Nikon D7000, grip …

First know that it is with great pleasure that I received there is little a phone call from Nikon that I proposed to test the new guy. A few days after a first contact friendly, here I am delivered from the D7000.

The handling of this new case is very nice, He exudes strength and the grip is excellent. We feel we have a tough tool in the hands. Side orders this is the same, the positioning of buttons is rather well thought out and their use appears to be fairly easy. The viewfinder is nice and the display of the grid and Colima superimposed AF gives him a small side “for”. If we did a little tour of it soon realized that the traditional Compact Flash port given way to 2 slots SDXC, the risk of offending those with lots of CF cards. For my part I take my hat off to notte good idea to have added the functionality of recording two ways raid 1 (mirror) on 2 cards, This allows you to add security but also to deliver faster customer hurry. You can also save the raw example of a map of the JPEG on the other, bravo !

On the software side, we have already found that Nikon is moving in the right direction by offering an intuitive interface, while allowing to go very far in the possibilities of customization is always full and the informed user will be filled.

So I received the kit D7000 version of the 18/105 and a 50mm f:1,4. I must say that the plastic frame of the zoom 18/105 may leave a bitter taste to all aficionados of the brand yellow, it can be tough even if it is also doubtful but it's not very serious and you saw that the price you pay … bof ! When was 50mm f:1,4 is a gem !

Note that Nikon changed its range since the D7000 replaces the D90, but eyeing a few on the market provided with expert D300s, get there a successor or should it take with the D7000 as a case supposed to meet customers D90 and D300 ?

I will not dwell too much on the photo part is excellent and has been commented many times in the press and on internet. So I'll focus on the video portion. I await the D7000 as a true messiah, Nikon broke new ground as the first drawing with the D90 the first DSLR offering video on the market in October 2008, as many people like me were disappointed by the feature that leaves a sense of unfinished business.

LiveView mode switches from any mode video picture. Rather clever but would rather keep a video mode with specific settings from. Other flat, no 1080p25 ?! but what happens now in the minds of those who design these products ? You did not realize that professionals had a passion for your case to use it in production for television ? In Europe must be the liver 25 i / s !!!

The 24p is great for film, but this is not the will of all to finish in the dining room ! After Panasonic and Aber of GH2 that fate as 1080p24 or 1080i50 of it continues along the same lines … I do not get it, and it put me in a foul mood !

After the rant, the video portion of the D7000 is no doubt that Nikon has done better since the beginning ! The launch of D90 at the time, they had opted for a Motion JPEG codec of another time and a resolution in Half tint (720p24 only !). D7000 finally meets today with our expectations with a more modern codec. Nikon has made the same choice technique Canon, a QuickTime H.264, but not at the same rate. The player QTimer X my machine shows a flow 25 mb / s. The quality of the signal processing is rather good, can grow up 1600 iso without much concern, noise is not too annoying, but we left wanting if we compare with the photo mode. A picture is absolutely amazing, Sony Exmor sensor that, I recall that is the same as in the Alpha 55 Sony and Pentax K5 combined with the know-how and processing power of the processor makes prowess Nikon Photo, video we are not at the top but it's well and progress should be welcomed. The other thing I have to acknowledge is that the AF can be used in video mode, there or Nikon also offers a super efficient autofocus camera they were able to do something very corect video. Side the large possibility of not setting and still no headphone jack (Photocam any on the market today has this feature, one wonders why ? So next audio settings, we have the right to 3 levels of sensitivity or an automatic gain, and a microphone jack to record in stereo.

Next screen is good but why not about the direction as do more and more manufacturers ? It's still handy.

Another thing that annoys, exposure settings are not changed during that run, and f-stop wheel is silent when you're in live view, a peak, must quit the LiveView to vary the f-stop when you are in manual ! I hope this will be fixed soon in a firmware update.

My conclusion is that the K5 as part of Pentax camera is pretty good, next video is not as bad as the K5 but of course it is not on top of what we expect from a brand like Nikon. The 7D Canon came out a year ago and the update of the 5D mkII has set the bar a little high probably ? I did not think it would be so hard to meet the concurrency with a Canon product at least equal to what already exists in red. As you can see so it's a little disappointing, Not that this is not good, progress is notable but I expected a real little slap and there is still some way to go. Have to wait over the D700 and see what the yellow mark is going to lay full frame.

I made some pictures with the D7000, miles excuse is not good but the guy is sick 40 fever, and must make the case for Nikon. You will see that it is rather well until 1600 iso but this little collage is not yet super yavait things to do in Lyon with the Festival of Lights this week.

  1. Fery
    Fery says:

    Thank you for this test…This confirms what I noted the total lack of sharpness in video mode, contour image noise to a pulp apparent short .. I go for GH2 .. Emmanuel told me what I need optical meter on GH2 is a 14-140mm or ? .set your style avis.un Nokton , pana20 mm pancake or Zeiss Distagon 25 mm
    Thank you

  2. Mazouille
    Mazouille says:

    I think we hear a sizzle during development or is the gyroscope of the stab ? In my opinion for the filming must remain fixed and bright.

  3. olivier madar
    Olivier Madar says:

    Thank you for this test.
    Definitely, we follow the same path… Nikon has 25 years I have a wonderful collection of optical, but since the D3, I can not see anything coming at Nikon.
    I bought, out of spite, GH2 and a F100 (and yes, I dream in Red but Scarlett is a figment of the imagination to date), and I wondered if I had not made a mistake by zapping the nikon. Obviously, not.

  4. Emmanuel Pampuri
    Emmanuel Pampuri says:

    It's disappointing, Many people who like me waiting for this case as a real response to the flood Canon … a priori it is not for today, or tomorrow. The big difference between 2 brands is that Canon have taken into account the interest that professionals have these features as HD video Nikon who fired first, however there are

    • Geraud
      Geraud says:

      I'm tired of putting on a Nikon optical box Canon 5D…
      20 years I have been in Nikon… 6 boxes, 12 Optical
      I just love the Nikon (have read the F3, F4, F5, the D1, D2 and c…).

      Nikon does not matter if I cry…. D800 has a height please…
      Nikon are below any.
      I love the ergonomics of the D700 but frankly not bought a video to 12mp 2000 euros today, It must be sick…

      Nikon does not matter if I cry…. a D4, D800 has the height please…

      Signed to a Nikon Canon bump…