: The interview “Tester13” the hacker firmware GH1 / GF1 translated into French.

I must commend the initiative, Lair of the guys have released a few days ago the translation of an interview originally published on the site mirorlessrumors

I invite you to read all of this is quite interesting and relevant. I joined the rest of the view that Vitaly Kiselev on the fact that these industry leaders are ultimately too little listening to users like us. I just put a damper on this, les utilisateurs éclairés et exigeants que nous sommes ne représentent pas forcément la plus grosse partie des ventes de ces appareils. what's on :

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  1. Bouchy
    Bouchy says:

    Good evening,

    I want a rope good price because I just learned that the GH1 firmware after June 2010 therefore 1.34 are no longer hackable ;the))

    Er…I do not have mine handy, but I bought it in July ;the))

  2. Bouchy
    Bouchy says:

    on Dvxuser via hybricams

    I jumped at the studio last night, it was too unbearable !!!!

    So it 1.3 ;the))

    Weird that there is not a “0” after 3 not ??? (1.30)

    there's not a trap ? like you do not see on a Case 3 but when you plug it al'ordi…he will spell the total Firmware ??? (er…Am I clear on this ???)

    Kisses good Sunday.

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