forward to zoom 17-75 which open to 2,5 !!!
    No news ?

    Happy holidays to you !! 🙂

  9. Roei
    Roei says:

    Hi, can you please give some info on the mode settings?
    cinema, was it? what settings? (sharpness, contrast, etc.?)

  10. Delahaye Martial
    Delahaye Martial says:

    I'll wait for it to the 25 …
    Once this update made, je me pencherais sur son achat 😉
    Also curious to compare the 5D MK II, si comparabilité il y a 🙂
    Happy Holidays to everyone a full year Health especially !

  11. Vincent Zorzi
    Vincent Zorzi says:

    Cuckoo !

    I could not possibly read enough, more… ce mode 50i, this is actually interlaced or what is the full picture “stored” en i ?

    Second : what is your point of view in comparison to the GH1 :
    – Dynamics
    – Behavior in low light

    Merci 😉

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      HeLa mon ami not, this is a fucking 50i everything there was more i !
      When the behavior in low light if you look at my short films in Osaka is simply very good, in any case until the usable ultra 1600 big, the 3200 is even possible.
      The dynamics are amazing, and I would even go so far as to say that it is superior to the 5D.

    • Thibault
      Thibault says:

      I use it with satisfaction SDHC card class 10 Transcend 32 GB I paid 50 euros in Mongallet street computer store in Paris.

  12. Caron Christian
    Caron Christian says:

    Good evening,

    I gently familiar with the 14-140 but I'm a little frustrated by the brightness, especially inside.
    What about the f minipancake:14mm ?
    Video for Mac, I can not do (I arrive on PC) I missed qqchose ? Should I buy a software ? I leave this month South East Asia in early February and I would have learned my lessons before …

    thank you in advance emmanuel

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      small 14mm and above 20 mm f: 1,7 results provide special agreements you flying high with a much higher brightness.
      Mac what you do not manage to ?
      Final cut pro ou express … iMovie, everything works fine ?!

  13. Geert Bevin
    Geert Bevin says:

    Hello again Emmanuel,

    A Party, you would take the Panasonic 20 mm f:1,7 Voigtlander 25mm or f:0,95? The main aim would be to take pictures and videos of small music concerts with low light, and also photos and videos inside with natural light.

    Thank you for your help and Merry Christmas,


    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      I discovered just the Voigtlander but I know the 20mm … son seul défaut à mon sens c’est qu’il n’est pas super véloce en AF mais il en a un lui 😉 après reste à déterminer si l’écart d’ouverture vaut la différence de prix ? especially it costs 2 times less … Now it is clear that the voigtlander is an optical exception
      Optical Samyang also arrive in micro mount 4/3, I have already mumuse with a 85mm f:1,4 it's pretty awesome in terms of value for money !

  14. Geert Bevin
    Geert Bevin says:

    Thank you very much Emmanuel, I think I'll go for the 20mm for now, Question to my hand … and then later perhaps more Voigtlander. AF is still practical.

  15. Ted Ramasola
    Ted Ramasola says:

    Thank you for posting these tests and videos emmanuel.

    Comparing the image aesthetic with 5D or 7D would you say the GH2 is equal?, Better? or it has its own?

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      Hi Ted and thank you to participate on my blog.
      More and more english speaking people are coming here and i’m very happy to see you are reading my post with google translate. That works better in that way than the other (from english to french)
      About me 7D and GH2 are very close in terms of picture quality but i prefer GH2 because of it’s ergonomy. The EVF is good enough, the AF very fast and usable in video mode son you can use a GH2 “out of the box” in a more efficient way than the EOS. With a 7D you need more “gears” be really ready to shoot in the same ergonomic.

  16. sylvain
    silvan says:

    Emmanuel, I discovered your site and your informed opinions. A
    quick question on this post. Can you explain how the viewfinder
    improved? I read that his resolution was slightly
    increased, and mainly laid to allow complete
    for each aspect ratio. So really no gain in smoothness.
    I also read but it seemed more confused than cooling
    exceeded (because of the new, faster flow sensor, cf.
    OF?) and therefore suffered less than the rainbow effect that
    GH1. Can you con / reverse and clarify some ? Thank you in advance

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      Hello Sylvain
      The viewfinder is indeed better than the GH1 these small differences you're talking about yourself, I find it a little more accurate and a little faster which can not be jerks when looking for a plane . For the rainbow you're talking about is less present but not completely erased. I myself have a special relationship with this aim and I am totally satisfied. Yes it is not a reflex sight but it is in my opinion enough to work, precision to the point is there and it is essential.

  17. Chevaldeuxtrois
    Chevaldeuxtrois says:

    Many thanks for all your advice Emmanuelle your analysis and I am an avid reader.

    We thought shopping for the types of projects JRI, Corporate. I hesitated between a DSLR + a conventional camera knowing that for most film projects we already have a RED MX.

    My initial idea was to buy a 5D MKIIet including the completely equipped with the CANON EF 24-70 F2.8, MATTE BOX…etc. but now it seems the end of life + SONY EX3

    I think a solution GH2 + PANASONIC AF 101 would be in terms of the perfect complementarity by now .. I'm pretty doubtful against compared to optical ones and LEICA PANASONIC its definitely overpriced.

    In terms of picture quality, strictly speaking, ( I have a small personal GF1 and I'm happy hyper quality) there is a large above with GH2 ?

    In your many trials have you thought of an equivalent of 24-70 ( and its famous optical stabilizer) Canon to advise us

    In addition I do not know where I read probably on camera-forum that the GH2 was able to output a signal via HDMI to not compress a recording HQ .. What do you know of this function ..?

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      Emmanuelle is the spelling for girls, attention je suis susceptible 😉
      Regarding the optical 14/140 is a beautiful optical stabilized and has the advantage of being quiet which is a plus for sound recording. Le Duos AF101 + GH2 is the option I would personally. I blame the lack of ergonomics Canon video makes them almost unusable without a jumble of accessories.
      At the moment I am not busy in the recording via HDMI due to lack of time but the first tests I have done have disappointed me, because the output is independent of the chosen card for recording settings and you can not do as 1080i50 or 720p25 ?! Finally, les Optiques Panasonic ne sont pas plus chères que celles de Canon 😉 L’autre avantage est que vous pouvez aussi utiliser d’autres optiques comme des vieux nikon, Pentax, minolta or canon FD which are cheap Used
      good holidays

  18. Pierre
    Pierre says:

    Hello Emmanuel, Firstly thank you for your articles (here
    or else) which are always interesting. I just
    acquiring a 5D and watching the enthusiasm around the GH2,
    I wonder if I do not come to the most expensive mistake of
    ma vie. I started in the world of video, but I like a lot
    la photo. I asked advice from friends who are in the trade and
    they all advised me to turn towards Canon and
    5D to the particular. Would I have a ball in equipping me
    this unit? In addition you have to provide some tips to
    a “videographer” beginning to understand the video on a 5D (si tu
    as the time course)? In advance thank you.

    • Mathieu
      Mathieu says:

      Do not worry especially. The mk2 5d is an excellent full frame DSLR and gives results are astounding video. Have fun!

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      not to worry, this is an excellent tool, I prefer to photograph in the final video but this is my favorite DSLR photo !
      Video quality is excellent bluffing pictures, I just criticized for not thinking ergonomics for video, let's accessorize and you will enjoy yourself.

      • Pierre
        Pierre says:

        Merci Mathieu et merci Manu.

        Here I reassure.

        It remains for me to accessorize a little and work much.

        And besides if someone advice, and links to other “accessoiriser” my camera it would welcome.


        • Emmanuel Pampuri
          Emmanuel Pampuri says:

          I can hardly give personalized advice to everyone and I would have to have more information about what you want to do with your equipment to help you.

      • Pierre
        Pierre says:

        Hello Manu,

        I just wanted to wish a happy new year and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions you.

        I begin to tame the 5D photo. For video I'll wait “accessorize” a little beast.

        Soon (I will certainly be other issues…)

  19. Pavupapri
    Pavupapri says:

    Hello Emmanuel, it's still a sacred opportunity
    able to find such a comprehensive site on this pana. It t'en
    thank. I'll take the plunge, but beginning in the
    environment “optical” of the video, comparo between the diaph, micro
    4/3 or rings, prices of new and used…'m a little
    lost. I wanted to try to take naked, and find 2-3
    objectives: not necessarily a huge zoom lens in but allow
    flexibility (well while taking off topic), a grand
    quite aggressive angle and why not another a little tighter in
    map. I conclude by stating that it will be mainly without adding
    indoor or outdoor light. The 20 1.7 seems entirely appropriate?
    Those alternatives au 14-140( leaves to adapt to ring
    win pepettes)?. I thank you to answer or not. Hello
    and good luck.

  20. Geoffroy
    Geoffroy says:

    Hello Emmanuel,

    this small message to thank you warmly for Brussels ! indeed, after reading your blog, I ordered a GH2 in Lyon which was delivered me 4 days at an unbeatable price with the discount offered by Rony by mentioning your name .
    I am thrilled with this camera. I use it as my 2nd camera for Steadicam Merlin mainly . I work for TV documentary . I recently used the GH2 as 2nd axis camera for an interview with the Panasonic AG-HMC camera 151. Once the white balance performed on both engines, some adjustments on FCP and hop ! perfect multicam. I wait with eager hack to make recordings show in multicam…. (limits 30 Registration min)
    That happiness !

    Happy New Year full of images !

    • Gabi
      Gabi says:

      “I work for TV documentary . I recently used the GH2 as 2nd axis camera for an interview with the camera Panasonic AG-HMC 151.”
      With what compression settings you turn on the GH2 for a doc for TV ?
      – online 1080p24 ? (unusable for a broadcast operation)
      – online 1080i50 ?
      -online 720p25 ?

      thank you in advance

  21. Eric
    Eric says:

    Actually this is a real treat GH2! Here are some pictures:
    By cons in Video there must be something that escapes me! I turn I turn 24p HD EX (VBR35) it is the training that seems best suited to work on my editing station Edius5, which does not support avchd and crashes every time. I do not use Canopus because it seems heavier.
    But coming to my problem, images on character movements leave as a sort of hombre, if there arises in May to print two images??? You know what I mean ?
    Someone would tell me if he knows what worries! If I'd need a screenshot for more’ explanation.

    • Geert Bevin
      Geert Bevin says:

      Hello Eric,

      I'm also still learning how to use the GH2, but I think that you can be the voice to a 'shutter speed’ that is too fast. Use 1/50 th of a second seems to work best according to all that I read about it. On ne jamais site, maybe it will help.



  22. Allan
    Allan says:

    Hello ! Very question this article on this panasonis
    GH2 , smaller in the hand than a DSLR , I think
    personally this is the future of APN panacher lightweight easy
    for shots in street ; the rest just gaze. I do not have
    question you submit just to say a good year for

  23. lallier
    lallier says:

    Panasonic and many other brands do not put
    1080p25 because it does not exist in the AVCHD standard
    (720p50,720p60,1080p24,1080i50,1080i60). Le 1080p25 sort of the
    standard which can cause problems reading some
    public and some editing software even large appliances
    if he keeps coding h264x

  24. Eric
    Eric says:

    Highlights humanly du 1080i50 sur mon GH2, should normally exit 50images / s
    But after setting up my time line it seems to be the 25i / s, I Uygur or what is his ?
    Eve is good in all

  25. Eric
    Eric says:

    Market info! I still have much progress to make lol!
    With regard to the capture of images in rapid movements ( sports… ) I found with my lumix FZ100 50p images much better than the 50i, especially of course to make slow, but now with the GH2 ??? What advice would you me ? for the same type of capture.
    In fact I do not know if I asked you, you organized training?


  26. pavupapri
    pavupapri says:

    I know that you are preparing a guidebook on the optical, but you told me that there was no alternative to 14-140. Outside there is a good zoom 18-135 (3.5 5.6) chez canon, stabilized. Not necessarily more accessible, but I have a OCCAZ. A sentiment?

  27. pavupapri
    pavupapri says:

    Ouep ouep ouep, I posted before thinking. Thank you for the reply and the link.
    I think that's it, I mourned my Sousous ; )

  28. Adrien Dearoxen
    Adrien Dearoxen says:

    Hello Manu.
    I congratulate you on behalf of the Panasonic because you convince a bunch of people who hesitate, like me, between Canon dearly and this gem of GH2 (j’ai d’ailleurs l’impression que c’est un jouet quand je le regarde 😉 )
    I just have one or two questions. Firstly, what is the context that you used at the beginning of the video inside (the casino?) to have such a depth of field. (I hope the 20mm 1.7 pour ma bourse)
    Deuxio I wanted to know if the focal length was doubled via adapter ring only on FD objectives (I have two in reserve so buying ring has come) or alternatively mount M42, and other Nikkon, etc..

    Thank you for the time you procures us. Having Fun!

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      Hello and thank you for the encouragement
      Indeed, I used the 20mm f:1,7 and also an old Pentax 50mm f:1,4

      The focal length is doubled because of the size of the sensor and not due rings.
      All will be compatible with your optical ring that suits

  29. lajoux
    lajoux says:

    Me too, very happy with my GH2 de chez Lyon numerique. I just come by against received my 20mm Pancakae, praised by everyone. not had time to test, but the autofocus is very noisy !!! Normal or default ?…. (I hear very well, and the microphone on the device I guess aissi)

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      Hello, indeed 20mm AF is noisy but I rarely record sound directly on the device. it has been suggested long ago here. However check the firmware version of your goal there was a corectif.

  30. Fabien
    Fabian says:

    Hello Manu (if I say so myself ^ ^)
    After much drooling over this GH2, I finally cracked this aprem, with the 14-140, it is finally mine !
    I discovered this blog there is little and it made me know Lyon Digital Camera.
    I am gone from you and I have had very friendly Rony (who told me that you went this morning) I did not expect that the dividend is so important ! It's really a good plan !
    So a big thank you to you and PLN !

  31. ALIX
    ALIX says:

    Hello Emmanuel and best for the new year.

    I just found your “excellent” blog finally answered my questions about the GH2. Mille merci ! For the given time, relevant advice, …

    From silver and rather well-stocked world on this side (ouiiii a girl on your blog !), I looked in vain for a digital video picture, compact and well made. I agree this sounds le GH2, but everyone ran me, against my will, vers le Canon 5D MKII (What !? Canon pour une Nikoniste 😮 ) while I squinted hard on this little gem.

    From what I read and see, it is decided, I offer.

    Absolute beginner video, I think pretty soon have the opportunity to bathe you with my questions.

    So a huge advance !

  32. Benjamin
    Benjamin says:

    Hi Emmanuel,

    And thank you for all the great info on the gh2. I really would like to buy, but this story bothers me 1080i. Indeed, I started with a small camera sony makes interlaced, I can not stand! I really want to spend the progressive! I understand that it would perhaps change the gh2? So I wait a little…But will you keep us informed of progress in this direction there? A part ton site, I do not know where to find out these things. More, si ça se fait, do you think it takes a lot of time?

    Thank you in advance for you!


  33. Pier-Yves Menkhoff
    Pier-Yves Menkhoff says:

    I just finally got my GH2.
    The first echo is confusing. GH2 is plastic in comparison with a TERRIBLY GF1. It is even much lighter. 25 grams less with the same objective.
    Too bad we can not provide a picture because it BECOMES superb with 20 mm ou le 14 mm and a type lens hood Leica (10 € sur eBay).
    Responsiveness is really immediately.
    However, I'm not really test this afternoon.
    Soon, I will test the GH2 on a certain type of report.
    I'll let you know…
    Although all…

  34. Gabi
    Gabi says:

    hoping not rest matters already covered but :
    – with the GH2, what's happening when you plug a monitor output (hdmi je suppose), the screen of the device remains he lit ? (I think a config fiction example where you would like the director can watch his image on a screen share)
    – what about the maneuverability “hand”, GH2 is it not too light ?
    – when I see the footage shot in Osaka, or of Etretat, I wonder : but ultimately it where the problem whatsoever 24p rather than 25p ? Is it wasted time to deal with before mounting ? (yes indeed want what is fast hack ? dans mpeg streamclip ? or final cut easily manages ?)
    thank you again for your blog, it must be time…
    I kiffe


    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      Cher Gabi,
      sorry but in fact I talked about this HDMI output repeatedly.
      GH2 is light if, this is not a camera but if we look a little thing that shoots in high quality is not the same for a big ergonimie shoulder camera not ?

      About 24p is not bad, but it is incompatible with a television operation in Europe. Also inconsistent with the fact burn a video DVD to your grandmother. 😉
      24p is perfectly managed by FCP but it is a frequency that can not be exploited by the cinema, le blue ray ou le web

  35. Florian
    Florian says:

    Hello !
    Happy owner of the GH2 (14-140) since mid-December, I am well trained to do what I want, at least almost… Almost within parcqu'en, it is almost limited, the ojectif 14-140 is somewhat limited. That is why I wish to obtain the Voigtlander 25mm 0,95.
    I have a simple question behind ca : when you do an update, without triggering registration, There he has a target can zoom as is the case with the objective 14-140 (parametrage default) to make a precise focus ?
    In advance thank you for your answer.

  36. Dehaybe Michel
    Dehaybe Michel says:


    The Magazinevidé site tested the GH2 and announces that it is not possible to zoom during video recording !
    Several clips, including yours, seem to prove otherwise…
    Is mounting the zoom was made in the image ?
    What exactly ?
    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Michel Dehaybe

  37. Michel
    Michel says:

    Hello, said that zooming is possible during video recording with the GH2.
    Several clips, whose ,yours, seem to prove otherwise…
    Is this a zoom in the picture, mounting and zoom shooting?
    Thank you in advance for your response.

  38. Fabien
    Fabian says:

    Well for me it is ultimately disappointment !
    The purchase is a mistake, I should test it before !
    Formidable machine à filmer, but for photo, I prefer reflex.
    It's not all in one I expected.

    So message to pass: if someone is seriously interested in Lyon, eyes revends mounts GH2 14-140 all Neuf.

    • Olivier
      Olive says:

      There are no serious buyer without a good price ! What is your (we are not on e-bay, Maybe we should go talk about it elsewhere) ?

      Thank you for this blog and all the info comprehensive. I have the video “average budget and smaller gear”, for a specific use, mountain and winter sports, need to be responsive to catch sometimes acrobatic life, very fast subjects sometimes !
      I drool with envy at the rendering of video-reflex… and discover how they work. I learn a lot here although I admit still have hesitations with other cases, some of which come true visual pearls.

  39. Gabi
    Gabi says:

    That's it I started to rotate with the GH2 (Outdoors, foot, peinard).

    Here I return to some points :
    – the grip (menus, configuration, etc.…) complex, at least for me who had remained in the film cameras for photo and video for DVX100 (but what am I going to do, when I am ruined me for AF101?)

    – when shooting, tools are practical, the touch screen is fun, although not made of LCD picture only partially realize the final rendering.

    – Aside from a transfer final cut, there is no practical solution to my mind to watch the rushes qualitatively.
    Let me explain : VLC plays the MTS., But with large defects ugly pixels (on a solid MacPro), AVCCAM VIEWER (provides software as a free download for PANASONIC) read images but also with jerks and vibrations very painful. Other software reads MTS., But they are paid and / or PC… It's a pity, and I feel that the environment is better CANON screwed on that side (images from a 5D are viewable immediately on a computer) whereas with the AVCHD one can gauge the quality of final cut. Damage.
    If you have another solution I'm interested of course…

    – the manual provided in French is designed in a strange way (Template Foutu a summery), with incessant to make a referral to another page roundtrips. Or is it I who am dork, I do not know, but I have reread 20 time to capture everything and I still reread !

    – images provided by the GH2 are superb, we immediately want to have other objectives (and there we wept not be VERY RICH)

    – 24P gives an image with a bit more sharpness, how au 50i… how to say… it is not catastrophic in fact, and when the deinterlace to export the image quality is not really suffering. That being said, je rêve du jour où Mr Vitaly Kiselev, l’improbable hacker ricain, y mettra du 25P, but I think I do not teach you anything about where.

    – continuous autofocus of the 14-140mm lens, this is awesome, While, but I still do not see so far in what context it can fit in my approach to conducting, insofar jolts that inadvertent product (or not) do not give me confidence.

    Brief, images crazy but we must tame the beast…

    PS: about the’ AF101 and this case power zoom probable, I attended a presentation by a representative camera Panasonic France last week. He was adamant : he NEVER heard anything about it from PANASONIC. At least it is fixed.

    Best regards


  40. Emmanuel Pampuri
    Emmanuel Pampuri says:

    Gabi thank you for your user return.
    For this story servo zoom, this is obviously not from Panasonic that it can get, but rather at Fuji who took micro license 4/3. All this remains to be conditional course.

  41. jb avril
    jb April says:

    Hello everyone,
    Looking for help with settings GH2 (14/42 ou 20mm) et un steadicam merlin.
    Thank you in advance to those who will help me!!!

    • Emmanuel Pampuri
      Emmanuel Pampuri says:

      it's a little tricky to make this kind of assistance via blog interposed, if you balancing poses problem is like any other camera … there are plenty of tutorial video on youtube about it.

  42. jb avril
    jb April says:

    Thank you Emmanuel,
    I start out for balancing. Practice now… Ca avance après un instant de découragement 🙂

  43. Designer 59
    Designer 59 says:

    Thank you to the author of this blog who makes a major information work, useful and exciting !
    I was considering investing in a Panasonic Camera AG AF-101, who have, de loin, your enthusiasm for this material ( and that of a lot of testers around the world via the web ) then ... reasonably, I think investing in a DMC-GH2 housing. A question I ask myself : should we wait until NAB, avril one, However, if a range renewal took place ? While, the tragic events in Japan might well make it all random. I wish to send my sincere support to a suffering people, face the madness of men who admit their impotence today just before the tragedy.
    Thanks again for your work and congratulations on the new site !

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel says:

      Thank you for your support and encouragement,
      Indeed the Japanese people gives us a lesson in life and the dramatic events that would almost certainly cross caused panic among Latin monstrous we.
      To return to the fabulous tools that we concoct, NAB will undoubtedly theater new product announcements, but I do not think they are immediate, as usual, Panasonic and if the events do not delay too schedule we often entitled to an announcement and presentation at NAB and deliveries fall.

  44. Designer 59
    Designer 59 says:

    Thank you for your swift response. So I think not wait until fall. Extensive testing by looking online, mention is made of two faults GH2. At the primer sequences, the soundtrack is silent on some frames, then, more serious, it is said that this device is suitable for slow movements, ( not the camera but filmed subjects ) and seeing a cat scurries, there is indeed quite annoying jerks. Did you know about these problems ? Have they been corrected or not ?

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